Posted on August 25th, 2020


Jackson Anthony, the well-known actor, a commentator on his recent YOUTUBE presentation has touched on the national weakness of attempting to ape the foreigners or more specifically our attempt to act as the Singlish rather than be ourselves, His program on Sri Pada becoming Adam’s peak to many reminds us the story of colonial English policy of creating the species called Black-Whites or the Brown skinned Englishmen in our society. We can meet them and see them anywhere in day to day life, in media, and also among the VIPs who pretend that they cannot speak in Sinhala or Tamil ONLY but need to add English words when they converse. This stems from the inferiority complex of slaves once freed yet praising that they were wearing masters’ chains.

Some of us. still use the term Adam’s speak even tough this was invented by Islamic travelers to Sri Lanka since 16th century whereas the name Sri Pada was known for over 2500 years and many kings of Sri Lanka from a century prior to CE have spoken of Sri Pada and visited the peak while the term is in books such as Mahavamsa, Deepavamsa.  Chulavamase and in many inscriptions. Unfortunately, even in our books and articles published in  English, we continue to use the term Adam’s peak, As Jackson Anthony emphasized the discussion was not religious at all, but about our culture and national inheritance.

From now on-wards can we decide to refer to this holy and scenic mountain as Sri Pada always.



  1. aloy Says:

    It appears that all we have learnt from history books about Sri Lanka (Sivhela or Sinhale) and India is going to be turned topsy-turvy, if you listen to Prof. Raj Somadeva’s weekly discussions on Neth FM and YouTube videos by some others. The Yathartha channel and programs of Tilak Kandegama also shed light on the true history of our country. All these points to the fact that ours is a special place which is described as the centre of earth with the least gravitational field. According to these findings the very spot is close to Polonnaruwa and that is where Buddha has been born (on a full moon day perhaps when other powerful planets also aligned on the same side). It seems in some ancient European books and also in the old testament this country has been referred to as the garden of Eden and Jews also originated from here.

    So, it may not be the Arabs who first said Adams Peak existed here.

    Our modayas do not know the value of it and want to sell it for a song to Indians, Chinese and others, aided and abetted by many Buddhist monks who have not bothered to find out where Buddha was actually born all this time.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Here is the link to Jackson Anthony’s video referred to above for those of our friends who might have missed it:

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