Sri Lankans abroad – Request to come home will only be considered after eradicating the virus threat
Posted on March 27th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

The government has requested the expatriate Sri Lankans who wish to return home to stay in the country that they are residing  now until the coronavirus threat is eradicated in Sri Lanka.

The President’s Media Division issuing a statement stated that the government has taken several steps to prevent coronavirus spreading in the country.

As a measure to prevent the virus coming into the country and its spread, all incoming overseas travel has been completely stopped.

The government also pointed out that travel within the country and inter country air travel have been suspended by many countries.

The government stated that requests by foreign students, businessmen and the migrant workers to visit Sri Lanka will be taken into consideration after the country has eradicated the coronavirus.

They are also at risk of contracting the disease when traveling to airports or other locations.

President’s Additional Secretary to Foreign Relations Admiral Jayanath Colombage requests all Sri Lankans who wish to return to the country to be safe and to share their information with the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate General Office

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