Dallas rioters savagely beat man to a pulp after he confronts them with a SWORD.
Posted on May 31st, 2020


As looting and mayhem gripped the streets of Dallas, Texas, a mob descended on a man allegedly defending his neighborhood with a long blade. Punched, kicked and pelted with rocks, the man was left mangled and bloody.

Lawlessness continued to reign supreme in Dallas on Saturday night, five days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked nationwide protests and riots. Following an afternoon of mostly peaceful protests, nightfall saw a spree of vandalism and looting in downtown Dallas.

In one shocking and graphic video captured by Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer, a man was set upon by a mob, after allegedly rushing rioters with a large machete or sword. He was quickly surrounded and beaten with rocks, fists, boots, and a skateboard.

Little is known about what set off the incident, but Schaffer claimed that the man attempted to defend a shop” from the mob, who responded by attacking him. Another angle shows the mob pelting him with rocks before he made an ill-fated attempt to rush the crowd.

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