Professionals Quash chicken-brained Mangala’s Budget criticisms Part I
Posted on November 25th, 2020


Sri Lanka’s worst quisling who was kicked out of parliamentary politics by the Maha Sangha and the patriotic people of Matara and was forced to become a political orphan who exposed his economic lacuna by attempting to criticize the visionary and futuristic budget 2021budget due to sheer jealousy with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksea.  Unlike this ignoramus nincompoop, the budget has been hailed by the business community, academics and economists as a as a long term futuristic budget while this lintgerie designer says that it is a budget that facilitates money laundering.  This political discard seems to be very familiar with money laundering as the British Parliamentarian Lord Sheikh Ahmed said in the British House of Common that he met Samaraweera and he was very friendly with Tamil diaspora elements in Britain.  There were many allegations that this political orphan was the main money launderer of the Tamil diaspora as he had the impunity of passing through Customs unchecked due to his Ministerial portfolio. 

Issuing a media message this quisling has said that the budget 2021 which has no vision or programme of work has only facilitated for money laundering by the government’s political cronies.  The message translated from Sinhala as published in the Lanka C News website says that the government has acknowledged that the economy collapsed during the past year and has hence the budget has facilitated money laundering as a stimulus for improving the economy and this would place the country in a dangerous situation in respect of international monetary policies.

This lingerie designer who accidently became a Finance Minister and who acknowledged that the portfolio was much above his capabilities as it was a portfolio that had been previously held by eminent persons of this country such as J.R.Jayawardene, Dr. N.M.Perera, and Mr. Felix R. Dias Bandarabaike states that the budget has given an amnesty of Tax concession of paying only 1% for investing the undeclared foreign and locally held money. ( It must be reminded that a similar method was adopted by Sri Lanka’s best ever Finance Minister Dr. N.M.Perera to pull out hidden currency notes by cancelling the validity of currency notes high denominations within a target period and through this measure he was very much successful in drawing out all hidden money in tthe country. The people who were hoarding money queued up in front of Banks for several days with suitcases of money to get it exchanged for new currency notes. This ignorant and chicken brained lingerie designer may be unaware and cannot understand the deep rooted values of these economic strategies which even surprised many well-known reputed economists. And it was such a progressive minded government that father together with Silva toppled by backstabbing Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike in 1964).

He says that the global policy formulator on money laundering that Financial Task Force FATF had Sri Lanka on its Gray List” following efforts made by the Ministry of Finance Sri Lanka was removed from that list in October 2019.  (He acknowledges by this statement that Sri Lanka was designated as a country facilitating money laundering until October 2019, including the period he was the Finance Minister of this country. He says that since that there are international restrictions on money laundering that foreign banks may not accept money transfers to Sri Lanka). 

This political orphan further states that this government has no proper plan for economic development of this country and that is why they are looking forward for an economic policy like this and claims that this government obtained the votes of the people of this country by misleading them to vote for rescuing the country.

(Economically dwarfed this lingerie designer says that there are criteria to prove that the country is marching backward economically.  He says that under the guidance of Ranil Wickremasinghe the mega marketing agent for selling the country’s national and natural resources) that he made surplus budgets in the years 2017 and 2018 after about 45 years.This statement is a shameless acceptance that but budgets presented by him were babies of Ranil Wickremasinghe and not his own).

He further states that controlling the economy on a visionary basis, in order to stimulate private investments which was very essential for the country the Enterprise Sri Lanka” programme was launched (it has been commented by many qualified and eminent economists that this was a programme forced on Sri Lanka by the IMFin order to strangle the country’s economy under their watch) their government was able to make available more than Rs. 90,000 to the private sector at low interest rates.  In addition to this that their government carried out development work in all electorates at a cost of Rs. 300 Million  under the Gamperaliya programme. (The effect of this wild boasting was clearly indicated in both Presidential and Parliamentary election and he was forced to withdraw his own nomination, UNP was decimated to 2.5% country wide polling in the General Election, which even put an end to Ranil Wickremasinghe’s several decades of political life. ).

This quisling says that although his government decided in 2018 to provide annually for 10 berst Advanced Level passed students to study in popular international Universities, the people will understand the objective of this government which attempts to build a money laundering economy., (Why they waited until 2018 to take decisions.  Was it to fool the voters in the ensuing elections?  What happened to the free Tab computers for Advanced Level students and the Free Wi Fi services that were promised at the very beginning of their government?).

