Election Phobia Part 1
Posted on April 20th, 2020


The imbecile Sajith Premadasa’s Shameless Jabbering Bandits (SJB) suffering from an acute election phobia following mass isolation by credible political personalities in the village level is making desperate efforts to get the forthcoming election cancelled or to get it indefinitely postponed.  All the Bandits who played leading roles in getting the local government elections postponed by more than 2 years and suspend holding the Provincial Council elections by resorting to unconstitutional methods during the Sirisena/Ranil regime are now in the SJB and they shiver when the mere mentioning of election is made.

The imbecile self assumed leader was so power hungry and attempted to completely destroy the UNP if he could not get the leadership of that party, as attempted by his harrowing father to grab the power of that party from Dudley Senanayake who was held in high esteem by party members forming a frontline outfit named ‘Citizen’s Front. The popular fable those days was that this man’s harrowing father went to Malayalam exorcist in Kerala and invoked a charm (a hoonium) that led to the death of Mr. Senanayake and when he visited Woodlands to see Mr. Senanayake’s body the angry UNPers attempted to crush him and Mr. Robert Senanayake , Dudley’s brother saved him.  It was also in the grapevine that it was the grapevine that a Kerala astrologer who read Sajith’s horoscope and said the horoscope belonged to the son of a former Prime Minister.    This Bandit leader, the son of that harrowing father who got crackers lit and kiribath served by the UNPers when he was killed made several unsuccessful attempts to grab the leadership of the UNP through inside rebellions and even by street demonstrations (Cinnamon Pole encounter). 

At the initial outbreak of the Corona pandemic in Sri Lanka these Bandits whose leader and other prominent members who were responsible for taking no action for preventing Easter Sunday carnage even though they knew well advance about the impending disaster through credible intelligence reports.  (former Minister Harin Fernando’s self-confession suffice) blamed the government for delaying action to curbing the spread of the pandemic.  These Bandits were profusely delighted about the outbreak and assumed that the government would collapse being unable to curb the virus.  These Bandits never anticipated even in their dreams that the government similar to it faced the terrorist onslaught and wiped it out was firmly determined to face the calamity and they did not know that in this instance the government had the dedicated service of our health sector and the public servants manning essential services in addition to the backing of our legendary security forces.

When the shark that swallowed and ruined the well established Sathosa sales network and the Marketing Department purchasing and processing network, became the first Finance Minister of the Sirisena/Ranil regime he wanted our farmers to give p paddy farming saying that it is cheaper to import than cultivating it locally and asked them to either to cultivate maize or fill the paddy lands and sell them for building/house constructions.  As a result of this many farmers gave up their vocation of cultivation which they had been following for generations and some even went to the towns as coolies or helping hands.

It must be recalled that during the Mahinda Rajapaksa presidency, fertilizer subsidy and other concessions were granted to the farmers considering them as investments for the future which highly encouraged farmers even to barren lands that had been left out for several decades and the country became not only self sufficient in rice but an excess rice producer, perhaps after the reign of King Parakramabahu.

Unlike America which destroys excess wheat productions to maintain price levels without falling, Sri Lankan did not resort to such methods and exported the excess rice production to several African countries and also donated a large quantity of rice to the World Food Program (WFP) for feeding the hungry mouths of several people suffering from malnutrition in certain countries. 

Fortunately, when Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Govi Raja got appointed as the Prime Minister in October 2018 the first thing he did was to revive the agricultural sector by resuming the fertilizer subsidy and granting loan facilities and several other concessions to farmers which gradually opened up the paddy mills that had been closed down.

If the country had remained in the ship to mouth for food requirement situation created by Ravi Karunanayake at the time of the Corona Virus outbreak by now there would have been food riots all over the country with people killing each other for a loaf of bread or a plate of rice. 

Recently several weeks after this government came to power the alleged drug peddler Mujibur Rehman and another SJBandit MP brought some vegetable items to Parliament and wasted the precious parliament making long lectures saying that people suffering from many hardships as they are unable to feed their children even with one meal a day.  When they now see the excess fruit and vegetable production in the country most of which are being distributed free by some voluntary organizations these two MPs should quit politics forever or hang themselves in the parliament building.  Among the items in excess production was several tons of WaterMelon for which on the request of the President some food-exporting firms have come forward to purchase all excess production and export them to their customers in the U.S. and in European countries. 

