Posted on July 3rd, 2020


We have reached an unenviable situation as regards the Eastern Terminal of the Colombo harbour that we are unable to move ahead, We are told that that it is due to the agreement entered into with India by the previous government and also it is reported that the pressure is exerted by a powerful local company and a ,multi-national conglomerate,

Whatever is the reason, we request Sri Lankan government led by the exemplary leadership of the President not to blink but to convince all the pressure groups that Sri Lanka is no longer for sale, The country’s assets must be used fully for the benefit of its poor citizens now affected by the Covid 19 lockdowns etc. Ever cent is invaluable in our war to save the economy of the country. ECT will be a star earner of foreign exchange with its capacity to handle bigger ships. New opportunities will be created for shipping in the post Corvid period.

It is heartening to note that the Trade Unions in the Port of Colombo are determined to protect this national treasure from falling into foreign control by stressing on the right reasons. We remember in the fifties when the Ports were nationalized how the trade unions acted positively and again after nearly 65 years the trade union movement in the Port has adopted a nationalist stance in preserving the important economic artery. As long as the trade unions are unanimous in their demand , the other powerful forces will be required to fall in line as they  cannot undermine the people’s power.

It is up to the Government to take the right decision to clear the gantry cranes and fix it as soon as possible to get the ECT giant to perform its tasks for the higher productivity of the Nation battling the Covid 9 implications.



  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse has told that it is difficult to get out of agreements reached with foreign governments that easily.

    However it must be noted that it is these very same foreign governments, especially who are deemed to be ‘powerful’ who catstigate with no quarter given to uphold democracy and human rights in less priveledged and less endowed nations of the world. They must the told no uncertain terms that any agreements that they into ‘behind the backs’ of a country’s people are not worth the paper on which they are written on!

    Moreover those politicians that resort to ‘pawn’ a nations’ interests, especially their national assets, their land and territorial integrity should be hauled before the nation, made answerable and duly punished!

    For too long politicians of all hues have played with nation’s assets and rights as if a majority in the parliament is sufficient to carryout the most heinous crime against a nation and her people.

    This must stop. People have had enough!

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