Posted on July 5th, 2020

  By Stanley Perera

My dear Sajith,

Re-Why you are an unsuitable person to rule Sri Lanka

The writer 78 years old expatriate Sri Lankan domiciled in Melbourne Sri Lanka in the past 43 years who never lost contact with his country of birth with worldly knowledge and abundance of experience in Medical science wishes to give you a piece of advice in your political campaign at the present time.  First and foremost is that one must have a limit in whatever ambitions he or she aims at.  Secondly, one must understand the feelings of the masses and have a clear conscience or plan and policies in what you offer.  In plain and simple language I must say that you have neither of those to win the hearts and minds of the nation.


I doubt you can give an answer to this embarrassIng question when you have not earned a single cent in your lifetime.  You are simply spending the taxpayers money so lavishly and living in absolute luxury.  This proves you are not a hard working man to earn a living.  How did you find a mint of money to live in a palatial bungalow worth millions and millions of dollars.  People are not fools.  They want to know how jenuine is your desire to sertve the masses.  They want to know your future plans and policies to develop the country. You have neither of those.  You became a filure in national housing scheme you undertook in Hambantota and wasted a colossal amount of money.   You admitted after spending a colosal amount of money in the Presidential election and owing a one hell of a lot of money.  Where did you find the kind of money to spend?  The rumours are such that you robbed from the national housing budget that was under your ministry.

Your President father R.Premadasa’s mass murdering some 60,000 Sinhala youth is the biggest hurdle that you have to face.

Your President father R.Premadasa providing arms,ammunitions and bombs to the LTTE is aother biggesthurdle that you have to face with.

Your President father R.Premadasa instructing 600 police to surrender to LTTE.  These 600 Sinhala police men were cold blooded murder by LTTE is another hurdle you have to face with.

Your sister getting caught red handed in printing counterfeight notes is another hurdle you have to face with.

You earning a name as niodahan hora is another hurdle you have to face with.  During your father’s time as President you unearthed enormous amount of nidahans.  Including, excavating Ruwanweli Maha Seya in search of the golden Sward of Dutu Gemunu.

You are in association with Bathiudin and Rauff Hakeem who are well known to be anti Sinhalese connected to islamist Terrorism in Sri Lanka.  That is a biggest hurdle you have to  face with.  In this scenario all Sinhala voters are united to cast you out of the General Election on 5th August.

You are in association with Sampanthan and gang who are  well known to be anti Sinhalese.  This is a biggest hurdle you have to face with.  In this scenario  all Sinhalese are united vote two third to Rajapakses.

You have no family and therefore you are not recognisd as a family man by massess.  This is a biggest hurdle you have to face with.  The Sri Lankan constituency is such they want a familied man as the head of the state.  That is why Ranil Wickremasinghe never became the President of Sri Lanka.

Rajapakses are the stalwerts of politics in Sri Lanka\ and you are no match to the Rajapakses.  This is my independent analysis.  My dear Sajith, you are only wasting your time and energy.  You can never win the government of Sri Lanka.  It is my honest opinion.

My dear Sajith, the above-mentioned rationale in point form are some of the major hurdles you have to face.  I therefore suggest you withdraw from the race in dignified manner.

Yours Truly,
Stanley Perera.


  1. Charles Says:

    Stanley Glad you are still fighting for your country.

  2. dhane Says:

    Stanley I am 79 years old expatriate Sri Lankan also domiciled in Melbourne. During the past 23 years I never lost contact with my country of birth. Stanley you over looked to include that, “Your President father R. Premadasa manipulated to eliminate murdering all opponents within the party staring from then UNP General Secretary Harsha Abewardena is another biggest hurdle that you have to face with”.

  3. Gunasinghe Says:

    I could not agree more. Thanks Mr Perera. One more thing Sajth and his sister are converted evangelical christian. Both are Rosi Senanayake’s pocket. Every time when I see him talking (on you tube) I want to throw up. I have never seen such a dumb politician.

  4. dhane Says:

    President R. Premadasa who cover-up his education & attended School during his life time, Sajith have to cover -up his bogus UK Education qualification same his father. President R. Premadasa was so dumb never realized that LTTE planted suicide bomber Babu inside his Kehewatha Head Quarters. It is shameful to UNP much young educated PhD, Lawyers, Accountants to consider Sajith as their alternative leader to Ranil. At least its time to open these UNPers open their mind.

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