With these setbacks and hopes shattered the imbecile self-assumed leader of the Shameless Jabbering Bandits (SJB) while praising the illustrious work done by the Health sector personnel and the Police in curbing the pandemic has said that holding an election at this juncture would be a great injustice done to the country and has repeated his mania of getting the parliament reconvened which the President has firmly rejected.  

The SLPP Chairman Prof. G.L. Peiris gas meanwhile assured that the government wouldn’t do anything to endanger the lives of the people or undermine the ongoing battle to bring covid-19 epidemic under control. Responding to Opposition accusations that the government planned to conduct the parliamentary election before the crisis caused by the pandemic was brought under control he has recalled how the Sirisena/Ranil government delayed Local Government polls till Feb 2018 and also sabotaged Provincial Council polls and now, they sought to delay scheduled general election as much as possible citing covid-19, He has pointed out that the Opposition never recovered from the humiliating defeat it suffered at the November 16th polls and hence utterly scared to face the electorate.

The rogue Dr. who dialed G.C.E.A/lL twice and has purchased a doctorate from the U.S.A and is a prominent member of the SJBandits gang Harsha de Silva has said that the wisest thing to do was to pave the way for parliament to meet again by rescinding gazette that dissolved the House.

This rogue Dr. (Hora Archatiya) is among the majority pf SJBandits who have lost Parliament pension as a result of President’s early dissolution of Parliament, has pointed out that parliament could continue till late August 2020 as President Gotabaya Rajapaksa dissolved parliament, six months ahead of the completion of its term, in accordance with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

Referring to South Korean elections this SJB has said t5hat the President should not get swayed by the South Korean elections and it was held after that country became confident of the ground situation. He has further stated that South Korea took tangible measures to ensure the safety and security of voters, as well as the polling staff, and has urged the government to examine the two situations carefully without resorting to a disastrous course of action and South Korea polls shouldn’t be under any circumstances a reason to justify parliamentary polls, in Sri Lanka, amidst he says the continuing spread of coronavirus.

This bogus Dr. SJBandit who is suffering from a publicity craze and tries to be showy and afflicted with a superiority complex perhaps after see3ing TV clips about Kallathoni descendants 50,000 claims has called a media conference and that there are more corona patients in the country as per an Austrian report and 6the Health sector figures are false.  

The notorious wild cat (Kala Wedda) who was defeated by Mr, Mahinda Rajapaksa by a majority of 1.9 million votes, a leading figure of the SJBandits, Sarath Fonseka has said that it is better to maintain the Parliament with 225 members rather than maintaining one dictator.  Maintain Parliament with several hundred million worths of super luxury vehicles in addition to numerous perks and privileges s amounting to another several hundred million rupees per month for each member? It was this jabberer who said that both Messrs Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa will be hanged at Medamulana after the November 16th election. It must be reminded that the Prime minister of India, the country with the world’s highest population uses only a locally manufactured Ambassador Car.  It is difficult to imagine what the people of the historical Kelaniya electorate will do to this Kala Wda after election since they chased out JR Jayawardene to Colombo and proudly held R.S.Perera as their beloved leader until his death. 

Sri Lanka’s worst quisling and sworn enemy Mangala Samaraweera who is also a prominent SJB has warned against rushing into the election.  In a sudden sympathy, he has evolved about the people of this country, who are non-Buddhists and non-Sinhalese under his Mangalism theory, he says the election should be held on a day in which the people of this country can feel 100% secure in leaving their homes and the Election Commission, health authorities, other responsible officials and the Government can give an all-clear assurance. He has said an election does not only entail people going out and casting their votes but also means candidates having the freedom to campaign freely so that they can reach out to voters.

Meanwhile, the Kallathoni descendant Mano Ganeshan , a champion of the SJBandits’ coarse has rejected statistics being given by Health Sector and Police sources and has said that there are more than 50,000 corona patients in Sri Lanka and this statement has been vehemently condemned by Health authorities and many politicians and civil service organizations.  Many have asked this windbag fellow was referring to Corona patients in his ancestral homeland Tamil Nadu? For the reference of this  nincompoop’s and other SJBandits and their cohorts extracts from a statement issued by the Australian Institute of Management Accountants which  commissioned a global research to evaluate the response and leadership shown in each country to develop the report titled Global Response to Infectious Diseases (GRID)Index

The ICMA said it was of the view that a country’s ranking on the index could be a motivator to a country in terms of being prepared for the next global pandemic or crisis.

Sri Lanka has been ranked 9th in the index and shared the rank with Hong Kong, UAE, Japan and Taiwan.

