Posted on May 3rd, 2020

Lankaweb Editorial

As they scramble for a cure or a vaccine to eliminate the COVID 19 the virus continues in its ever-changing perspective towards success the world watches on in eager anticipation as to who will get there first?
There are many pretenders towards it, many of them unqualified quacks
out to make a buck or for the cheap sensationalism of it all and thereby invoking the anxieties and expectations of many where the most famous and perhaps in a sense eerily unrealistic has been the exhortation of US President Trump to imbibe, inject and or ingest disinfectants into the human body, not only dangerous but suicidal and deplorable where the message seems to have been picked up by a few local individuals who have offered their own remedies making headlines in the media mostly tantamount to simple albeit ludicrous outbursts of health cures not to be taken seriously despite their very serious sounding presentations and the global search goes on.

 In all seriousness, it is a salient reality that while concerted efforts are being made towards finding the panacea in the various research laboratories around the world which will eventually emerge, it will not happen overnight and extreme caution and patience is needed especially in countries like Sri Lanka where panic and superstition go hand in hand and gullible people could be easily misled into accepting unauthorized remedies some of which are even broadcast on Facebook which at times could have dire repercussions and even be fatal and it is up to the authorities to monitor and quell the false propaganda towards keeping the country safe from the perils while advising the people of their futility and worthlessness which almost seems to be a bounden duty and hopefully, necessary action will be taken to prevent the spread of false propaganda mostly for personal gain it is presumed. The basic steps of self-distancing, self-isolation if necessary, hand hygiene, and all measures outlined by the Health Authorities need to be maintained where the ignorant need to be educated if necessary until that all-important cure arrives.

The Nation of Sri Lanka is in very good hands as her leadership has
proved during the tenure of the President and Prime Minister who have
taken all the necessary steps and more towards securing her safety and
the well being of her people during this worst-ever pandemic in the
annals of world history where previous ones have affected specific
parts of the world but never all of it as is the present situation and
subsequently, the timely actions of the administration have earned many
global accolades and has been ranked among the top 9 countries in the
a world towards this.

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