The Truth Behind The Dare? More Aptly Named
Posted on February 24th, 2021

Chula Rajapakse MNZM, Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Assn,Wellington NZ

The SL government is to be congratulated on their latest video above, exposing another, less well-known yet no less Horrific dimension to Tamil Tiger Carnage. This has been widely circulated among the expatriate SL communities.

However where this should be circulated most for maximum effect would be, among every state and federal parliamentarian, senator and News outlet in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Aus & NZ  under a more effective title as suggested above.

This is the audience that this should target most.

Just after the end of the war in May 2009 the Uk channel four put out a video called Sri Lanka -Killing Fields without a factual basis at all.

The SL govt produced a very good counter Lies-Agreed Upon” and circulated it among the SL expatriates but not among the Western politicians and media who had been fed the SL killing fields using many media channels.

I somehow managed to screen the movie in the NZ parliamentary theatre ( where they issue the mid-day Covid briefings from) and Managed to get a few MP’s to attend and circulated CD of it to most in NZ parliament and news outlets so that there was some counter to the SL killing fields garbage.

The UNHRC condemnations going on now is the result of not conveying these truths repeatedly and relentlessly while misinformation inimical to SL is being disseminated to these recipients relentlessly by a most efficient Tiger Diaspora led by GTF (uk) TGTE (US) and CTC ( Canada )

As I have asked before there should be a branch of the foreign service dedicated entirely to disseminating factual information about Sri Lanka pro actively co-opting the goodwill, dedication, and know-how of expatriate groups in achieving this relentlessly and repeatedly. Repeated delivery of the truth briefly, well headlined, with photographs so that the message is delivered in a 30-second glance and reinforced relentlessly, is the way to go.

The target should be that the default impression in Western minds Re SL should be HR violations did not and do not occur inSL, The allegations flying around are Tiger Diaspora constructs to among others to enable them to continue enjoying the comforts and protection of the west as refugees fleeing HR violations in SL and that Minorities in SL have all the rights and privileges of the majority and very often more.”

Unless this happens the truths about Sri Lanka would remain cloistered within the confines of a few officials, politicians, and expatriate organizations, reinforcing these to each other but not to the western politicians and media who are the ones who should receive these most. In the meanwhile, these groups will continue to be fed garbage inimical to Sri Lanka by the GTF, TGTE and CDC. With these going unchallenged, this would be the truth about Sri Lanka In the Western minds,  as happens now.


Chula Rajapakse MNZM
United Sri Lanka Assn
Wellington NZ

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  1. aloy Says:

    Lies, lies and lies. Who is promoting this type of lies to distort world history:


    I have lots of friends from this community. But, this appears to be the work of the west to favour their empire builders, to put them at the top of the world (or Murunga aththe).

    According to them the oldest language of the world is Tamil!.

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