After embarrassing Archbishop: Can the UNP canvass for Roman Catholic and Christian votes?
Posted on August 2nd, 2020

By Leo Royston Dawson Courtesy Ceylon Today

Can the UNP, UNF and newly-formed SJB, under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa, canvass for Roman Catholic and Christian votes, after causing embarrassment to Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and the respected Buddhist clergy?

Today, the difference between the present government and the respected politicians and the shameless politicians of the previous government is very clearly evident.

While the leaders and Cabinet Ministers of the present government appreciate the brave decisions taken by Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the shameless politicians of the UNP/UNF and SJB have insulted and caused embarrassment. 

While the entire country as well as the international community greatly appreciated Malcolm Ranjith, the Cardinal appointed for the Asian countries and the Archbishop of Colombo, for the brave decision taken on 21 April inhumane attack, calling on all Sri Lankans to act in a very calm and peaceful manner and avoid any harm done to human beings in the affected areas as well as the whole country. It is highly commendable even as of today and even the highly -respected and honoured Buddhist clergy and the other religious dignitaries of the different congregations do appreciate for his bold, wise vision and decision taken to prevent the country being placed into a major disaster once again.

The Leaders and the Cabinet Ministers of the present government paid a courtesy call on Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith. Here is one of the senior Cabinet Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Labour, Dinesh Gunawardena, who paid a courtesy call on Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith on 11 July 2020, to appreciate him for his brave and courageous decisions to save this country on 21 April 2019, almost a year ago, of a major disaster which could have taken place, and the country would have been placed with a severe ethnic issue as well.

What did the shameless politicians do?

The shameless politicians of the previous regime do during their administration the UNP/UNF and SJB except for causing embarrassments, by insulting Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith as well as embarrassing not only the respected religious dignitaries, but also making a path to create disharmony among each religion. After insulting and causing embarrassment, they are regretting and crying over spilled milk for sympathy from Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith. What a shame?

Do these shameless politicians deserve the franchise votes of the Catholics, Christians and other respected religious dignitaries of this country in the forthcoming General Elections? Surely not. And what is the assurance that these shameless politicians offer to convince the above mentioned religious dignitaries? It is very clear that all peace-loving citizens of this country, immaterial of their religion or nationality, should reject these politicians and send them home honourably and teach them how to respect the religious leaders of this country.

All patriotic citizens of this country will remember and have not forgotten the 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday 8:45 a.m. massacre incident before casting their franchise votes. And now followed with the embarrassing statements made by the recent politicians of the UNP/UNF and now followed by the SJB led by the Premadasa group.

Yes! And why? Did most of the Roman Catholics, Christians and the non- Christians did not cast their votes to the presidential candidate nominated by the UNP/UNF, and knew very well that his defeat was inevitable?

The unwarranted, embarrassing statements and insults being made by their  former  Cabinet Ministers from time to time against the Buddhism of this country and also against Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, causing severe embarrassments did really reject the previous administration during last regime.

The embarrassing statement made by Cabinet Minister Harin Fernando on a political stage and embarrassed Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith will reject the leadership of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya headed by Sajith Premadasa. If Sajith really wants to convince the Roman Catholics, Christians and the non-Christians, he should remove the memberships of all who had contributed to embarrass Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith including Harin Fernando as well. Only then that the above-mentioned congregation will reconsider you ‘Sajith’ as a patriotic leader.

A statement made by former Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe at a political rally in the Gampaha District in the Wattala Electorate on 29 October 2019 evening: Although the UNP/UNF won this electorate with a marginal majority, it was because of the Muslim and Tamil votes and not of the peace-loving Sinhala votes.”

He had stated that there had been many lapses during their Administration and as a result the 21 April 2019 irreparable damage, killing over 400 humans, as well as victims of the incident still lying in their beds was one of their major negligences and lapses, the former Premier shamelessly added. And can this be accepted as well as justified?

Minister Champika Ranawaka made a statement on 2 November 2019 over the electronic Media regarding the ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation Agreement’ and did involve Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, who was totally not aware and innocent. We, as Roman Catholics, Christians and non-Christians are highly disturbed and condemn this ugly, unwarranted statement. These unethical statements will no doubt kill the voter base of your potential candidate Sajith Premadasa.

As per the Media, it is quite evident that from the early part of March 2019, there had been over 97 occasions informed via it that there is a threat to this country by an international terrorist organisation, namely ISIS. However, the previous Administration had completely ignored this warning, which had been advised well in advance. Due to this negligence of the previous Administration, over 300 had lost their lives, mainly in the Catholic churches such as in Negombo, Katuwapitiya St. Sebastian’s Church, Colombo 13, St. Anthony’s Shrine, in Batticaloa, St. Mary’s Church and also at five-star tourist hotels of this country. Even as of today, the present Administration had not been able to ascertain the correct statistical data with regard to the loss of innocent lives. Also, the present Administration is not even aware of the number of disabled, suffering in their homes, bedridden. 

Ignoring aspirations of  Roman Catholics, Christians and others 

The former Administration had failed to consider the aspirations of the Roman Catholics, Christians and the other faithful non-Christians when appointing the Deputy Minister for Christian Affairs and appointed a Buddhist due to the vacancy which arose on the resignation of the then Deputy Minister, Nimal Lanza, being a faithful Roman Catholic from the Gampaha District. Instead, appointed a Buddhist Member of Parliament, Ranjith Aluvihare as the Deputy Minister of Christian Affairs from the Matale District.” The Roman Catholics, Christians and the non-Christians analysed this appointment by the former Prime Minister and were highly disappointed.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    We can only hope that the Christian / Catholic vote will not go to the Fundamentalist Born Again Christian Sajith Premadasa faction this time at the General Election. Negombo voted for Sajith at the Presidential Election. We Sinhalese Buddhists are closely watching what will happen this time. We can only hope that they will heed Cardinal Malcolm Ranith’s words very closely and cast their votes accordingly.

    Fundamentalist Christians are a menace to Buddhists as well as Christian / Catholics!

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