This quisling asserts that by introducing subjects like salary increases for the plantation workers the budget which decides about the direction of the economy has been diluted and it is sad to note the budget has created a wrong precedence by this measure.  (It is not surprising to find this measure hurting this lingerie designer because Ranil Sirisena destructive government in the first few weeks of its coming to power held a one to one meeting with the CWC leader late Mr Arumugam Thonda,man and promised to increase the daily wage of the plantation workers to Rs. 1,000 and for the last 4 ½ years this promise was not fulfilled despite plantation workers staging wage increase demand demonstrations almost daily in upcountry towns such as Hatton, Nuwara Eliya, Talawakele, Kotmale etc..The representatives of plantation workers participating in the Shakthi TVs weekly Minnal” programme profusely thanked the government for the wage increase from January and flayed yamapalana government for cheating them for the last 41/s years )

He says that this government has proved during the last 12 poya day period that that it doesnot have a strategic plan.  It has been said that the objective of the budget is to reduce poverty through extensive village development, and increase of employment opportunities and increase of avenues of working environment.  But the proposals and programmes that has been presented by the budget are unrealistic and it happens to be mere announcements.  (What happened to the programmes and measures announced by the Sirisena/Ranil government?  What happened to the 100 days fancy programme from which Sirisena dissociated during his last few months saying that it was an absurd programme?  What happened to the one million employments promised?  How many were given employment for the last 4 ½ years?> What happened to the much bloated Kuliyapitiya Valkswagen vehicle producing factory and the Horana Heavy duty tyre manufacturing factory? Why there was a peculiar hurry to get the MCCagreement signed?  It was said that western investors are in queue to come and invest in the country.  How many of these imaginery investors came and wha tinvestments they made?  Why MOUs signed with India to hand over Trinco Oil Tank Farm, Colombo Port Terminal, the proposed Sampur coal power plant and the proposed Kerawalapitiya LNG plant and to sign ECTA? What benefit the country achieved from the Sri Lanka Singapore Agreement?)..

Generally immediately after presenting a Budget people expect some immediate cocessions for their life standards.  But this budget has neither provided such concessions or hopes.  (Well, it was the practice of the previous four budgets presented by Bond Ravi and this quisling to increase VAT, prices of goods and hurl many promises that never took place.  Under hose budgets the concession givern to the people was to reduce the price of Beer and liquoraaaaa with a view to making this country a boozers’ paradise.)

Immediately after this government came to power the economy of the country was destroyed by giving tax concessions to its cohorts and thereby the country lost a revenue of about Rs. 700 Billion .(Immediately after the yamapalana government came to power the country’s historic ever robberies the Treasury Bond Scams were carried out on two consecutive years and the country lost trillions of U.S.Dollars.  Only those benefited by these robberies were Bond Ravi and the so-called shameless Foot Note Gang and some other government MPs.)

The Budget indicates that the estimated revenue in 2020will be Rs. 1588 Billionand the estimated revenue in 2021 will be Rs. 2029 Billion. However it has not been indicated how this increase will be achieved.Accordingly it is an increase by 27% in one year and it is grossly unrealistic .The only important thing in this budget is facilitating money laundering and the people are well aware who will get benefited by this measure.  (Experience speaks.  It was alleged that you functioned as the money launderer of the tiger terrorist diaspora using the ministerial impunity while travelling in and out of the country as Minister.  In addition to this your companion Bond Ravi a large amount of money sent to his bank account by the notorious insider dealer Rajaratnam and the court case related this money transfer was allegedlyhushed up protecting Bond Ravi).

The budget has allocated Rs. 1,000 Million for the construction of 4 Universities under the City University concepy.  It amounts to Rs. 250 Million for each University.  Presently even a building cannot be built with Rs. 250 Million, let alone a University.  (Again experience speaks.  This political orphan who came to Matara with a house of his own to reside, is reportedly have built two multi roomed luxury palatial mansion, one in Panadura facing the Bolgoda Lake and the other in Nakulugama facing the sea.  Hence he knows how much it costs to construct buildings.  The people should demand for him to disclose his source of funds for constructing these mansions).

Under the communications to the villages programme only Rs. 15 Million has been allocated.  (It is pathetic to find that this lingerie designer who once was the Minister of Communications attempts to hide the fact that the communication field in this country is under the purview of the private sector privatized by them and these communication companies have more than sufficient funds to carry out their activities without any government assistance  and that is why he too got a Credit Card for his use from Mobitel which people known to him says that he used the Card to watch LGBT blue Films)

Rs. 20,000 Million has been earmarked for the development of 50,000 kilometers of roads and it is strange to accordingly that Rs. 400,000 has been allocated for construction of ome kilometer.  That amount is not even sufficient to carpet one kilometers of roads, and as such figures have been haphazardly presented. And only such comic statements have been included..  (It is funny to find this lingerie designer attempting to find faults with the Prime Minister on road construction who is the Father of Road Constructions in Sri Lanka who introduced the concept of Expressways to Sri Lanka).

