Covid-19 cases confirmed in Sri Lanka cross 7,000 mark
Posted on October 23rd, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Sri Lanka saw the highest daily record in Covid-19 cases today while the total number of confirmed infections surpassed the grim milestone of 7,000.

As per the statistics of the Health Ministry, the confirmed cases count now stands at 7,153.

The Department of Government Information said a total of 866 infections have been registered today:

  • Galle fisheries harbour – 05
  • Beruwala fisheries harbour – 20
  • Peliyagoda Fish Market – 535
  • Quarantine centres – 48
  • Close contacts of Minuwangoda and Peliyagoda clusters – 257
  • Arrival from South Korea under quarantine – 01

Thereby, positive cases reported from Minuwangoda and Peliyagoda clusters escalated to 3,682.

With the new development, the number of active cases currently under medical care has accelerated to 3,495.

Recoveries from Covid-19 meanwhile hiked to 3,644 earlier today after 83 patients were discharged from hospitals upon returning to health.

The country saw the second-highest daily total on the 6th of October, with 739 infections from the Minuwangoda cluster.

One Response to “Covid-19 cases confirmed in Sri Lanka cross 7,000 mark”

  1. aloy Says:

    I would like to put my ‘two cents worth’ on the new Covid-19 cases which has sprung up as follows:

    We Sri Lankans have shown high level of resilience while in this land. As I have written here before I and even my entire family may have got it last December unknowingly. I an old person got only a flue like feeling while others got fewer and were confined to the house for a few days.
    The new cases are springing up in various places, which are all economic centers like EPZs, harbours, and places connected with tourism. Poor farmers who are down to earth people ( well earthed as they are barefooted) not seem to be affected at all. So, is this not an attack using Covid as a bio weapon on Sri Lankan State to make it weak and vulnerable?. Then only the perpetrators can have their own way.

    If anybody is doing it, they are sadly mistaken. Every time it came into the country mostly though minorities (and one or two tourists) into their ghettos, it did not spread more than two levels. And it did not go into the community also. There is some protection to the inhabitants via the environment plus the BCG that has been given to every citizen of this country. So I am sure our heroic forces and police together with medics will fight it out this time too.

    On the virus itself my thinking is that either it will disappear gradually as it did in the two previous hundred year cycles in three years or so or the humanity will find a remedy shortly. Also, I have seen our famous teacher, Tissa sir, explaining that the viruses are a cross between a material and a living being. If so these may even be charged just like in the case of molecules in an emulsion and stay a long time in the air repelling each other, but when the charge is removed they coagulate and fall to the ground. I have studied these when fabricating an emulsification plant. We used an emulsification catalyst (Amines) in this process to add electrical charges. Who knows , the spices we used in our food may be doing that job to fight the disease and prevent blood clots.

    Some points for our medics and researchers to ponder (or food for thoughts)!.

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