The Situational-Analysis Component in the Plan to Defeat the COVID 19 Virus and to Establish Thereafter a Strong and Self-Sufficient Sri Lanka
Posted on April 10th, 2020

(A paper prepared by the Sri Lanka Geo-Political Study Circle to insulate Sri Lanka against extinction  from natural and man-made disasters in a globalised world.)

  1.  Situational Background
  2. Sri Lanka is a spiritual Nation, blessed with a land that is naturally fertile and whose eco-system, supports the waters flowing within and, sustains the birds, the animals and the creatures that share with the people the country’s natural wealth.
  3. The philosophy of the Buddha pervades the Nation and has permeated all sectors of the country, especially the agricultural, the educational and the health sectors.
  4. This philosophy does not subscribe to the European philosophy of ‘the-survival-of-the-fittest’ but rather has empathy with the socialist philosophy of sharing with those, who are not the ‘fittest’ and with those who are in want.
  5.  The Buddha Dharma made this country a contented and self-sufficient country, at peace with herself and with her neighbours. 
  6. Then came, four hundred years of barbaric rule that destroyed all this; Man was made to compete against, man, birds, animals, and creatures that shared the land; above all, the man was made to believe that the land of his birth is just another commodity, available to be grabbed, traded, bought or sold, by or to anyone whomsoever, at whatever cost such practice demands.
  7. The barbarians attempted to erase from our collective id a sacred duty, entrusted to us, to keep safe this land for our progeny; it is a duty, we have to fulfill to ensure the fundamental rights of our unborn to this blessed land and to make this land available to them for their use, in their time.
  8. Barbarian culture eroded the serenity of our lives, degrading man to a commodity, a piece of chattel to be bought and sold.
  9. The concept of ‘family’, with members bonded together as a homogeneous unit to provide the first line of human security, was undermined by the barbarians; they manipulated a system where mothers, the key to a family unit, were lured out of the family, causing the collapse of the family as a social unit.
  10. The role of Government, in playing a pivotal role in the education, health and economic advancement of the people and as a guarantor and underwriter of their security, was disdainfully dismissed by the barbarians as being obsolete; the barbarians projected instead, a nebulous ‘Private’ sector.
  11. Trade unions were treated with scant respect; the barbarians considered them more as impediments to development than as partners in development.  
  12. Bereft of support from ‘Family’, ‘Unions’ and ‘Government’, man has been deviously isolated and manipulated to be a mere cog in a human chain, akin to a galley-slave, vulnerable to exploitation and whose very life depends on the charity of the malevolent galley-tyrant.
  13. But there remained a gap; the ‘detached-man-in-a-Nation- State’ (the man without protection from Family, Union and Government) was not yet under the direct control of the global tyrant.
  14. This lacuna was addressed by that notorious US contractor Moragoda, via his ‘Pathfinder’ organisation, in the immediate aftermath of the Easter bombing in 2019.
  15. Moragoda, with CIA projects partner – The Cornell University -unsolicitedly prepared Sri Lanka’s ‘National Security’ Policy’, a subject that has ‘TOP SECRET’ classification and is the exclusive preserve of the highest echelons of security in the country. 
  16. Moragoda had no fears that he may be transgressing Sri Lanka’s laws and threatening her security; and this, at a time when hundreds of innocents had been massacred and many fingers were pointing angrily towards Teplitz, as they still do a year later.   
  17. Moragoda’s Policy paper on ‘ National Security’ is a poorly argued, shoddy piece of work that could, at best, be described as ‘The US Plan for Sri Lanka’s National Security’.
  18. The Plan is based on a fallacious assumption that National Security has two mutually exclusive components, ‘the security of the State’ and ‘the security of the people within the State’. Moragoda argues moronically that with globalisation, the dynamics of State Security has lost much of its relevance and that the remaining component – security of the people – is the foremost concern in National Security.
  19. Moragoda psittacinely continues;  the threat to the people is mostly extrinsic (like COVID 19?) and the State cannot be relied on to provide security to her people. Moragoda devilishly plants the notion that the security should, therefore, be outsourced to the International community. In short, Sri Lanka’s National Security should be handled by the Americans.  
  20. Moragoda subtly severs the nexus between the ‘unprotected-man’ (no family, no union, no government) and Sri Lanka, and leaves his fate to be decided on by the Americans.
  21. And Moragoda goes on to diabolically suggest that there may be times when the ‘safety’ of the Sri Lankan people may have to be compromised for the survival of mankind taken as a whole!