Despite the promise made to reintroduce the provisions made by the previos government to allay the anomalies of descrepancies in the payments to pensioners and special allowances for Executive officers, the budget has misled the majority of public servants who cast their postal votes to this government.  (Another bogus elerction promise made by the previous government.  Why they waited until their last budget to make this misleading bogus promise.  These culprits should understand that government servants are not damn fools to get beguiled by this type of bogus promises).

As a whole there is no concession for the public servants from this budget. Out of the public servants who amount to about 1.4 million, permission has been granted for non executive grade public servants to attend to a job after their office hours.  By this measure the government has given the following message : We do not have anything to give for you.  It is also not possible to give. If possible go out to do a job and thereby acquire some economic gain for the family economy.  (The destruction created in the country for the last 4 ½ years severely affected the income level of the public servants while the government Ministers and MPs got super luxury fuel guzzling super luxury vehicles for them and their spouses, enhanced allowances for telephones, for maintaining offices in Colombo and their hometowns, for functioning as observer MPs in various Ministries, opportunities to provide sophisticated jobs for their spouses and children in various Ministries, Corporations and Statutory Boards and the public servants had no way of earning an additional income.  The new measure would facilitate many public servants by getting employed in this manner.  If doctors are allowed to engage in channel practice what is wrong if a public servant got engaged in an additional job legitimately?)

Proposals have been made to introduce GST Tax to to get the lost revenue from removing the VAT ceilings.  Although it has been proposed it only to four segments initially, it is possible to extend it to cover all segments.  The excessive taxes proposed to levy from telecommunication, gambling and excise activities indicate the fiscal deterioration being faced by the government. (When VATwas introduced by Bond Ravi Sirisena acted as he was furious about it and threatened to dismiss everyone who were responsible to introduce the new system.  This threat was also ended up as the series of bogus threats he used to make from time to time such as taking stern action against the person who threw a Brassier to the stage of a musical show, that he has a sharp sword and hewould chop the heads of all miscreants, that he ha a Madu Waligaa to whip all miscreants etc.  As regards increase of the increase of Excise tax thi lingerie designer is very much concerned because it was his plan to make this country a boozers’ paradise by reducing Beer and liquor prices).

This budget which gas been presented with magic figures states that there will be a 5.5% economic development next year.  The economic developmentin the 1st quarter of 2020 was -1.6% and the government has failed to announce the economic development rate for the 2nd quarter yet. Meanwhile the World and the IMF have predicted thatour economy will register minus 5 – 6%. Next year. (Absurd predictions!  When the WB and IMF have correctly predicted economic developments of developing countries? Only fellows like this lingerie designer will believe them.  This country had only minus economic development only during the oafish Chandrika’s period in which++h this lingerie designer played a major role).

The government has acknowledged that foreign trade has dwindled by about 27%. Despite that the budget predicts 30 – 40% increase in foreign trade next year in an attempt to fool the people.  (All economic problems of the previous government resulted die to excessive imports.  The new government has completely changed the import/export pattern with maximum import restrictions and to seek emnhanced export opportunities with diversified export products.  The present economic crisis situation isnot something that is unique to Sri Lanka but it is a global trend)

The total loan obtainable for the year 2021  is indicated as Rs. 2,997 Billion.Combined with the year 2020, the total loans for the two years amount to Rs. 5.828 Billion. It is a quandary as to why such a large amount f loans have been taken at a time when there is no development activities taking place? (It is the policy of the new government to get as much as foreign direct investments (FDIs) as possible.  The President has clearly stated this matter to the new Chinese Ambassador when he presented his credentials to the President.  On the other hand the yamapalana government did not carry out any development work from the funds they obtained as foreign loans and they were only used for importing luxury items such as vehicles)..

It must be stated no country in the world which upholds law and order and the values of democracy resort to mechanisms money laundering. And due to the myopic policies of this government the people will have to face many obstacles in the future. (An alleged money launderer of terrorist funds shamelessly laments about money laundering!)

The objective of this government as well as the budget to create capitalist economy that would benefit only a few cronies instead of the international community. Also to create an economy that has no local competition but a robbers’ economy.  (Response to this para is given from comments made by the National Chamber of Commerce, the Ceylon Chambert of Commerce, boi, Bankers, Economists, and the erudite general public detailed in Part II of this article.)

To be continued………….

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