Corona prevention Police should do better
Posted on March 28th, 2020

Dr Sarath Obeysekera CEO Walkers Colombo Shipyard Colombo Sri Lanka

Today I went to the Thalangama police station after calling the OIC who asked me to come in person to get a curfew permit

I had a letter from the company involved in export and foreign exchange earnings 

At the gate a young cop who was surrounded by many people trying to get into the police station 

After much persuasion, I went in to see the small police  station of 30x 30 feet reception full of people waiting  to see the OIC get curfew permit 

He was either  chatting with someone or engaged in official work ignoring the crowd outside shoulder to shoulder despite the advice to keep away from each other 

I approached a cop on duty and explained my requirement and he bluntly told me without even reading my letter to see the OIC

I was not  happy to stand there even a minute fearing to contaminate myself and walked out disgusted

How can police behave in such an irresponsible manner rather than imposing strict rules of keeping distance among possible virus carriers?

The government should first educate OIC’s of police stations to be more disciplined 

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  1. Caesar Says:

    100 % agreed.

    Govt. boasted food supplies at door steps, but nothing has arrived yet even in Colombo suburbs.

    Some random traders are moving around with stuff, rotten vegetable, eggs, sold at exorbitant prices.

    Yet, most people around has no cash to buy anything. Daily wage earners are locked in depriving their right to live, starving with their children and families due to continues curfew.

    Those others too are unable to buy any thing since no one has cash in hand, curfew preventing going ATM’s to withdraw cash. Most ATM’s has no cash too, cash has not been refilled to machines.

    Banks and Card centres are closed and no answer to phones for urgent matters like computer lock down of accounts needed call attendance to correct in order to activate locked accounts and cards etc.

    The president office has announced so many number to call, not a sole answers, No Police station, No AG Office, None other such responsible at public services answers.

    Public are deprived every thing to live under relentless curfew. and threatening to arrest if moved out.

    I myself a pathetic victim deprived of food unable to go to a friend’s place for at least a single meal, since last 20th March, I have no cup a tea at least. There are thousands locked in like me who live single and alone. We have no cooking facilities etc. unlike family home. Home owners do not provide any food tea or such.

    The way the crisis was handled by the govt. is totally inhuman depriving ordinary and desperate people.

    But police treated rich people different, luxury vehicles were allowed to move while they harassed ordinary walking people, most were arrested in front of my eyes those desperately running looking for food.

    This is not the treatment the ordinary people deserve who brought Gotabhaya to throne!

    The dignity of the govt. is finished already, no doubt, people are reminding mothers of govt. folks all over.

    This is the ground situation.

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