Did this country get any Independence from Britain in 1948? Some new thoughts on Independent Sri Lanka?
Posted on February 1st, 2021

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 

One Response to “Did this country get any Independence from Britain in 1948? Some new thoughts on Independent Sri Lanka?”

  1. Nimal Says:

    We lost our independence on the 4th of Feb. just look at Kandy where there is a divide and rule policy where some are exploiting the relics of the great teacher where they have made it in to be a sacred place where the ordinary citizen can’t use the road by the malgawa,but the usual RASCALS could use it.There’s an absurd amount of security draining our resourses in the temples. Colonials gave us the Perahara in 1828 after doing the roads we are now familiar with,yet our rascals opposed the humble people anticipating in that great annual event.Colonials had to bring about 1500 Malay troops to protect the humble people.
    Even now one could see the utter stupidity of our authorities where my British police friends who came to watch the Perahara was shocked by the stupidity of the cops where they block the roads to the town for pedestrians with security measures but the usual rascals and even buses and vehicles could go by without any obstructions. If any one wants to harm us could come before the roadblocks that happen in the afternoon. It is so absurd and stupid which is part of the balu culture.Our one time leaders after seeing the orderly live styles of the colonials wanted the same for them selves and invited them with the convention in 1815,but later they wanted the tyrannical king replaced to be replaced by the same tyrannical leaders who rebelled in 1818 and 1848 because the colonials would not allow one tyrant to be replaced by another lot. We are glad that they never succeeded, resulting in we having the public toilets,schools,hospitals,police stations, courthouses, botanical gardens, tea and rubber estates and even cemeteries to bury our dead in line with the civilized values we are now familiar with,not forgetting rock ‘n’roll and bila(protugées).Besides all this good things they inculcated on us civilized values,they even made us true Buddhists if one knows what it meant to be a good Buddhist.

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