The Eminent Surgeon Dr.M.H.De Zoysa
Posted on May 24th, 2020

Dr. Newton Jayawardane FRCS

A Consultant surgeon who was much dedicated to the patients and profession was a very honest gentleman.!! I was very fortunate to work under him get trained by him.He saved so many lives. Prevented misappropriation of public money during the tender procedures. He was a devoted Buddhist and one day he told me ” Jayawardane I may be suffering in this life for the things I have done in the past which I do not have any control, but one thing is sure that I will not be suffering in my next birth as I have not done any wrong thing to anyone.”The day he got the retirement from the government service he joined the military. This was the time the war spreading and so many military casualties without much medical personnel to care for them. He showed an extraordinary love towards the servicemen. Until he died he was serving the Military. Sir, you attain the Supreme bliss of Nirvana.!!!   

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