Final Prediction on election 2020. Landslide victory for the SLPP and whitewash for UNP and Janabalawegaya and demise and disaster for Communal parties in this country
Posted on August 7th, 2020

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara  Mahanuwara

The final results of this election will be stunning for everybody. My forecast of final results will roughly  be  as follows

1The SLPP will get around 175 out of 225 seats in the next Parliament (Eg 150-55 elected and 15 -20 national list)

 2 The divided and disarrayed UNP (R+P camps together) will settle down around 35 the most (elected + national list) I think Sajit Camp will get few seats more than Ranil as majority of ex UNP MPP and  grass root levelare with him. TNA might get less than elected and 1 National list member considering the prevailing disunity within The TNA and other Tamil parties in the North and East.  The leader of the opposition will go to either Sajit or Ranil depending on who gets the support of the Tamil Mpp.

 3 Under this scenario it is likely that the ranking of the main contenders will be as follows

! SLPP 170-175 both elected and National list thus consolidating the 2/3 in PArliament

2 Sajit+Ranil 35 -40 (Both elected and National list)

3 TNA  09+1

4 JVP will get eliminated from the political map of Sri Lanka. Most they might get 1 from the National list

5 Others not belonging to 1 to 3 such as Ape Janabala Vegaya that might emerge as a force to reckon with in Parliament.

(These figures might slightly vary due to the fact there is always a margin of   error in statistical calculations. But I maintain the overall picture want be much different)

6 After 196 are elected out of 7452 7256 will go home.  Of them at least 7000 will lose their deposits.

7 Overall poling will be less than at the Presidential elections

Drop in the voter turnout for 4 reasons. The main reason is the drop in the UNP vote due to the ugly clash between the R &S camps. The other reasons are internal conflicts between Maitri and Pohottuwa camps, fall in the votes of those who came from foreign countries last time and as there is a possibility that some voters who voted Gota last time may not do so this time due to personal reasons

8 There is another surprising thing this time is that SLPP will win all Sinhala majority districts including Colombo, Nuwara Eliya and Badulla

9 This election will also mark the last for Ranil as this election will mark his exit gate from politics along with the demise of the 74 year old UNP, the  trap set up by the British to destroy the Sinhala nation and Buddhism in this country together with its glorious and pristine civilization.

10 With this election Sajit too will join the political destiny of Anura Bandaranayaka as there is going to be a big battle for UNP leadership even if it tries to raise its head from the political grave

11 Majority of sitting members of all parties will get defeated. I forecast this to be 125-130 

12 The UNP, and JVP will get completely routed to be never reborn again.

13 Tamils and Muslims will be compelled to rethink about their divisive and communalahave to rethink about their aggressive and communal strategies after this election which they already experienced in the last Presidential El strategies and learn to live amicably or depart to their own mother countries. Definitely they will have to either learn to live amicably with the naïve Sinhalese or depart as their bargaining clout of an eye to eye will be lost forever.

14 There is a possibility of a new Tamil party gaining ground in the north as Tamils are now fed up with TNA

15 This overall change will lead for the emergence of a new political party and a culture and a national Sinhala Buddhist force based on Anagaraika Dharmapala, model more aggressive and more forward looking than the SLLP, completely different from all political parties we had from 1948 in this country I foresee this to be the Ape Jana Bala Wegaya Under Rev Galabda ate Gnanasara and RaTna Thera

16 This election will also put an end to the Colombo centered political leadership and lay a permanent foundation   based on the Villa Leadership centered around Sinha Buudhist majority along with the Sinhala Catholic  marking the dawn of a new political era in this country with a political system with a new political Economic social and moral led by the President Gothabahaya Rajapaksa heavily backed by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his team

17 Ranil and  will go to political wilderness  and the same thing will happen to Sajit as well as his succeeding Rajapaksa regime in future is utterly remote as the force that follow will definitely be a more Sinhalese Buddhist oriented ;for eg Ape janabala Wegaya

18 The power of the yellow robe will emerge once again and get established firmly as it had been during the days of the Sinhala Kings.

19 With the e defeat of R and S the traditional UNPer will look for a new leadership but it want succeed. Instead it might get together with the newly emerging Snhala Buddhist force sated above who will love the Sinhala nation the Land and the environment in full agreement with Buddhist teachings Replica of Dharmasoka Kingdom

20 Finally this election will herald the beginning of a fully free and Independent, vibrant and prosperous Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom  culminating once again as the miracle of Asia, a pride to the whole world, as it had been in the ancient and medieval world.

 This in brief is the wish and the greatest expectation the Sinhala Nation yearning for under the new Rajapaksa regime Governance they have so painstakingly brought in to power.

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