Posted on January 3rd, 2021


The appointment of Mr Milinda Moragoda as High Commissioner for India met with strong reactions from certain sections of buddhist monks and majority Sinhalese.  Naturally, a person who has been looking for fortunes and power by switching his loyalty from UNP to SLFP  and then to Pohottuwa ought to face the reality.

His current role is a Super role, not only  just a High Commissioner, but he carried with him the status of a Cabinet Minister. At a time when several sensitive issues are under review between India and Sri Lanka and the inability to the President or the Prime Minister to travel to and from India due to Covid, the step taken by the government appear to be logical.

Mr Moragoda has been on the job for quite sometime, though we have not heard of any progress made by him towards addressing matters underlying the 13 Amendment.

Even prior to the 19 Amendment, 13A was a hotly debated  issue.  Ideally, 13A should have been scrapped with the 19A. 

19A concentrated local issues such as  presidential powers, powers of prime minister, speaker, commissions etc.   20 Amendment did nothing to address dangers to the country from neighbouring India and its ongoing attempts to screw Sri Lanka, despite massive anger against the 13 Amendment  by Sri Lankans, including protests of respected Buddhist Monks.

By and large, the introduction of the New Constitution is a LONG SHOT.  The government will be compelled to deviate from the main economic agenda for at least another 2 years, facing strong protests from the opposition, Tamil and Muslim community, United Nations, Human Rights Commission against the new draft constitution.  This is destined to happen regardless of the good intentions of the government  to enact a constitution for the future of Sri Lanka, safeguarding its national interests.

The Government must give first priority to bread and butter issues. The cost of living is unbearable.  The prices of most frequently needed items, such as Rice,Milk, Coconut, Meat, Vegetables, transport, rent, utilities are extremely high.  The government has so far laid down realistic plans to improve agriculture, buy back farmers products, installed several refrigerated Silos,  established marketing network to eliminate brokers etc.   These benefits will filter into the economy and directly benefit the consumers, thus gradually bringing down the cost of living and improving standard of living.  The Government has applied breaks on the importation of vehicles and non-essential items.  These targeted measures are already showing signs of slight improvement of forex reserves and eventually will be able to meet debt-servicing requirements, without default, thus gradual improvement of international credit rating for Sri Lanka over the next 3 years. 

The government cannot afford to tarnish all these hard work, because of A SHEET OF PAPER CALLED ‘NEW CONSTITUION’.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to scrap 13A, with minimum disruption to the implementation of economic plans.  Once 13A is removed, the enormous costs of maintaining the Provincial Council White Elephant  will be saved from 2021 budgeted expenditure and forward estimates.

The scrapping of 13A will receive overall approval of majority Sri Lankans instantly.


  1. Priyan Wijeyeratne Says:

    We all as sensible citizens would support the scrapping of 13 A. But I think, it will be a miracle to see it is put into practice by our current or future politicians.

  2. aloy Says:

    Illun kandai gadanne by asking the present government or a muslim to make a constitution for this Sinhalese/ Buddhist country. Why are the mahanayakes silent?.

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