Posted on December 3rd, 2020


The Head of Catholics in Sri Lanka has issued a stern warning to the Sri Lankan Government that the government will be handed over to an alternative group if the current regime fail to punish the culprits of the Easter attack.   This is a serious threat to overthrow the current government by the power-hungry wealthy Catholic Action dominated by Tamil Terrorists. Westerners  against the Sinhala Buddhist Nation.

Easter attack took place during Yahapalana Regime.  The Holy Father did not bring pressure on  Ranil Wickremasinghe headed anti-Sinhala Buddhist government.  From April 2019 till early November 2019, this puppet Holy Father could have effectively pioneered a campaign to overthrow the Ranil Wickremasinghe government.   He did not do it.  His followers did not do it. .      In spite of Easter attack, Catholic / Christian dominated most areas were safely voted for the UNP candidate during Presidential election.

Now, he has become too big for his shoes, as if he was primarily responsible for the formation of the current regime. The Cardinal’s threat to overthrow the government must be taken seriously.  We are fully aware of the power of Catholic Action during the period of Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike, where imperialists joined hands with the senior Police officers to throw her government.  

We urge the IGP to instruct the CID  to summon Almighty Cardinal to question and fully investigate his statements, plans, financiers,  leading up to  and including instituting legal action for an attempted coup to throw the government.

Quote: You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog.” Ashin Wirathu (Burmese Buddhist Monk)


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    It is clear to anybody by now that the Easter Sunday inquiry is only one sided. It is weighted heavily towards finding out who was at fault for not stopping the Easter Sunday attacks. The larger objective should be to find out the Islamic Plot with no stone unturned. In the absence of such an attempt the Citizen Perera is now suspicious that even the present administration is not directing their energies to apprehend, prosecute and incarcerate the Jihardists found guilty. They are justifiably suspicious and as the Cardinal is mentioning, whether they are cutting deals with Wahabbi Jihadists and their handlers in the Oil Rich Middle East.

    Although the government is allowing the Criminal Justice System is do their work for the victims, Justice delayed is Justice denied!

    Clearly this happened when the Christian/ Catholic UNP was in power. We did not see the same sort of pressure now the Catholic Church is exerting on the Gotabhaya Administration directed towards Christian Ranil, Born Again Sajith, Pastor Eran Wickramaraten, Ravi Karunanayake. Same sort of venom was not there when Christian Ranil and his cohorts appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee and made a mockery of the Easter Sunday massacre investigation.

    For his part the Cardinal should direct own investigations towards the source of the crime through his world wide network of Chruches.

    The Jihardist have mentioned clearly that the attack on the Catholics in Sri Lanka is a direct result of Western Christian Countries virtually eliminating the ISIS / ISIL and also because of the attack on two mosques in New Zealand by a White Extremist resulting in the death of over 50 Muslims. For a start the Cardinal can contact the Catholic Church in New Zealand and through them the New Zealand government to find out the Islamic Connection. Christian West have made the Islamic Middle East a holy mess and now they are reaping the harvest as per eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth principle of the Abrahmic Religions!

    Also the Cardinal should not try to tell us that the Gotabhaya Administratio came to power through Catholic / Christian blessing. Easter Sunday attack or not their majority voted for the Christian UNP that has now metamaphorsed into Samagi Jana Balawegaya.

    Although Zaharan and his group of Wahabbi Islamists prepared for an attack on the Buddhists ( with over 12,000 newly imported swords, bombs found in houses and mosques spread all over Sri Lanka) they diverted their attack on the Catholics / Christians at the last moment on instructions from abroad. It is obvious that Zaharan and his group of Wahabbi Jihadists were ready for a kill and they turned their wrath on innocent Christian / Catholics.

    The Jihadists plan for Sri Lanka is to make Sri Lanka an Islamic Country. To achieve this objective they are operating on many fronts:

    1) Muslim land grabbing
    2) Uninhibited Muslim Population increase
    3) Taking over the economy
    4) Genocide of Sinhala Buddhists – killing babies in their wombs, conversion to Islam through marriage, poisoning
    5) Violent overthrow and takeover of government

    It is upto the present administration to rein in militant Islam. Just to say Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country is not enough!

  2. aloy Says:

    Thanks Ratnapala for giving a terse reply to MDPD; this is the true situation.

    Nobody gave two hoots about Viyathmaga until we in the forums like LW came forward glorifying the name Gotabhaya even with famous songs about A’pura that united all Sinhalas to back him. Some writers publish insults asking us “thamath kadeyanawada?” type of things after he won with a landslide only with Sinhala votes.

    So, now I ask the writer not to try to divide the Sinhalas as Buddhist and Christians and fall into the trap of the Wahabis who once did their best to defeat Gota by not voting for him as a block.

    His Eminence may have a different agenda; ohuta angillen annath penne ne.

    Look at the happenings in the parliament. Who are the most vocal people and why are they trying to make confusion?.
    They will come out waxing so eloquently in Sinhala; some times to the extent of quoting from sacred text, the thripitaka.
    They can be in SJB or with the Pohottuwa side, but if you believe them then you are digging your own grave as they can go with the wind and change sides anytime.

    The Chinese general military strategist, Sun Tzu, famously said ” If you know your self and the enemy you can face hundreds of battles”.

    One Sinhala Kandiyan king knew just that and taught an unforgettable lesson to a world power, the Portuguese at that time. That was in 1602. But two years later he had died ‘peacefully’. Perhaps he did not know the enemy within. And until today we seem to have lost our country to foreigners.

    So, I tell MDP again not to try and divide Sinhalas for if you do, it will be to the advantage of our enemies.

