Statement by the Prime Minister on the anniversary of Black July 1983
Posted on August 12th, 2020

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia 

15th August 2020

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A2

Rt Hon Prime Minister Mr Justin Trudeau,

Statement by the Prime Minister on the anniversary of Black July 1983

This letter has reference to the statement made by you (PM) on the 23rd July 2020 in Ottawa. While we as SriLankan respect your views as the PM, and former national Boxing champion, and I being a Tamil from SriLanka, Australian would like to loosen certain secrets of what is happening in SriLanka right from 1948. I can only refer to certain web sites and blogs for your government executives to read and digest rather throw it into the bin, which then will project the true value given by Canada.


  1. Driver for the 1983 riots

Vellupillai Prabakaran (VP) was the leader of the LTTE, the worst terrorist among the group of terrorists in the world. VP right from 1978 wanted racial riots to flare up so that he can get international support from sympathy. However, he knew that he had little support from Tamil Diaspora and particularly from Canada. He knew the weakness of the western world and the willingness of the west to destroy SL. The island is located in a strategic location in the Indian Ocean which gives them a military advantage for dominating the SE Asian region. USA and China are greedy of military dominance, which paves the way to access indirectly. Maybe the people in SL are fools like wilder beast herd but some intellectuals can understand what is going on in the west. However, it is a pity that some of these can be bought through kickbacks and bribes.

As said above the 1983 incident was initiated by VP to drive a racial riot so that the western nations will openly show their hostility towards SL. 13 military soldiers were blown up with bombs in Tirunelveli in Jaffna which is a major road that links Kankesanthurai to Jaffna. The corpses were taken to Colombo by the military and cremated. Every human suffers from a certain kind of psychological weakness and psychiatric issues. This incident was reacted with violence. I do not think that as a person I will support a racial riot, however, such psychiatric nourished patients like VP should have been eliminated by the people/military in the first place. Sir, you will agree that any person who attempts to commit suicide suffers from some degree of psychiatric disorder. In the USA and Canada, if correct, I believe police personal are sent for psychiatric evaluation if they shoot a civilian. In cognitive science (CS) area quote: CS is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology.

Not only this incident, but LTTE cadre members also carried out machine gun shooting in Anuradhapura bus station killing several Sinhala civilians. I cannot list all the killing here in this document. Please view and read quote: (i)


Sir, can you devise some methods to control the emotions of your patriotic citizens when the wrong killing of a group of Ottawa’s law & order personnel are killed by some gangs? During the riots in 1983, several Tamil families were given refuge by Sinhala Buddhist families in their homes and protected.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the entire riot and killing was instigated and indirectly inculcated and intoxicated by the LTTE.

  • Migration

Subsequently, VP ordered some of his cadres to migrate to Canada and the UK in the name of refugees so that they can work for him.

Sir, it is certain and known that LTTE cadre in the rank of, Captain, intelligence and other officers are hiding in Toronto, which may not be known to the Canadian government. Canada opens up her arms to all. It is known that certain engineers and others who came into Canada via the USA and ended up in Quebec were getting government income support and also secretly earning income through working. I have to open up this issue as Canada is a country which helps all but some people are crooks who swindle the government. That’s Tamil culture. Today’s situation the true refugees who migrated are small in number. However, those who associate with politicians are not true refugees but came to Canada to earn money and elevate their status. A gentleman name Gary Anandasangaree is the son of an unpopular Tamil politician and has no grievances in SL. There are thousands of Tamils in Canada who are there to motif a bad name for SL. What is those people’s scientific contribution to the science and industry in Canada? Why do they want to enter politics rather practice their discipline?

  • Statement by the PM of Canada

Quote: On behalf of the Government of Canada, I extend my deepest sympathies to all those who suffered and lost loved ones during Black July and the ensuing conflict. Canada remains committed to facilitating an accountability process that has the trust and confidence of all victims, which is central to achieving lasting peace and reconciliation. We continue to offer support to all those working toward these goals.”

The world should regret to note that Canada has forgotten to express their sympathies to those who were massacred by the LTTE e.g. the Sinhalese civilians and military personnel. All are humans. Development was slowed down as a result of the terrorism by the LTTE.

PM; Have you thought about the rest of the people in SL? How can they live peacefully with terrorism planted on their soil? Tamils flee SL in the name of refugee for the economic growth of their coffer. Sir, have you forgotten the mass killing of red Indians like Incas, Mayans, & Aztecs from the soil of America? Spanish wiped out several thousands of Indians in Lima leaving only 2 million people left a few hundred years later.

However, there were no mass killing or genocide in SL. It was the Indians from India who invaded SriLankan soil in the early centuries and wiped out several thousands of Sinhala people from the soil. It would be preferred that non-history experts in Canada better keep their lips sealed rather spitting unnecessary news and causing uproar among society. It causes tension, bitterness & conflict among the people in SL, and raise confusion around the world.

  • Heavy Weapons manufactured by the LTTE

Please refer to annexure A” which depicts the type and number of weapons manufactured in Mullivaykal by the LTTE. These weapons are not for pleasure drive or training etc, however, for the mass killing of the people in SL. It is presumed to blow up Naval ships owned by India and SL and passenger ships travelling to SL. These are suicidal operation. Again, I wish to reiterate that anyone who attempts to commit suicide can be regarded as suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Therefore, the conclusion is that from top to bottom the LTTE cadre may have been inflicted with a psychiatric disorder.

