The Country That Used Nuclear (1945), Biological (1951) and Chemical (1968) Weapons on Civilians Blames Others!
Posted on March 31st, 2020

Kumar Moses

There is only one country in the world that has used nuclear weapons in anger. That too on civilians! It happened in 1945. The targets were large cities, not military bases. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese died due to direct and indirect exposure. No other country has done so.

Just six years later that same country bombed North Korea with various biological agents causing famine, widespread infestation and deaths. Once again it was targeted at civilians. No other country has used biological weapons.

In 1968 and throughout the Vietnam War that very same country used chemical weapons against civilians. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese were killed in indiscriminate chemical weapons attacks. These were aimed at civilians. A few other countries have also used chemical weapons after the lead of this nation. However, their use comes nowhere near the massive use by this particular country.

Having used all forms of weapons of mass destruction, this country has the audacity to blame others for the COVID-19 crisis. Is this some kind of a joke?

What is most worrisome is this country used all these weapons of mass destruction in Asia. Seems like the decision makers of this country consider Asians to be lesser human beings. Although this country publicly announced they have given up chemical and biological weapons, others have raised serious doubts about these claims. Most likely they still do have WMD programs. Others must not lower their guard and need not stick to their commitments to stop or curtail biological and chemical weapons. They may be the only means to keep the aggressor at bay.

One Response to “The Country That Used Nuclear (1945), Biological (1951) and Chemical (1968) Weapons on Civilians Blames Others!”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    They are on the other hand trying to show that they are helping and at the end grabbing the land of poor people in strategically located countries for ulterior motives of attacking these Asian countries.

    It is time that entire Asian community realise this and form a federation, which should also include Japan and South Korea, who are currently allies of these dangerous gentlemen killers.

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