Have the Americans Captured Sri Lankan State Power Neutralising Gota in a Web of Blackmail and Choreographing Agent-Moragoda’s Moves as De Facto President?-(Part 2)
Posted on May 14th, 2020

By Gandara John

/Contd from Part 1

With dedicated medical-personnel and with selfless and disciplined military and police cadres leading the way, Gota very likely saved the lives of about a Million Sri Lankans who may otherwise have died if the medical-lockdown strategy had not been initiated.

This strategy, as was explained previously, is logically simple: Isolate the people from the virus and prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease; in military parlance, interdict the population from the disease: And, in the meantime, medically treat all those infected by the virus

From statistics on COVID virus fatalities, it would appear that Sri Lanka has found a cure for those affected by the disease.

The rationale of this anti-COVID campaign-approach was placing human life at the apex of Sri Lanka’s concerns. Every single human life was considered precious; there was no discrimination in treating patients; their wealth, station in life, age, infirmities etc mattered not the least.

This was in total contrast to the approach taken by America. The American approach to the anti-COVID campaign was ‘herd-immunisation’; the rationale for that approach was not ‘Humans first’, but rather ‘Economy first’.

In pursuing this policy of ‘herd-immunisation’ – an entire population being deliberately exposed to the COVID virus – all those who are infected and survive, develop immunity to the virus; those who are poor and cannot afford medical treatment, those who are old and  infirm, those who have no medical insurance, those who are homeless,  they are all considered expendable. Many in this category are the black, coloured and Hispanic communities in the US.

In short, the Americans are adopting a policy of ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ as their solution to the COVID virus; the resources in the country will be available only to those who are young, strong, wealthy and healthy.

This is the law of the jungle that was first publicly propounded and practised by Hitler and the Nazis. Now, following this law are the US and their crony European states.

With the Nazi-style ‘herd-immunisation’ programme in place, Americans today are dying like dogs, on the streets of the US. In New York alone the daily death-tally is presently about 3oo0. As at date the total death count in the US, due to COVID, is nearly 100,000 and is expected to rise to a million before the virus is brought under control.

It is ironic that in this scenario, some Americans, like vultures, are feasting on the misery of the doomed.

It is indeed pertinent that the US in 2018, prior to this pandemic, surprisingly closed down the ‘National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense’

It is also interesting to note that the Americans warned NATO and Israel in November 2019 of a deadly virus attack that would unfold anon.

Whistle-blower Rick Bright – Head of the ‘Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority’- having prior knowledge of the virus forewarned the Americans about it, in January 2020; he was sacked from his job by the US Administration.

It is pertinent that news coming out of the US on COVID-19 is censored.

Interestingly, a former Editor of the Japan Times Weekly, Yoichi Schimatsu, a regular contributor to several reputed global media outlets including those in US and China, writing to ‘Rense’ asserts that COVID 19 is augmented with HIV proteins and a DNA sequence of M-tuberculosis for upgrade to make it a lethal biological weapon.

Yoichi adds, COVID-19 targets human testicles and its TB strand blocks the immune system.”

A reader could be forgiven if his or her mind went immediately to the US-Government funded ‘Pathfinder International’, a eugenic organisation, committed to de-populating the world by employing viruses and other means; ‘Pathfinders’ believe that the world is overpopulated and that there is a need to make the world, its land and its riches the exclusive preserve of a selected breed of persons, by culling selected segments of the human population.

Are they looking at a blond haired, blue-eyed, white skin breed?

Over the years, Pathfinders have fine-tuned eugenics to a fine art; they have come a long way since the terrible days of the Auschwitz extermination camps.

As was mentioned in Part 1 of this article, Agent-Moragoda, the founder of ‘Pathfinder Foundation’, unsolicitedly and without raising any security concerns from the previous Sri Lankan Government, had the impertinence to draft Sri Lanka’s National Security doctrine; the paper has been broadly described as a shoddy piece of work, not worth the 34-pages it is written on.

Agent-Moragoda, basing his arguments on several fallacious assumptions and drafting his unsolicited paper in the immediate aftermath of the Easter bombings last year, has floated the notion that Sri Lanka’s National Security should be handed over to the Americans!!

What is indeed revealing is that Agent-Moragoda in August 2019, when drafting America’s doctrine for Sri Lanka’s National Security, appears to have had a premonition of the COVID-19 attack.

Says Agent Moragoda in page 2 of his document, Quote: …. National Security policies of a country should bring within its purview, the broader issues of survival of humanity and connected long term threats to human security concerns, such as food security and environmental security, which some security policy makers advocate countries to adopt in their national security policies. Long term survival of humanity, though a noble task, is a far broader objective, beyond the capabilities of a single state.” Unquote.

This writer is unable to resist asking Agent-Moragoda. Who are these security policy makers who are so powerful as to advocate so many countries on National Security, huh?”

Agent-Moragoda’s comments, put a new spin on the Easter-Bomb attack and the COVID virus attack. Were these two attacks, from Sri Lanka’s perspective, contrived to drive us desperately into the waiting arms of the Americans and willingly sign the MCC Agreement which remains the most contentious issue between the two countries; over 6.9 Million Sri Lankan adults are opposing it while the American Administration is trying to force their ‘gift’ horse down our throats?

The face behind the Islamic veil?

Sri Lankans distinctly remember how ‘Easterbomb’ Teplitz gleefully and very insensitively announced, just two days after the Easter tragedy while the country was in deep shock and mourning, that the MCC booty had been upped by 60Million USD; Teplitz’s Matara-boy Samaraweera was quick to chortle ‘This is the proverbial silver lining in the dark cloud’.

Matara Americanisation Centre

 It was Agent-Moragoda who, about a month ago, attempted to coerce Gota to rescind Sri Lanka’s ‘human-lives-first’ strategy and adopt instead America’s ‘economy-first’, ‘herd-immunisation’ strategy. This was widely opposed by the medical fraternity. Fortunately, saner counsel prevailed.

It is hoped that the exit-strategy from the medical-lockdown presently in progress, is strictly in line with the laid-down medical guidelines.

What was Agent-Moragoda’s motive to push for the Nazi style herd-immunisation strategy? Was it Agent Moragoda’s plan to get a Million Sri Lankans to die like dogs on the streets of our country?

Agent-Wickramasinghe had already done the necessary spadework to allow an American-led Indo-Pacific military force to invade our country, in such circumstances.

In the first week of June 2017, feigning sickness and pretending to seek urgent medical attention, Agent-Wickramasinghe slipped furtively into the US in what he termed was a private visit. He went through this charade at a time when there was an ongoing National Disaster with hundreds dead and hundreds missing in flood waters and mud slides; his presence in Sri Lanka was considered vital, at the time.

In the US, Agent-Wickramasinghe shed his medical garb to  attend the Ocean Conference organised by the UN; he committed Sri Lanka to SDG 14 (Sustainable Goal 14) which permits US led forces to ‘invade’ Sri Lanka in certain circumstances including those caused by pandemics similar to those being encouraged by Agent-Moragoda.

It is presumed that the Auditor General has made sure that Agent-Wickramasinghe has not misappropriated State funds during his private visit to the US.

The whole concept of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (there are many SDGs) is a part of the globalisation process (or colonisation of the world by the US) which has come under attack by the COVID 19 virus. This will be touched upon in Part 3 of this series where the main thrust is on what economic guidelines should be followed in the post-COVID era; Agent-Moragoda, echoing his master’s voice, is pushing for solutions, within the ‘globalisation’ template. 

 /to be contd

Gandara John is a freelance journalist and can be contacted at gandarajohn@outlook.com

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