Re: India calls upon Sri Lanka to fully implement 13 A to address aspirations of Tamil community/ India signals to Sri Lanka that support in UNHRC should not be taken for granted
Posted on March 2nd, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1  . Canada

1 March 2021

Mr. Indra Mani Panday
India’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva
9 Rue du Valais
Geneva 1202

Dear Mr. Panday:

Re: India  calls upon Sri Lanka to fully implement 13 A to address aspirations of Tamil community/ India signals to Sri Lanka that support in UNHRC should not be taken for granted

This was announced by you on behalf of your employer the Government of India at the UNHRC in Geneva.  I hope for your sake, that your good neighbour in the south heard you speak with an authoritative bullying intimidating voice.  Almost, telling Sri Lanka, if you don’t we will send
screaming low-flying Mirage 2000 fighter jets and  five AN-32s armed with 2 Matra Magic  AAMS and three drop tanks over Sri Lanka violating your air space and scaring the jeepers out of you.  And park not one but two of our warships this time around in the international waters opposite the Colombo harbour as we did on June 4, 1987. Right, Mr. Panday! How could one forget

Sri Lanka’s friendly ‘Bully-boy” neighbour’s Armed Forces choir singing – We love you…we love you…we love you… only if you do what we say…”  an adaptation  of a Beatle’s Song.

And there was something ugly and perverse about that unsolicited parachute drop of 22 tons of food  on the Jaffna peninsula to feed 850 thousand Tamils was strange.  I could see Rajiv Gandhi enjoying the sight of thousands of Tamils fighting each other clawing to pick 5 grains of lentils to boil in water and drink as a lentil soup to fill their hunger.  Ugly, perverse and strange wasn’t it!

I want to prefix my observations and comments by placing on your table – the thread that will string all my comments of Truth and Honesty with – Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the liar of them all.

‘You, coming from the land of Wisdom, I want to remind you that which is FALSE troubles the heart, but the TRUTH brings joyous tranquility’  

In this Note I will speak the truth, and it is for you to understand that I  fear ‘Bullies’ who want to hurt 20.5 million of my people of which I am one.  And I just don’t like it and I resent it.

You, coming from the mighty ‘Big Brother’ land that produced Dharma Asoka, whose edicts are still extant, urging all men to refrain from killing, violence and double-tongued speech, the India which proclaimed Panchaseela as a way of civilized conduct between nations.  This is the same India whose Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists a self defence capability in the late 1983 and1984, training them in 32 military camps in South India and at the foothills of the Himalayas to fight for their mono-ethnic racist, separate Tamil state, Eelam. This happens to be yours and my recent Indo-Lankan history which still has repercussions , like in today’s UNHRC debates in Geneva.  Whichever way you want to slice your cake of We are good  Brotherly neighbours”, what jumps out are the words – That’s baloney Big Brother you are a Bully and you are Guilty.”  Well, you may wish to ask Mirror.., mirror on the wall, who is the liar of them all.”  See what the Mirror-Of-Truth has to say!

I understand you joined India’s Foreign Affairs in 1990. But let me instil in your mind that I am not a Johnny come lately” on this file, as I was involved in the file seven years prior to you becoming an Indian Diplomat.  But, I together with Asoka Yapa, a young, bright, gutsy Sinhalese-Canadian, with a straight spine strong as a steel rod that would not bend to the strong winds blowing across the Indian Ocean from Tamil Nadu.  We were the first Sinhalese- Canadians who went on ITV’s 6 o’clock evening news in Ottawa, on 4th August,  telling our side of the 1983 Black July riots story, after listening to the Canadian separatist-Tamils spitting, at theirs and our Mother Lanka,  kicking her silly after dropping her on to the floor.    

 We were invited to go in front of the TV cameras eight days after Sri Lanka was beaten up to pulp in Canada by the separatist Tamils. What was disappointing was that her Good friendly neighbour”, your India ignored that beating. There were seven other Sinhalese-Canadians who had refused to speak on the issue, for whatever the reasons were.   When we were asked whether we would speak , as they had heard the Tamil stories for eight consecutive  days non-stop through every print and AV media outlet, and not the Sinhlese side of it,  Bring on the  TV cameras”, we said.  Are you sure, you want to speak on camera.”  O sure,  bring them on,” and the two Asoka’s spoke.