  22. Considering that the world is in the throes of a virus pandemic and considering that Pathfinder International is a eugenic organization committed to reducing the world population by various means including viruses, Moragoda’s statement in his report, paraphrased here, takes on a more ominous complexion, …the core objective of National Security is the safety of its citizens. Long term survival of humanity, a noble ideal, is a far broader objective beyond the capabilities of a single State.” 
  23. Moragoda’s subversive ‘US Plan for Sri Lanka’s National Security’ was presented to all the major contenders before the Presidential Election last year.
  24. With globalisation, the barbarians dictated what we should eat or not eat, what medications we should take or not take, what items we should produce or not produce, what jobs we should do or not do, whether we should own the land of our birth or whether someone else should own our Motherland, whether we should follow our laws or whether we should follow the barbarian’s laws and which of us should live and which of us should die.
  25. While the barbarians were thus lording over the world, a tiny little virus has surreptitiously crept in and has brought the world to a virtual standstill; it threatens the very existence of the barbarians and the civilised alike.
  26. The barbarians who bullied the civilised to silence, with their nuclear weapons and military arsenal, are unable to bully the tiny virus; the virus mocks the barbarians with a V finger-gesture in their face.
  27. The virus has, at present, evened the playing field; the bully and the bullied have to play together, on equal terms, if each is to survive.
  28. But eliminating the virus is just one dimension of the problem; the virus has dented the existing World Order that was being created by the barbarians.
  29. Sorely wounded, the barbarians have a few options and they include (1) Accepting the defeat of their ‘bubble’ Empire which was based on globalisation. (2) Cashing-in on the destabilization caused in the bullied countries and ease into power ‘friendly’ military juntas which would do the barbarian’s bidding; through them achieve their thwarted geopolitical objectives (3)  Playing the ‘doomsday’ game by ensuring the safety of ‘selected’ people in all countries around the world and thereafter eliminating the rest,the prototype-model fancied by Hitler. Is this what Moragoda meant when he said that Sri Lankans may have to be sacrificed for the nobler ideal of saving humanity?
  30. With the world-order of the barbarians collapsing, the civilised people around the world must perforce take precautions against the barbarians who, in a desperate death-gasp, may attempt to take control of the land of the civilised, through extra-judicial means. 
  31.  Within the country, the distributive mechanism for food, medicines and essential items, is dislocated and has to be vastly improved.
  32. It is imperative therefore to put in place immediately, an effective distributive mechanism in the context of the present scenario and forestall any destabilisation of the country by the barbarian and his pathfinding man-Friday.
  33. The virus has brought us back to reality. In the globalised world of the barbarian, whenever the system gets dented by a virus or any other factor, the countries that are most vulnerable are countries such as ours. Having slavishly, forfeited our right to produce our own food, forsaken our traditional medicines and copied an economic model of the barbarians, we are left without food, medicines, jobs, and money when the globalised template is unjointed.
  34. There are many organisations within the country working against the interest of Sri Lanka. They – the organisations and persons working therein –need to be identified, investigated and prosecuted.
  35. The Pathfinder Foundation is a case in point; they and their sister organisations must be investigated immediately for any culpability in this current COVID 19, human tragedy.
  36. The barbaric enemy is trying to project solutions to the present crisis within the current globalised structure and with the life-threatening virus floating amidst us. We need to tear down our shackles and go for an unglobalised world; break away from the globalised banking, trading, and financial systems, adopt a new currency of exchange (a basket of currencies), renegotiate our debts, bring the Central Bank under our control and reintroduce the barter system of exchange wherever possible
  37. The need of the hour is to formulate a plan to contain and eliminate the virus from Sri Lanka. While doing so the Government must get its act together, to ensure there is food on every Sri Lankan table, medicines at hand in all homes requiring them and education is brought unhindered to all the young, within their homes.
  38. While doing so, we need immediately to formulate another plan to succeed in the New World Order -a non-globalised world -where no Sri Lankans would ever be without food, healthcare, education, housing, and employment.
  39. The latter plan would rechart new goals, re-set our values and ensure we would never be subject to being bullied by another country because of economic wants.
  40. This plan would include the steps to be taken NOW to make our country self-sufficient in our basic needs within one year while developing industries, research, services and IT in support of our basic needs.

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