The index, in its introduction to Sri Lanka, said Sri Lankan authorities started to take vigilance in stopping the potential danger as the origin of the novel corona virus in Wuhan was announced.

It says “The military forces and the national intelligence service were put on high alert. The government created specialized aviation and border control expert teams, to track the movement of all inbound tourists and with a potential threat. Sri Lanka was one of the first countries to send rescue missions to Wuhan to evacuate 33 Sri Lankan families. The families were brought down via an exclusive carrier and quarantined in a unique quarantine military facility. All potential contacts were observed continuously under quarantine. Those in the military facility were given full access to information; and there was no government control of information, hence increasing its reliability.

The reason Sri Lanka responded so well is that Sri Lanka has a well maintained public health system thousands of well-qualified healthcare professionals and paramedical workforce for many decades through well-regulated and state of the art medical faculties covering all regions of the country; all free of charge. The doctors and paramedical staff receive post-graduate training and continuous medical education throughout their career. The life expectancy is highest in the region. The nation is 100% vaccination covered, and all treatments under the extended program of immunization are administered free of charge,”

It said arguably the worst response was from the United States.

Revisiting IndianOrigin Tamil (IOT) Ganesgab’s felony the Director General of the Health Services Specialist Dr, Anil Jasinghe has profusely and painfully rejected the allegation saying that such malicious accusations can only be made by persons who do not have the basic knowledge of medical science.  Many others have said that Ganeshan due to lack of power was suffering from dementia and he should soon be admitted to a mental hospital.  

It is sad to note chameleon Rajitha Senaratne who unsuccessfully attempted several times to join the government,  then carried out a great effort to patch up differences between Ranil and Sajith and now firmly anchored in the SJBandits gang, despite being a former Health Minister has for some political reasons endorsed the views expressed by the nincompoop Ganeshan. It is strange that this tongue twister could not find some bearded van drivers to hold a news conference and get attested by them that the President or the Prime minister killed corona patients.       

The gigolo Hakeem who has no moral right under Islam even to lead a family until he gets acquitted by facing lashes stipulated in Soorah(chapter) Al-Noor of the Holy Quran for the illicit Mary Cooray Affair and who now heads the political outfit called Sri Lanka Muslim Con-gross the objective of this outfit is to create rivalry between Muslim and Sinhala communities and gain political mileage over it, and who unilaterally made that political outfit as a constituent of the SJBandits has requested the Chairman and Members of the Election Commission not to hold parliamentary polls, amidst the cooked up corona virus epidemic threat. He has said that requested the EC not to hold elections until the authorities, including Health and Police, provide complete clearance for free movement throughout the country and an assurance that the spread of the said contagion has been fully halted or eradicated from Sri Lanka.

He has also requested the EC to convene a Party Secretaries’ meeting at their earliest convenience saying that at this meeting many matters and matters of concern could be discussed.

Now let us observe the position of the Tamils of Sri Lanka whose diaspora servile party TNA is reported to be fractured and some members of this outfit have joined the party of extremist racist Vigneswaran.  The diaspora proxy Sumanthieran who is the worst racist wholeheartedly following the father of Tamil racism in Sri Lanka, Ponnambalam Arunachalam has given an interview to the racist foreign-based scribe D.B.S.Jeyaraj and in this interview, he emphasized about Tamil objectives and their objection to holding elections. Relevant extracts of the interview are given below:

Initial steps to curb the spread of the corona Virus ought to have been taken well before March 20. had it been done; we wouldn’t have been in the present position now. In his anxiety to somehow hold the Parliamentary Elections (he reflected this in the video conference held between SAARC leaders in mid-March), the President faltered in not taking action to combat the COVID-19 threat from the time it became clear that such action was necessary. If he had revoked the Gazette dissolving Parliament (better still, if he had not dissolved Parliament at all) Parliament could have been met then and put many laws into effect.

I must concede that subsequent actions by the government have been fairly satisfactory. However, food and other essential items being distributed, daily wage earners’ welfare is looked at and many other aspects including striking the balance between staying at home and going out to keep the economy going, are matters that haven’t been adequately and satisfactorily addressed.

At the time we called for the postponement of the Polls, it was clear that elections could not be held for quite some time under the prevailing conditions. The nature of the Pandemic is such that ‘Social Distancing’ is the key to the containment of the virus spread. No election can be held while exercising ‘Social Distancing’. Electioneering is the very anti-thesis of social distancing. One has to ‘socialise’ with the electorate and that is a fundamental feature of free and fair elections. A period of free campaign is absolutely essential.

To be continued…..

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