The big question is; who supported the technical capability to design and manufacture these weapons. If these weapons were used, just imagine the devastation that would have occurred in SL.

  • Genocide, War Crimes, Missing People

Tamil Diaspora has formed organisation, and Forums around the western world and have been shouting that SL should be tried for war crimes, genocide and missing persons. Firstly, who should be tried for war crimes? Is it the LTTE or SL military? All LTTE cadre who should be tried for war crimes is have been given harem in the West. The UN should know the distribution of Tamil refugees around the world. How can Tamil refugees end up in Ukraine? It is sure that Tamil refugees when ended up in a country change their name and hide under the new name, hence become missing persons”.

As claimed by the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora, there wasn’t any genocide in SL, and for sure we know that Genocide was carried out by the Spanish, American, and how about the millions of red Indians massacred in the USA and Canada? How is Canada treating the Red Indians in Canada? Put them in Reservations”?

During the 2009 war, the SL military rescued 300,000 Tamils to safer places.

During this pandemic period of God’s punishment of COVID-19” to people who have uppishness and megalomania attitude, why do Tamil Diaspora take such move when people are suffering.

  • Bill 104 – AN Act to proclaim Tamil Genocide Education Week- Mr. V. Thanigasalam

This act is supposed to educate people on Genocide. Where and when was the Genocide occur? If it is true, The Tamil LTTE carried out the genocide of non-Tamils in SL since 1972. The Sinhalese people lived in fear of island-wide. It is a request that the Canadian Government convene a meeting with the Sinhalese experts and Tamils in Canada to discuss the truth and coverups. With USA having an ulterior motive of establishing a base in SL, wish to intimidate SL by acts such as this via Tamil US lickers. Why should Tamils allow such a decree to be established in Canada when it is a cooked-up lie. Let the Canadians rise to learn the truth and oppose the government not to allow any Tom, Dick, & Harry to place such private members bill. Canada is a country with intellectually knowledgeable human and scientific resources; however, it’s neighbour the USA may be intimidating Canada. Canada is not like a third world country with third world resources. The only mistake Canada made was to allow with little knowledge of illiterates and half-baked people with lack of perception. The Tamil Diaspora has a plan, working their way through from getting into politics, enter the parliament and put forward such private member bills. Already the January bill was pushed through if I am not mistaken.

The Canadian government should study and understand the benefits that are accrued through these bills in a multicultural environment. People should practice living cohesively in a multicultural environment. The liability is cost only, while there are no benefits.

This is an indication that the TD of Canada are not patriotic, however, attached to their own country’s (SL) selfishness.

The parliament of Canada should reject this bill.

  • Perception

Quote: Perception is an active mental act. It is a dynamic, a dialectical conflict between the self-perspective transformation and external vectors of power bearing upon us. That which we perceive is a balance between these antagonists”. (Ref: Understanding Conflict and War: vol. 1: the dynamic psychological field, chapter 11, by R.J. Rummel) 

Humans perceive different effects about the same state, as perceptions vary from person to person. People assign different meaning to what they perceive.  (Kanthar B)

Although all human males are born with ≈1.5 kg of the brain, not all perceive the same thing in the same perspective, the same way. 

Knowledge is defined as information, proofs, aptitudes and proficiencies, acquired through involvement and practise; i.e. an appreciation of the theoretical and practical training, and understanding of a subject or job.

  • Democracy

Third world democracy; – There cannot be any principles to follow democracy. Collateral is the basic policy in this type of democracy. It may be in the form of money, votes, or other interesting materials plus through the racial campaign. This occurs mostly in the third world like India, SriLanka Africa etc.

Ideal Democracy: This exists in the developed world, which is the West. Collateral is not practised except some political parties in some European world try to attract in getting votes through collateral.

The photos below are a sample of TD’s false make-believe. Indicate the Integrity Of TD.

Photo B”- VP is discussing with Anton Balasingham.  Using Photoshop, the person edited and pasted VP’s dead body to show that VP was viewing his own dead body.

That’s TD’s capability to fool the world.

Annexure A”

Heavy Weapons Manufactured & owned by LTTE

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia 

These weapons were manufactured and owned by the LTTE, Tamil terrorist group in Sri Lanka. Does anyone think whether any government will ignore the LTTE with such Weapons? Who manufactured these weapons? Who helped the LTTE to manufacture these weapons? Was there any inner secret by the host in manufacturing? Do we think that the USA or Canada will tolerate such weapons in their backyard? What do we think the final result will be?

Does anyone think that SL should not worry about their Sovereignty? If mushroom Malawi can be a republic with peace, why not SriLanka? These weapons were not for luxury trips, but the mass killing of the Sinhalese people and the state machinery. This can be directed as “GENOCIDE”:

Most of the machine is for suicidal assaults. Sri Lankan Navy does not own any of such Submarine.

To those who blabber the word Genocide” in SL, please study this and talk to the High Commission before you spit out garbage. There was never a Genocide” in 2009.

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  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Thanks Bala for trying to open these western fool’s eyes. The all begging for votes. Even in the US Obama and Hilary were sympathetic to LTTE. One time Hilary said they are good terrorist. Before end of the war I was writing to 98 senators explaining what the real situation in Sri Lanka. Only few them had good response and I was able to visit them with no tangible results. Now they are sending emails asking for money for their campaign. SO that is politics. I applaud your effort and I always read your posts. Please keep writing.

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