Police chief orders supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies closed
Posted on March 27th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Acting IGP C. D. Wickramaratne has ordered police stations to ensure that all supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies, except state-run Rajya Osu Sala outlets, in the country are closed with immediate effect.

The Police Media Spokesman said that although supermarkets have been permitted to deliver essential food items to the homes of consumers, there have been reports that certain supermarkets and grocery stores are open and selling goods to customers. 

Therefore the Acting IGP has instructed the OICs of all police stations to close down all such supermarkets and groceries effective immediately.

Meanwhile the Acting IGP has also instructed all officers-in-charge (OIC) of police stations to close down all pharmacies excluding Rajya Osu Sala outlets with immediate effect. 

However, pharmacies will be allowed to deliver medicine to homes, the police spokesman said.

2 Responses to “Police chief orders supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies closed”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Police idiots do not comprehend the public woes, we are struggling to survive with no food and essentials. People are already starving and reminding mothers of Rajapaksha regime all over.

    There are thousands abandoned, alone like me who have no access to food, just surviving only on biscuits and water, since friday 20th not even cup of tea.

    Police idiots are provided with every thing moreover they go all over purchase any thing they need from demanding at store owners, booze, fags etc., but imposing inhuman law on innocent public.

    I cannot survive longer this way, I will be compelled to come to the road, set self ablaze in starvation and hunger which will make it first death not from Corona.

    Likewise, soon there will be mass agitation, looting and massive destruction in the country because hunger has no tolerance which this Police idiots do not understand.

    Which fool think that the curfew can stop virus? If so, so many other countries would have saved thousands of lives already.

    Hunger, Starvation, no lively hood income people will start to stave and die while other will be compelled to commit suicide as last resort. Govt. boasting delivering food to homes is hoax, not a sole in the vicinity arrive today, till this moment, yet people have no cash to pay, so what is this madness or roadshow and bogus publicity?

    It is possible mass up rise against this injustice, then police fire bullets and people will start to die on Police shots not from damn Corona.

    This is an exaggerated show by the Rajapaksha regime to secure and establish their power at any cost, how long they can do that? No empire prevailed.

    Lift the curfew and allow people’s rights to live and lively hood.

    Those destined to die will die anyway, you cannot stop wind by a net!

  2. Nimal Says:

    What an idiotic police chief and there are so many such non caring police and other officials and politicians in the country which is the part of our crap culture.
    Why can’t the officials in our high commissions advise the government back home how the governments in the developed countries deal with this serious situation in every country.
    Perhaps the donkey’s in the county with crap culture take our advise a bit.
    1 Let the people in essential emergency service report to work.
    2, encourage Super markets t stock up more with extra staff.let the customers get in to the markets and shops in small groups where they move about 2 meters apart.Allow them only a limited amount to be bought.Musn’t neglect the small shop keepers where they are allowed to serve one customer at a time, standing 2 meters apart.
    allow eateries to take takeaways.
    Use the hospital for this emergency mainly.
    Pay the wages of the employee who had lost the jobs in the private sector and remove the taxes of the businesses.
    Don’t allow high officials. Especially politicians not to disrespect the people by enjoying the permillages over every one else.
    Every one should be encouraged to was their hands and not together more than 2 persons. Close all places of worship.
    Get officials to test the temperatures of people in the street and order them to stay at home for not less than 7 days.

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