The UN double standards exposed
Posted on November 1st, 2020

By Malkanthi Munasinha

(April 08, Ontario, Sri Lanka Guardian) The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, should establish a commission to investigate the tens of thousands of Muslim civilians killed by US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.Instead, all the indications are that the Secretary General has succumbed to pressure from Tamil Tiger lobbyists and commenced an inquiry into 1,500 civilians killed in the final stages of the LTTE-Sri Lankan military confrontation. (External Link) This is further to the news that is emerging on the killing of innocent civilians by the US forces, in Iraq, in which Reuter reporters and children were killed.

US invaded Iraq, and killed millions of innocent civilians, the body count, being 104,492 according to the sources: External link. Yet, we never saw, any UN human rights violations charges being laid on them? Now why was that? Why has not UN’s Navi Pillay being actively recommending an investigation to these deaths, which are becoming apparent to the world?

By afternoon today, there were more news emerging, (viewer be aware the video can be very sensitive nature) the subject being Collateral Damage”, which shows the shooting that took place without any provocation by these innocent people, who were only walking in the street, and the Reuter reporter, who was carrying a camera. As you will see in the video, after being shot, he tries to get up, and the soldiers surveying him, watches everything and when a van comes in to save this man, the whole van consisting of two children and men are shot at! The brutality of it all is revealed.

There have many protests, who have demanded that President Bush be brought to trial for the human rights violations done in the Iraq. But somehow, it has gone unnoticed.

One of the world’s most vicious terrorist groups – the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam) was militarily defeated by the Sri Lankan security forces in May 2009. Today, no insurgency can be fought without civilian deaths. The LTTE in particular was notorious for using Tamils as a human shield and its propaganda organ TamilNet provided false civilian fatalities and injuries. Western governments reacted not to the ground reality in Sri Lanka but to the LTTE propaganda. If the UN report is going to have any credibility it must investigate the colossal loss of civilian life and property by US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the United Nations and the Office of the Secretary General are to regain the prestige it has lost as a result of scandals, it must not only be just but appear to just.

I wonder what the UN has to say now, with these new allegations emerging. When there was no known terrorism in Iraq, but US still decided to go ahead and invade, and subsequently, there is horror upon horror stories are being revealed. What more new stories will the world have to hear before, this so called United Nations will take action to bring the perpetrator to justice?

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