The Easter carnage – Musings
Posted on September 23rd, 2020

Laksiri Warnakula 

It is not that religeous fanatics always walk around with a few kilos of explosives tied to their bodies, looking for a good spot to push the button. There can be others, who are as explosive, destructive and vicious as those suicide-bombers”  

It has been nearly one and half years now, since the tragedy happened. Nearly three hundred innocent including children perished and probably as many suffered: deeply bruised and burnt to the bone, scarred and some maimed for the rest of their lives. 

And for the kith and kin of those victims, they are now living with the memories and many I am sure are still trying to come to terms with what happened to their loved ones, who untimely departed them.   

Yet those, who knew about it in advance and could have averted this disaster, are still among us, smiling, laughing and living their lives to the full. 

And the never-ending investigations, probings and questionings have been going on since almost that very day, to find them and bring them to justice.  

Alas. It is still very far from over. Accusations and allegations have been flying in all directions, yet none have been found so far, who could be held responsible, whose negligence and delay in taking adequately proactive measures that would have prevented the carnage.  

Now it looks like the investigations are going in circles while, finger-pointing and buck-passing often being the case. 

This whole process makes one angry. None of the persons supposedly or otherwise knew that it was coming don’t seem to give two hoots for the suffering of the victims and their relatives. What all of them, whoever they are, doing is the utmost to save their skins seemingly without the slightest remorse and feeling for the affected. In fact, I have this strange feeling that some of them are even enjoying it, deriving some form of abominable pleasure from this whole investigation. 

Perhaps what may be left now to find those apathetic, irresponsible shirkers of duty, who probably didn’t have even a minute amount of care for the fellow citizen, is to call on the ones, who actually carried out the suicide bombings. But they are all dead now.  

Lastly I wish all those dedicated persons and investigators, who have been entrusted with the enormously challenging task of finding the culprits and bringing them to justice, courage, strength and resilience in the face of adversity and ignorance. 

And before I end this short write-up: Seeds of hatred and suspicion are sown every day, in the name of religion, race and politics. And there are interested cultivators, who would be more than happy to nurture, manure and water them. Don’t they know? Divided we fail and fall. United we hold our heads high as proud Sri Lankans” 

Laksiri Warnakula 

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  1. aloy Says:

    According to Prof. Raj Somadeva’s interpretation of development of modern man in SL from prehistoric times some hela people have become Vanni Veddhas and has got assimilated into both Tamil and Sinhala communities. Perhaps the prof is right as our man from Nikaweratiya that shirked his responsibilities displayed those characteristics; callous disregard for the duty that ended so many peoples lives including those tourists who had nothing to do with politics of our country.

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