We told the Ottawans and all of Canada, that enough was enough and not to believe the Tamil separatist propaganda lies of their innocent sob stories, as these riots didn’t happen as a flash-mob-riot , but the Tamils were supported by Tamil Nadu politicians, the Ramachandrans, the Karunanidhis, the Jayalalithas and backed by Indira Gandhi, to try and destabilize Sri Lanka through, guns,  Kalashnikov-bullets, hand grenades and   landmines, and worked towards wanting their mono-ethnic, racist, separatist, Tamil  State, Eelam for donkey’s years.  Going back to the 1940s.

The separatist Tamil terrorists ethnic-cleansed the North and East of the island since the 1970s.

  1.  These Tamils terrorized and kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese between

  1971-1981 who had lived in the North for generations;

     2.    These Tamils ethnically cleansed the Jaffna University Campus by terrorizing and kicking out 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates in August 1977.   When they were brought South escorted by the Army and Police in a convoy of buses, they had to lie prostate on the floor of the buses as they were attacked by flying missiles of rocks and stones.  And so you Big Brother India wants to look  after the Aspirations of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  What! 

Mr Panday, what about the two Asoka’s? We are both Sinhalese.   One a Christian and the other a Buddhist.   We too have aspirations you know’  Isn’t the ‘Bully’ Big Brother India going to look after our   Sinhalese spirations too?  

  Let me whisper into your right ear, what I, this Sinhlese’ aspiration is Mr. Panday.  I want to own a small boutique in the heart of Jaffna to  open a Asoka Kopi Kade, to sell cups of coffee and tea, perhaps with some finger-licking good foods. 

Mr. Panday, you might wonder why I want to open a Coffee & Tea boutique in Jaffna and not in Colombo where I come from…It is an excellent probing question and I am glad you asked me. 

Your Big Brother India is concerned about the Aspiration of the Tamil  Community.   That is silly Mr Panday nor should Prime Minister Modi worry about these Tamils.   They excel in entrepreneurship and business acumen.  If you visit  Colombo, you will find that almost all the Jaffna-Lingams have invaded Colombo’s business district, and minting money emptying the pockets of their patrons who happen to be the majority Sinhalese.  So I wanted to get away from that high strung Tamil competition.    For me, that would have been hard  and a tough exercise.  So my choice was Jaffna Town to start a modest Tea and Coffee boutique.  Mr. Panday, will my mighty ‘Good neighbour’ help this Sinhalese to achieve his aspiration, a dream, as he would for the Tamils.   We happen to speak English in two different accents, we must be the same skin colour,  if I cut my  hand, the red colour of my blood will look the same as that of a Tamil, and I smell good.  So what’s wrong with me?

And all that I hear is Tamil aspiration from you Indians  Let’s be nice to me and stop being so ethnic-discriminatory. 

And I told you that all the Jaffna -lingams have come to Colombo.  

So you might see their -lingam signs sticking out from their shop facades onto the streets and roads like Jothilingam  Gold Jewellers; Panchalingam Sari Emporium; Soththilingam Best Dosa Hut; Mahalingam JaffnaSpices; Lingam-Lingam Advocates; Dharmalingam, Thea and Kopii Kade. So India,  you don’t have to worry about the Tamil aspirations.  They are doing extremely well and a good percentage are millionaires.  So what’re all these veiled threats at UNHRC-cesspool saying, India calls upon Sri Lanka to fully implement 13A to address aspirations of the Tamil community.

 Let me continue with the Northern Tamils effort to sanitize that part  of the island, to make it a 100% Tamil region to tell the world that,  See 100% of the people who live in the North and East are Tamil  people, and our dialect is Tamil,  and we have lived here for  generations, by  Right this One-third of the island belong to us  Tamils,  in this State of Eelam.”   

Right !  India is gung-ho to give them their Eelam.

      3 In October 1990, the Tamil separatists kicked out 81,000 Muslims from the East and North of the island who lived there for centuries and ordering them to leave all their gold and other valuable items at their nearest mosque. 

And you know what, they gave them 24 hours to get out making Idi Amin of Uganda look like an angel, as he gave the Ugandan Indians three months to leave.

