Mayor of Mississauga, Your Comments on your Tamil Memorial Day
Posted on May 18th, 2020

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

17 May 2020
Your Worship Bonnie Crombie
Mayor of Mississauga
Mississauga Civic Centre
300 City Centre Drive
L5B 3C1

Dear Mayor Bonnie Crombie:

I read with much disappointment your Statement on the Tamil Memorial Day.

What was that all about, Mayor. What Tamil Memorial Day are you talking about..?

I hope you are going to tell me – Oops ! Asoka, it was  a genuine typo.  It was meant to read as ‘Mississauga’s Sinhalese Memorial Day.” It was a day meant to commemorate the days of 30-savage bloodying years, that saddened all of us, when Tamil Tigers  killed 1000s of your unarmed innocent Sinhalese folk with Kalashnikovs. Claymore mines; plucking infants from the young Sinhalese mother’s breasts and dashing their heads on hard charnockite-granite boulders and enjoying watching ketchup blood oozing out of smithereened little skulls; or creeping into Sinhalese fisherfolk’s adobe Huts at night and chopping innocent mothers and infants and men, like Tamil Nadu Roadside butchers with machetes (Dollar and Kent Farms,  Vavuniya. 30.11.1984); like pulling out 32 novice Buddhist monks from a pilgrim-bus and shooting them point blank. (Aranthalawa, Amparai, 2.6 1987); and bringing down the Central  Bank Building in the Fort, Colombo, with a Truck bomb. (31.1.1996) The 60 tons of explosives bought from the Ukraine’s Rubezone Chemical Factory with a cheque cut from a Bank in Vancouver. The explosives were of 10 tons of hexagon, a plastic explosive like Semtex, 50 tons of trinitrotoluol (TNT) that killed 114  innocent  civilians, and 1338 were maimed for life. I know these Tamil Tigers were no paragons of virtue.  Nor were they Babes-in-the-Woods, who perfected the human suicide body pack used to assassinate two Heads if State, Rajiv Gandhi of India, and your President Premadasa of Sri Lanka.”

If this is really not your story with an apology to your City’s Sinhalese-Mississaugans, then let me tell you Mayor Bonnie Crombie;

Mayor your naive understanding of separatist Tamil deceptive politics, made you Miss-a-Saga of a deception of theirs, that got you trapped and made you slither into their well gingerly-oiled trap-net, trying to reach  for the slippery gingerly-oil covered  election-ballots.  Pity! 

 A fool is born every minute of the day.  It is no different in the community of Canadian politicians.  What a brilliant catch for the Mississauga Tamils. Another Liberal politician fell for the Tamil Humbuggery.  Sad.

I am not sure whether I want to cry or let my angry cart-wheeling eyes spit out dragon breath with anger.

So you Missed-a-Saga of another unfounded Cock-and-Bull, Tamil Lie accusing Sri Lanka of Genocide.  Unfounded lie, I said.  Are you able to prove it? You know what, if the Liberal’s Ugly 5 (Robert Oliphant, Derek Lee, Jim Karygianni, Judy Sgro and Alibina Guanieri), who tried the same shenanigan during the Special Debate called by NDPs Jack Layton, on Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka, on February 4, 2009 afternoon, during the Jack Layton’s Canadian Tamil Blarney Gong Show, at the Parliament Chambers,  they failed miserably.  They tried to stick that label of Genocide with crazy glue on Sri Lanka, but it was too Tamil-Vindaloo-lying-Hot as an unfounded lie and the body politic of Sri Lanka rebelled and refused to let it stick on her. Knowing what happened Mayor Crombie, you have insulted the worthy Mayoral Chain that you wear around your neck.  Please do not try your Liberal luck again for a few hundreds of Tamil-Canadian votes.  Pity.  Do not give it a try again, as it’s foolish, specially, when your effort to tell the world that We are holier than thou, Sri Lanka ”, is a bitter concoction of lies, when we Canadians are absolutely NOT squeaky clean.  I know it, and I am sure you know it too.

You know what Mayor Crombie, Sri Lanka will gesture at you and say, Shish!…Lady.. see who is speaking, surely not you, when your Canada is a maestro of Genocide as you did it to the First Nations peoples missing and murdered girls and women.  I think you should consider using Teflon tape across your mouth if you are not sure of the Tamil context when it comes for discussion at Council and at Caucus.  

Mayor Crombie, give me/us a break and stop hurting us Sinhalese-Canadians with your foolishness.  I am one of them, and I do not take it kindly. It is best for you to stop flirting with the Tamils.  Joining them to hurt us Sinhalese -Canadians is not acceptable not even for a plate of Vindaloo beef, Dhal curry and  yellow-rice, which had a dinner-table value of $60 at a fundraiser  for the Tamil Tigers organized  by FACT on May 6, 2000, in Toronto, attended by then Minister of Finance Paul Martin, Maria Minna, Minister responsible for CIDA and nine other Liberal backbenchers from the Greater Toronto area..

As for the yellow belly-aching Tamil separatists of Mississauga, who whine and lie,  let me remind them, and you take notes Mayor Crombie. I demand from them to tell the Truth and nothing but the whole TRUTH to you Mayor Crombie and to your Councillors.  If not that they and You all at the City Council will hear my voice loud and clearly like the 12-noon chimes of the Big Ben, with the WEERASINGHE’s TAMIL FACTS. We Canadian-Sinhalese, especially me, have had enough of your lies and insults about us, the honest Sinhalese-Canadians.  And I say to you politicians of all brands, to Hell with Tamil votes and  STOP insulting us Sinhalese-Canadians.  We had enough of it.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


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