Ali Sabry insisting on establishing separate court to hear child abuse cases is welcome.
Posted on August 23rd, 2020

By Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart and Convener – The Muslim Voice”, August 23rd., 2020.

Not only a court, but a very strong and responsible new police unit with sufficient powers should be set-up to nab the culprits. 

Hon. Minister of Justice, Attorney-at-Law Ali Sabry (PC) insisting on establishing seperate court to hear child abuse cases is welcome.

The writer believes this is a good move. The writer also wants to propose, that not only a court, but a “new police unit” be set up – not just the existing unit, but a very strong and responsible police force unit with sufficient powers to investigate all orphanages, religious institutions and residential seminaries with children under the age of 16 stay and live for religious training in Buddhism, Christianity and Islamic religious and or Arabic studies in the country.

This special police unit must be vested with powers (ENPOWERED) under the law/constitution to investigating whether child abuse is taking place in these institutions and produce the culprits before the Rule-of-Law in this new special court that the Hon. Minister of Justice and the government propose to set-up. They should also be empowered to probe all past incidents and complaints to nab the culprits who have committed such crimes in the past, irrespective of cast, creed, religion,social and civil status.

Many political forces, social elements and religious figures, foreign interest groups,representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka, NGO’s and INGO’s will oppose this action Against the Social Threat of Child Abuse in “Our Motherland”. These groups will oppose the setting-up of this special court and the proposed Special-Unit Police Force and try to defend this social abuse VEHEMENTLY.  The Honourable Minister’s good action against the social threat of child abuse in “Our Motherland” (Maathruboomiya) “The Muslim Voice” and its supporters fully accept your stand on this issue and will do whatever we can to publicly support it.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    It is of paramount importance that the curriculum, teachings and teachers of all Madrasa Schools be closely monitored and investigated to exclude any terrorism related teachings are excluded. This is subsequent to the fact some of these institutions have been actively involved in polluting the minds of children in their formative years and also have had dealings with the spread of Wahabbism and related terrorism.

    A vast multitude of people in Sri Lanka brought into power the current administration with many hopes and aspirations. The main aspiration is that there cannot be anything good in our land by-passing the very existence of the majority Sinhala Buddhists. We can all live together in peace. All predatory attempts at subjugating the rights of the Sinhalese through what ever means and most importantly through terrorism shall be brought to nought!

    There are many such issues involving Madrasas. It is now upto the new administration not to allow too many weeds to grow under their feet and allow them to become banyon trees! The subject of mushrooming madrasas and mosques should be addressed in a satisfactory manner.

    Any attempt at changing the clour, the form and the identity of this Buddhist land will not be tolerated. This is the mandate given by the people of Sri Lanka at the 2019 Presidential and 2020 General Elections.

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