Posted on August 14th, 2020


Dr Wijedasa Rajapakse no doubt is an ambitious man. But he has also resisted requests from Yahapalana gang to put GR in jail.   WR is a self-made man.  He usually has his own agenda.

WR is not a good listener. I have doubts that he will be able to work in a team, with GR.  GR has a plan, he will not deviate from it.  He need a team to carry about his plan, whether 19a, 13a,  18a, or drafting new constitution.

According to media, WR wants Ministry of Justice.  GR is not a person to give into someone, because he ask for it. GR is not MR. Ministry of Justice is a very clouded role at the moment.    There are many pending inquiries relating to Muslim Leaders and their  believes.  Wahabsim, Madrasa Schools, Easter attack, marital age etc.  If a Sinhala minister is given the role, discrimination against Muslims will be brought in,  if and when above issues and legal cases are aggressively pursued.   If the Justice Minister is a Muslim, it will be a different scenario.

There is no doubt the Road Map for the new constitution has already been compiled  by a team of Viyathmaga and SLPP.   The Constitutional affairs minister need to draft the legal parameters to satisfy  the Road Map, instead of arguing.

Dr Wijedasa Rajapakse’s  refusal to accept the portfolio offered is not an act of professionalism.  If  the President gives in to WR, then how about former President Maithreepala?   Then why not a cabinet role for Dr Sarath Weerasekera, who has done an enormous contribution on vital issues.  Then you could argue, if Ali Sabri, a new comer is selected for cabinet role, why not Dr Seetha Arambepola etc?

The entire campaign to bring back Mahinda was initiated by the Mahinda Sulanga in Nugegoda.   Where was WR at that time?

Learning lessons of the past, those who stood by you during difficult times and defeat, can be regarded  as true believers of this great success and should form part of the team, even if they are not highly qualified .

Instead of being a Big Headed man, we hope WR will eventually accept the role offered to him at this moment.   He should be able to make a great contribution by working with Prof G L Peiris, in the field of education as a state minister. 


  1. dhane Says:

    I believe President had given correct ministry to each personal capability. Giving Ali Sabri Ali Sabri Ministry of Justice is correct he is suitable for it. Dr Wijedasa Rajapaksa was an ambitious man to re-consider Government asserts sold or leased for longer period. In my opinion create a new Ministry for safe guard Govt: land & enterprises and given to Wijedasa. Thereby MCC also could come under same ministry. Let Wijedasa show his capability in this new portfolio.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I Totally disgree with M.D.P.Dissanayake.
    Thre is no requirement for three Rajapakses in the inner cabinet. Looks like MR is playing the old game again and in no time this government will be unpopular.
    Instead of Namal Rajapakse, Ali Sabry, their family lawyer, they should have introduced more people with wider views in the cabinet so that you get best out of 25 member cabinet.
    Government is heading for a disaster.

  3. Charles Says:

    It is petty to predict o the government would be. Ali Sabri in my opinion is a good choice for rthe Ministry of Justice. I personally have great respect for Wijedasa Rajapaksa. If a politician is reaally loves his country and is a real politician even as a Parliamentarian he will have lot to do. The President should have a trusted team to work with. He should have a free hand in his choice of Ministers. Even Namal may not have been one of his free choices.
    Wijedasa R should have accept the State Ministry of Higher Education. Humility is a great human quality, why always seek higher positions you can render great service being humble.

  4. Charles Says:

    In France one of the President was elected to parliaament. He served as an ordinary MP and never asked for a Ministry. He contributed greatly to the establishment of the <European Community and replace Euro to French Franc.

    Therefore there is no reason why Maithripala Sirisenaa has to be given a Ministry. He can continue to be a MP and give an example to others as to how one can serve the country as a simple MP


    It seems WR has a habit of refusing the roles offered to him. In 2004 he refused to accept the role of Minister of Constitutional Affairs and remained as an ordinary MP.

    Judging by the results, had WR chosen UNP, SJB OR SLFP to contest 2020 general election, he would have joined the long list of losers.

    We hope the common sense will prevail. I agree with Charles on Maithreepala’s comments. There are several pending issues such as Easter Attack, failures to return to Island immediately after the attack, failure to convene Security Council Meetings etc., directly relates to his very poor performance as a President. If not for SLPP, he would have also lost his seat.

    He does not deserve any ministry portfolio, until he is completely exonerated of all charges.

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