Posted on October 26th, 2020


Sri Lanka is getting ready to welcome and meet Mike Pompeo to discuss issues which are important to both countries and to reiterate their commitment to democracy and long friendship. Sri Lanka which is following a non-aligned foreign policy should strive to uphold the spirit of neutrality as a small country located in a geo-politically important and a sensitive area. It is a well known fact that there are competing international forces attempting to establish their dictates in the Indian Ocean region to achieve their global agenda. Sri Lanka is not interested in being a part of a global diplomacy and neither to align herself to global or regional powers. Sri Lanka has selected to be a friendly nation to all genuine friends and to be neutral in relation to power blocs.

Sri Lanka is presently attempting to overcome the issues concerning  the COVID 19 after overcoming an armed insurgence of a once powerful terrorist organization. The country also had a narrow disastrous escape from  the Islamic terrorism recently. Sri Lanka was able to survive protecting its territorial integrity mainly due to its neutral foreign policy as she received help and assistance from many countries following different ideologies.

The visit of Mike Pompeo has been interpreted by some commentators as a part of normal American diplomacy and by some others as a  test the waters for enhanced response from Sri Lanka for US drive in the Indian ocean region. Some have expressed their views as an effort is to follow up the MCC proposal and also  ACSA and SOFA agreements with Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka should be open and ready to discuss any issues with Mike Pompoe on the basis of friendship BUT bearing in mind that STATE IS ONLY THE GURADIAN OF THE LAND AND NOT THE OWNER, the motto of  the noble, ancient kings of Sri Lanka. Guided by this golden rule the Government should stick to the principles of upholding the sovereignty of the country without being pressurized to agree to any proposal which will create problems internally and externally to Sri Lanka.

Like another small country ,Bhutan, Sri Lanka should be able to function as a neutral country while preserving her identity in her discussions with the US Secretary of State. From Sri Lanka’s point of view mutually beneficial areas of trade and investment should receive the attention while Sri Lanka should also touch on UNHRC ‘s resolution based on faulty Darusman report and the USA ‘s questionable insistence on peddling the proposal at the Assembly. The US policy on our war winning armed forces is another important issue which should be considered for deliberations.

Two other crucial issues having a direct impact  on the region;   the climate change- the melting of the glaciers in Himalyan mountains, rising of the sea levels ,limiting her carbon foot print  and an effective program for the reduction of poverty in the Indian ocean area deserve to be analysed and discussed  at the meeting with the US, the world’s richest nation.  Sri Lanka should advocate a positive program which will benefit holistically, the country as well as the region.


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