Posted on August 10th, 2020


Sri Lankans have once again endorsed the Rajapakse Regime, westerners notoriously defined as Rajapakse Family Dynasty. Bandaranaike Dynasty, Nehru Dynasty, Kennedy Dynasty did not last very long.  The  Rajapakses have laid eggs on a wide spectrum of the island, perpetual succession by these rulers are here to stay.  Many anti-Sri Lankans dislike Rajapakse Octopus spread,  but average men and women of this beautiful island confide in Rajapakses’ as their own family members.

The new government must address the most urgent issues first, before embarking on administrative issues.


1.    Improve national health system, free of charge;

2.    Improve public transport system of road and rail

3.    Upgrade at least one school in each district as a National School

4.    Establish special unit within Army, similar to Farming Army ( Govi Hamudawa) to undertake cultivation of traditional and non traditional products

5.    Immediate restoration of Reservoirs ( Wewa) to  store and ensure regular water supply for farming and communities

6.    Ensure prompt distribution of fertilizer and water supply

7.    Improve internal roads , dilapidated  bridges in villages, easily accessible in remote villages

8.    Buy farmers products at guaranteed price

9.    Establish warehouses, including Silos for grain, in all farming communities to  stock pile harvest

10.Continue war against Drugs

11.Provision of affordable subsidised housing

The average men and women demand solutions to these issues.  This program will reduce cost of living, improve employment, improve standard of living, enhance money circulation with short and long term investment opportunities.


The  13, 18, 19 amendments to the Constitution must be repealed. But it  will not bring Sri Lanka to the higher rank of happiest living index”.  Sri Lanka currently rank 4468 position in world ranking, with Finland, Denmark and Switzerland holding first 3 places as happiest living countries.

These top countries have entirely different administrative systems, yet Bread and Butter issues were solved first and continue to receive top priority of the governments.

The  removal of 19 Amendment must receive urgent attention. The Sri Lankans have voted for the introduction of an entirely new Constitution designed to embrace the aspirations of all communities within a unitary state ensuring Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims to live peacefully in any part of the island with guarantees for protection  and enhancement of Buddhist philosophy.

C. IMPLEMENTATION OF ‘Visions of Prosperity and Splendour’ (SAUBHAGYE DEKMA) of President Gotabaya Rajapakse:

The traditional structure of Cabinet of Ministers very often  incapable of delivering Bread and Butter issues as well as Administrative Matters.  With large number of national minded  highly educated and experienced intellectuals entering the Parliament through rank and file of SLPP, VIYATHMAGA AND YUTHUKAMA,  a clear SPLIT  of cabinet functions are  needed. One team for Bread and Butter issues and the other for Administrative Matters.

The President and the Prime Minister need not handle a large number of Ministers. The SPLIT  cabinet may take the shape of minimum number of    Ministers for each of the above two areas directly responsible for the President and the Prime Minister.  Smaller the Cabinet, greater the effectiveness of Managing People and managing for results. 

In this manner, both issues discussed above, can run concurrently, with the two small teams with best span of control. Poor performing ministers must be sacked. 

Jayawewa! Budu Saranai!

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