And so you Big Brother India wants to look after the Aspirations of the Tamils and not us Sinhalese.  That is a nasty body-blow on us Sinhalese.  Ooooooo and that hurts Mr. Panday when every incoming Sri Lankan Government drums into my skull that India is one helluva friendly neighbour of ours.”  That is poppy-cock, isn’t it?   From now on, my response to the incoming  Government will be,  What, are you nuts.  Are you having a hole in your head?” I am  not sure that India is an honest friend of ours.

             Mr. Panday, let us get this right.  These Tamils who some of the   members of the UNHRC, the cesspool of political bias”, are supporting were for 131 years of Colonial rule  the Privileged Minority”  of 10% of the population, and the 75% of the majority Sinhalese population was the Wrong majority.”  And that is the Holy Truth.  You may verify this fact by asking the Mirror, mirror on  the wall who is the liar of them all.

              Mr. Panday, and you issued a statement on OHCHR report on Sri Lanka, saying that India believed that respecting the rights of the Tamil community, including through meaningful devolution, contributes directly to the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka.

              Respecting the rights of the Tamil people…” Ha! You lost it right there for me Mr Panday.   See who is talking!  You who are representing mighty India,  who couldn’t care two paise… who couldn’t care a damn….who didn’t have the strength, decency and honesty in your heart to acknowledge the amazing Classic War TextBook Act of restoring the paramount Human Right, the right-to-life to 20.5 million Sri Lankans which was hijacked by the most ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists in the world for 30 bloody years, by their heroes in khaki, blue serge and whites  This was not Cricket, it is not Kosher, it is not a Haro Hara moment either.

I am disappointed.   Ha! and you Talk for your Government of India  asking Sri Lanka to respect the rights of the Tamil Community”. 

With the above immoral anti-Sri Lanka backgrounder, India, you have no moral right to demand those rights for the Tamil community, who had violated the rights and freedoms of the Sinhalese and Muslim communities with impunity, barring their right of freedom to continue living where they had for thousands of years and for generations.

                 Do you know what Mr. Panday?  These Tamils that your India is batting for can live anywhere in Sri Lanka and own land in any nook and corner of the island, but this Sinhalese-Buddhist will not have a Snowball Chance in Hell to own a one-square foot of land in the North and East east because of a Dutch Law.

                Let’s make it right as a Diplomat, first acknowledge what the  Sri Lankan Armed Forces did for their 20.5 million people, and then you can demand respect for the Tamil community.

                THE REPORTER WAS CLEAR as the Sounds of the Ganesh Hindu Temple Bell when he said : India signals to Sri Lanka the support in UNHRC should not be taken for granted.

                 Mr. Panday, I think Sri Lanka would be foolish if they do with their experience having their Heluva good Friendly neighbour”  have let them down many times, to the point that they shouldn’t trust her.

                 That’s the bottom line and that is how the cookie crumbles.

                 Freedom is there for Sri Lanka’ to enjoy, and if she wants to be foolish, so be it.

                 But no doubt, Mr. Panday, India has certainly met with   embarrassment for her arrogant ‘Big Brother Bully Acts.’

                 Mr. Panday, here is something for you to chew on as an Indian Diplomat.  On a day in late July 1989, a Major in the Indian Army who had just returned from Sri Lanka said, The Sri Lankan Government doesn’t  want us, the majority of the Sri Lankan population is against us, even our countrymen do not  want us in Sri Lanka.  So what the hell are we doing there.”

                 And that summarized the issue for Rajiv Gandhi, who was engaged in a political battle in Nepal in the north; disputing Bangladeshi claims over Ganges waters in the east, involved in a costly weapons race with Pakistan in the west, and had tied his troops in a war with Tamil Tigers’ whom they housed, trained, armed and paid to destabilize Sri Lanka in the South.  Rajiv Gandhi whose ego was crushed by the Tamil Tigers was at a considerable cost and loss – just over 1000 of his soldiers dead and sent home in body  Bags. Another 2,500 were injured and maimed for life, at a cost of a staggering Rs. 5 billion rupees.  And crushed India’s ego was that the Indian Peace Keeping Force of the fourth largest army in the world was not able to score a swift victory as planned by India’s army that they had envisaged in July 1987, such as disarming the Tamil Tigers in 72-hours. These were the  Tamil Tiger terrorists whom  India trained in 32 camps in South India and  at the foothills of the Himalayas.

