GMOA proposes ‘Hammer and Dance Theory’ to control COVID-19
Posted on March 31st, 2020

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has proposed ten steps “Hammer and Dance Theory” to control COVID-19 Outbreak in Sri Lanka. All possible aggressive actions should be implemented immediately to control COVID-19,” it said.

One Response to “GMOA proposes ‘Hammer and Dance Theory’ to control COVID-19”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Will the G.M.O.A. deliver cash and food at homes for us to stay inside?

    Doctors have huge stock of cash which they have extorted from patients and has no worry, do not comprehend the massive difficulty and pain endured by ordinary poor mass without access to food and many do not have cash since many have lost lively hood and income.

    Govt. gives lorry talks on media, no food come to homes, yet we have no cash to buy. Every one cannot afford to order online with no online facility or knowledge, yet these online devils steal exorbitantly from helpless customer.

    I am out of food since last 21st March, not even cup a tea, I live alone like many others all over,
    no income, no way to go out find food where available, depended on biscuits and water. I am developing other symptoms of dried bowels, no strength to stand on, I need some food and nutrition ASAP to avoid eventual collapse, will there idiotic GMOA Doctors take the responsibility of my death, who do not have a basic knowledge of the ground situation?

    Curfew cannot fight a virus yet a natural disaster, virus is no armed and physical enemy. Physics is an illusion just as western science and slaves of western theories do believe curfew will save them, but soon many will start suffer to die in hunger, some may have to commit suicide or there will be public rise against this injustice of depriving right to live, denying access to life and food, thus mass protests and agitations will surface, security will shoot bullets and thats the end of regime.

    Marc. Anotnette told hungry mass ” Eat cakes if no bread avail” then the French revolution happened.

    People allover are now reminding the mothers of rulers.

    The pundits who think Curfew and suffocating innocent mass will solve and succeed the stopping of a virus a mere joke.

    Nature will take it’s toll one way or the other!

    Those who do not comprehend this are not wise, but think they know every thing, are mutts.

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