Covid-19 deaths: Exclusive cremation says new guideline
Posted on March 31st, 2020

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Updated guidelines on Covid-19 related deaths issued by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday state that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the disposing of bodies of those who succumb to coronavirus would exclusively be cremation.

The fourth update on the Provisional Clinical Practice Guidelines on COVID-19 suspected and confirmed patients indicate that cremation remains the best practice to avoid further spread of the disease.

Judicial Medical Officers across Sri Lanka were issued the SOP to be followed in the event of a death a coronavirus infected person last week. Accordingly, the guideline stated that remains of all those who succumb to the disease would be cremated within 24 hours. 

However, with reports of the second death due to coronavirus in Sri Lanka, many individuals and groups raised their concerns over the right of a Covid-19 infected person to be buried. Among them was Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Rauff Hakeem who, issuing a statement condemned the regulation. “It is unfortunate, regrettable and of course reprehensible that the Janaza of the Negombo Victim of the Covid 19 virus had been cremated without permitting the burial as is ordained in our faith,” the former Minister said in a Facebook post. 

The guideline issued by the Ministry today however states that bodies of confirmed and suspected persons as well as those with a suggestive history of the disease must be cremated. The body should never be washed under any circumstance, has to be placed in a sealed body bag and a coffin while the disposal of bodies must be monitored by police, Ministry of Health and Public Health Inspectors, the guideline said.  

2 Responses to “Covid-19 deaths: Exclusive cremation says new guideline”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    These careless people can spread the virus as a Jihadi act but when it comes to disposal of the dead bodies, they want to allow further spread by not cremating it.

    We should ask this Hak-kim guy if the suicide bombers who killed over 300 innocent people were looking for a burial of their body pieces according to their faith?

    He should know this better because he associated closely with the dead suicide bombing team leader Sahran.

    We should have sent the dead body to Hak-kim’s home to see how he is running away, raising his sarong to his head… ha ha..

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    This is as if bombing and infecting is not enough, now these unscrupulous Wahabbi murderers with barbaric middle ages- middle eastern minds want to pollute our water table too with this infectious virus.

    Burial should not be contemplated at all.

    Wonder who the idiot is who came with the idea of burying in graves 8 feet deep? Strict modern health dictates must be followed and no exceptions given under whatever circumstances! Let us all unite to save Mother Lanka from the Wahabbi Virus!

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