Posted on December 24th, 2020


According to the recent details Kenya is among one of the most effected countries with reference to the Covid-19. A severe hunger crisis is spreading rapidly in Kenya; say reports. Kenya is a country in East Africa and is known as a home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. After the first attack of the Covid-19, the government of Kenya imposed strict lock-down and rigorously enforced the people to observe social-distancing and other precautionary measures but in spite of all precautions and safety measures, the country couldn’t succeed in saving its people from the disastrous effects of the Covid-19. Moreover the corruption of the government machinery involved in fight against Covid-19 made the pandemic more painful for the people. Analysts say that because of this corruption, the measures taken by the Kenyan government could do nothing but aggravated the living conditions of millions of people resulting in social unrest and police violence. Today the situation there is so horrible that criminal gangs within the megacities Mombasa and Nairobi have become a serious threat to the writ of the government. In form of increasing hunger, leading to the ever-worst law and order situation; the worst impact of the second wave of Covid-19 is engulfing the world. In other words Covid-19 has done there the same thing what India has been trying to do within Pakistan and in her neighboring countries by patronizing the criminal gangsters and by targeting the economic fiber through them.

In the countries where the governments succeed in maintaining a strong grip on the state of affairs particularly of law and order and economy, all systems go perfect. In societies where governments fail in maintaining their writ, things never move smooth. There are so many factors which loosen the grip of a government on affairs linked with law & order and economy. A loose grip on these affairs leads to political and social anarchy but the most important among all those is economic instability. This economic instability gives birth to a war between the haves and the have-nots which ends up everything in disaster. A universal truth is that a hungry man has no importance for social or moral values. All he knows is his hunger which is a threat to his own life as well as to the lives of his dear ones. The recent ongoing turmoil of pandemic has also played a very important role in adding to the miseries of already troubled people all around the world. The worst impact of this pandemic is that from US to Afghanistan, the situation of law & order in different countries is getting horrible day by day. Unfortunately there are a few countries which are taking benefit of this horrible pandemic and exploiting the situation in their own benefit.

Since the beginning days of the Covid-19 till now, a shocking rise could be noticed in the incidents of Indian interference into Pakistan. The Modi government is continuously in a struggle to engage Pakistan in a baseless-warlike situation. Recently on Friday 18th December the Indian troops ‘specifically targeted’ a United Nations vehicle carrying two officers of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) from across the Line of Control. The incident occurred at around 10:45am when Indian border forces resorted to unprovoked firing in Chirikot sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir along the LoC. The officers were on their way to Polas village to meet with the victims of Indian ceasefire violations when they came under fire. Such kind of brutal incidents would certainly be shocking for the world but for the people living along the Line of Control on Pakistan-side this all is a routine-matter. Every year hundreds of the innocent citizens are injured and many martyred as a result of this unprovoked violence of the Indian army deputed there.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, a few days back, drew the attention of the international community towards the heinous role played by India in damaging the peace of South-Asian region. In a press-briefing, he unveiled a dossier containing irrefutable evidence of India’s sponsorship of terrorism in the country and called on the international community to take notice and make efforts for peace and stability in South Asia. The dossier also highlighted how prior to every scheduled meeting of FATF India has always been extensively lobbying with the countries hostile to Pakistan. The only purpose of this lobbying has ever been to undermine Pakistan’s achievements in the War against Terror and create conditions for inclusion of Pakistan’s name in the grey list. Moreover India has always been providing her own territory to different terrorist networks for creating troubles for Pakistan. The dossier named various Indian supported groups which are patronized by India to impede Pakistan’s journey towards peace, prosperity and economic recovery after facing a big loss in the War on Terror. The dossier presented by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister contains irrefutable evidences of India’s financing, training, harboring and promoting Pakistan-centric terrorist entities for perpetuating terrorism and instigating instability in Pakistan. Certainly peace-distorting activities of India would never come to an end unless the world around condemns these activities; not only by giving mere statements but by taking practical measures.

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