                Mr. Panday, we are told that the US, wants a Strong India to  Combat China.  And the pressure is on Sri Lanka to fall in line with  their thinking.  

                 The vote on Sri Lanka at the UNHRC-the cesspool of political  bias  will be next week we are told.

                 Remember, whatever the geo-politics is requesting you to do,  I hope mighty India, who is supposed to be a good neighbour of Sri  Lanka will not want to screw Sri Lanka onto an  International ‘Jokerscrucifix.  Remember  India will have to live with the consequences of the Sins of her’s. Mr. Panday, and that is called Karma. 

Surprise Sri Lanka with India’s vote, and I will believe that Mighty India is an honest good friend of Sri Lanka.

                 This Eelam IV War which is still alive in the UNHRC- the cesspool of political bias is because of unsubstantiated lies and damn lies, would never had happened if Indira Gandhi did not train the barefooted Tamil guerillas in 32 camps in India and trained them to shoot straight, and taught them how to trigger a suicide vest for a suicide bombing.  And after graduation sent them back in battle fatigues, and Jack-boots carrying Kalkashnikovs in their arms like babies and festoons of live bullets and not frangipani (Temple flowers) around their necks to destabilize Sri Lanka. And this was the only country that annihilated terrorists almost single handed,. And that was a biggy as it happened to be the most ruthless serial killers in the world of the history of terrorism. history – the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (aka Tamil Tigers).

                  The rest is history.

Haro hara !              


                  Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

One Response to “Re: India calls upon Sri Lanka to fully implement 13 A to address aspirations of Tamil community/ India signals to Sri Lanka that support in UNHRC should not be taken for granted”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ made Sri Lanka a colony of india. Then the
    traitor r@ sent half the tamil population abroad (developed countries only of course) to create ever Mother Lanka
    dismembering diasporats. Today, those diasprats from us, uk, canada, germany etc. etc pushing deshapaluwas in those
    countries to dismember Mother Lanka which they do wholeheartedly for diasporats votes. While living all over the country enjoying more benefits than the native Sinhalese these traitors want to break up Sri Lanka to go on holiday while keeping Colombo to themselves. Colonial menace brought these undesirables to our country and they should take responsibility for the mess we are in today. They want Colombo too, or they going to move it up north?

    After killing 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese, the traitor foreigners haven’t given up the project of annihilating the Sinhalese
    and break up Mother Lanka. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world grooming their murderers on their soil. Fastest
    breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies too showed what they’ve got in store for the Sinhala modayas last

    Since the two traitor foreigner sets are going to annihilate us, they have showed the intent with mass murder, the traitors have forfeited their right to be in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese should start an online petition to send these undesirables to where they came from and where they belong. After all Mr Modi asked all indians to come home and waiting. Mussies can go
    to saudi and have halal, multi wives, burial, burka (the high fashion in hell for ghosts) etc. etc. Mussies don’t have to kill
    anybody since all those are already there and can live happily ever after. Don’t forget the traitor alugosuwa thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@ scrapped Sirima-Shasthri Pact and gave citizenship to 650,000+ estate tamils. They are waiting
    until a corridor is developed to join a greater drealam since they are landlocked. Today, they must be numbering 3-4
    millions and waiting in the wings to join the annihilate the Sinhalese programme. Thanks traitor alugosuwa jr@ for
    destroying the up country as well.

    We aren’t a colony of india. Sri Lanka should tell them to get lost and ask the Chinese to be more involved in Sri Lanka.
    Nobody messes up with the Chinese, leader elect, these days. With the Chinese comes Mr Putin. No one wants to get
    into trouble with him either. That’s an awesome combination. Wonder why Sri Lanka have to beg the indian bully boy?
    Is it the hitha honda gaani hama daama badin syndrome. Get lost should be the word we should use. Look at Taiwan.

    The Chinese are the best antibiotic to indian bully boy rash which is all over Mother Lanka. Use it once, bully boy will
    disappear for good.

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