  3. aloy Says:

    My humble advice to Sinhalas is to stay alive without eating all sorts of poisonous thing from supermarkets. The nice looking polythene packed things with (hidden marks like the sun, moon and stars) a telephone number and a fancy name may not be the safest thing to buy.

  4. ranjit Says:

    MDP you are correct. I was listening to his threatening comments towards the govt last night thru Hiru news & was very angry with him for talking like a union leader. We don’t see any wrong with the govt yet because this is the beginning of a new era under this president First budget hasn’t passed yet in the parliament so what’s the big ha ho against the president & his govt? Let’s give them time. It’s not easy to show miracles after yahapalanaya have messed up things nearly five years with their corrupt practices. Cardinal’s language is not suitable for a holy person. He shouldn’t collaborate with buddhist monks like Ven Muruthettugama Alle Gunawansa likes & threatened a duly elected govt just for the sake of dislike. We know about these catholic priests & how they behaved in the past. They never opened their mouths during yahapalanaya & now started to raise their voices to please foreign govts & groups more than the innocent victims on April massacres. UNP politicians have become his friends overnight & have become the mouth piece of theirs. He should be careful when giving interviews to the press because we the people in this country still believes that this is the best govt for Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 for the future. People didn’t vote this govt to power because of cardinal, muruthettugama or Alle Gunawansa. We all voted because of Mahinda rajapaksa a leader with a vision & a leader who ended the LTTE war of 30 years. We have a lots of faith on Gota Mahinda twosome & hope they will take our country to the 21century before long. 🇱🇰🌷✌️👍


    Thanks for all comments.
    What has not been said by Cardinal and some Buddhist Monks, is a clear display of displeasure for appointing Ali Sabry as Min of Justice. These critics somehow think the government is now providing a safe heaven for Muslim Political Leaders. That is why Hizbulla’s name and Shyria Law etc were highlighted by the Cardinal. If Malcolm Ranjith thinks Shariya Law and its teachings were responsible for the Easter attack, the Holy Cardinal (if he has a spine) must go before the Presidential Commission and produce evidence, instead of chatting in public with Kavinda Jayawardene of SJB.
    Such evidence will be very useful for the Commission as well as public to know.

  6. aloy Says:

    Divide and rule was a clever way of managing a country; the colonials did it, but not more in this digital age. To those living in Melbourne or Paris what is happening here in SL may not matter much. But to those in SL there is the added danger of Covid threat spreading fast due to negligence of the GOSL by not controlling airports. It seems to have entered the country via businesses controlled by those hobnobbing with the wahabis.
    And now they are even trying to bring in a Trojan Horse in the form Indian investment to our Colombo main port. Who knows whether the foreign workers would be fully trained mercenaries or even terrorists?. MR was even trying to handover Kathankudi to wahabis sometime ago. We do not need wahabi money to have a comfort zone for GOSL. Our people will not starve to death without their dollars with so much land and other resources around us.

    The Prez says no borrowing will be done in the future. But in the same breath he says we will find money to pay all the loans amounting to about $ 5 billion a year for the next five years on time. How is this possible if the assets are not sold?. After that are our future generations supposed to jump to the sea?.

    It was Cardinal who led our country to safety by controlling his flock after the April 21st attack. Now he too is losing control as the eastern churches are being attacked and his people chased away. It was he and the Buddhist monks who helped this government to come to power and prevented SJB from gaining control. That was the complaint of a former minister.

    Those living in the west should have a good view of the big picture. There is little doubt that it was US+ Arabs and India that planned the April 21st attack with full blessing of big wigs here. But it did one good thing: it somewhat awakened the sleeping Sinhalas. If not, in another 20 years or so they would have been completely wiped out slowly.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Thank you for your comment above, make sense but colonials had a divide and rule policy is old hat by radicals who studied at Oxford brought that myth to the third world. I have several business in 3 countries and I like harmony among the workers, but not get together working against my investments.
    British colonials were uniting states, factions in India especially. It was one India when they left and that went for Ceylon too. They made a fake myth over Sripada to unite the majority Sinhalese Buddhists with the Christians and Muslims, the reason they named it Adams peak. Abrahamic religion of Adam unite the Christians and Muslims and put a big foot print saying that it was of Lord Buddha.
    I must say that my burgher friends and I made good money going up there to get small bottles blessed oil that was sold my the young priest in Kandy.He slowly boiled the Mukunuanna plant in oil that gave the oil the green colour and a fine scent and we were happy with the money.We went up the hill twice a month and had a fine string hopper feed at a little food eatery at the half way down the hill the while enjoying the beautiful cloud covered small hills below.Those were the days and now my Australian brgher friends want to come to retire in the island and one of them has a cousin who own three night clubs in Colombo. They are very happy with the innocent good times they had in the island
    With respect to the terrorists that brought murder and terror into the country should be severely punished without an EXCEPTION. Clergy of all denominations should insist from the people in power, who ever they are.Must go as the stock market is about to close for the week.

  8. ranjit Says:

    UNPers were trying to hide behind the cardinal’s cloak & trying to blame the govt for not arresting the perpetrators of Easter Sunday massacres. They should remember that Gota’s govt will never do what yahapalanaya did during their time by giving verdicts from the Temple trees. This govt is more discipline than the previous when it comes to judiciary matters. When the commission’s finding was over they will hand over the report to the president to proceed further more. We all want to see the end of this as soon as possible.
    There’s no law advising the govt to inform judiciary matters to the cardinal or anybody but as a responsible govt & respectful to the cardinal they will do the right thing at the right moment so let’s wait & see until this is solved & bring some relief to the innocent victims of April 21 massacres 🇱🇰

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