To: UNHRC member nations at the 46th Sessions in Geneva, to be shared with your representatives at the meeting.
Posted on March 4th, 2021

Concerned citizens of Sri Lanka

To:              UNHRC member nations at the 46th Sessions in Geneva, to be shared with your representatives at the meeting.

From:         Concerned citizens of the small and nonaligned nation of Sri Lanka dispersed around the world. (Author’s identity is withheld for personal safety.)

Date:           March 2, 2021

We seek support for the nonaligned, independent nation of Sri Lanka, and desire for consensus through a vote to preserve the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka that ended terrorism 12 years ago in 2009 after 30 years of suffering for all its people.  Also, to join in maintaining support for other small nations that number around thirty-five, that can be subject to persecution in place of assistance needed. With hard won peace, they are making progress although the UNHRC resolutions do not wish to recognize progress and choose a path of retribution instead.

Ignoring progress based on assumptions and unproven allegations, from unverified sources, the charter of assistance and support to small countries has become one of vengeance that can be influenced by hostile elements and hidden plans to target, destabilize, and occupy countries.    It is not necessary for UNHRC to rake up hatred while undermining the UN Charter when people are living freely within the country. Sri Lanka is not benefitted politically or militarily by targeting civilians.  It has proven evidence of saving civilians mostly from the Tamil minority.

The weapon used here is Human Rights” applied and interpreted as deemed necessary for the agenda of the divided UNHRC. Countries can solve their problems without interference or domination from bodies that do not have a mandate to do so.  The countries could be assisted with resources and with fair and equitable judgement instead.

The demands and proposed actions of the UNHRC and its Commissioner Michelle Bachelet are moving in a direction to violate the Human rights of all people of Sri Lanka including the Tamil People who consider themselves Sri Lankans living peacefully in the country.  It will further exacerbate the suffering of people that is not a solution to their allegations.

The USA is among 32 countries that proscribed the terror outfit called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) that invented the suicide bomb, used forced conscription of men women and children as young as ten years old, to make them into human bombs. Even domesticated animals in families were not spared. Declared the deadliest terror outfit by none other than the FBI in the USA.  This invention by Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers continue to kill in suicide bombings around the world including US and NATO troops. Link to information from the FBI explaining their operation appears below:

Protecting such offenders in subtle ways are not justified in the charter of any international organization with scant attention to the human rights violations by terrorists.  The UNHRC is hounding Sri Lanka with threats of punishment when it is not a danger to the region.  The remedial action proposed will deal further blows to civilian life in the island nation violating their human rights by self-guided protectors doing more harm than good.

When bigger countries with large armies have not been successful even with invasion or occupation, they are not held accountable for missing persons.  In such cases missing persons become collateral damage except in the case of Sri Lanka.  The proof of the security forces saving a large population of Tamil civilians captured in the safe zone from certain massacre by the LTTE that crept in with heavy artillery is ignored. Anti Sri Lankan nations are aware of their forces that have been destroyed with the same suicide bombs invented by the terror outfit in Sri Lanka.

  • To impose sanctions proposed for Sri Lanka is to contravene the mandate of the UNHRC when Sri Lanka is not a security threat to any other country or the region. The UNHRC uses alleged” violations and imaginary deterioration” leveled against a government which was elected with an overwhelming two third majority and rejection of Ethnic Tamil parties by the voting civilians in the northern region.  Supposition criteria cannot be arbitrarily applied to damage and violate the sovereignty of any nation by those who are supposed to protect and help. Instead, they act at the whim of anti Sri Lankan elements outside the country.
  • The UNHRC appears to defend the word of the terror support proxies preferred over Tamil survivors of LTTE terrorism who are thankful and enjoying peace?  The civilians in Tamil areas suffered the most. They were saved from the terror they suffered under the LTTE.   This is proven by the figure of 60% of the Tamil people living in the southern end of the country inhabited by the majority Sinhala people.  It is the terror proxy groups that are looking for ways to keep the unrest going for their financial gain through instilling fear used in extortion and criminal activities.
  • Sanctions will cripple the economy stopping exports, and will result in lack of medical supplies, food and other basic human needs for the people who have suffered long years of brutality from those who you have befriended and duped western nations and international bodies to guide actions and resolutions.
  • The remedy is not to pose further suffering for all people in the country whether it is Sri Lanka or any other small powerless country.

With the case of Sri Lanka, Human Rights is a weapon, when the weapons of terrorism and the human suffering on two sides of a conflict are ignored on one side.  UNHRC can preserve its hard line on one side using Human Rights to gain their goal and overextend their powers. Peace is persecuted.

  • Destabilizing free sovereign nations that have preserved democracy as Sri Lanka has done with universal franchise since 1931 and an overwhelming acceptance through a landslide victory for the present administration, UNHRC charter provides for intervention only if a country does not protect its people.  In the case of Sri Lanka, the people are not divided by ethnicity for persecution as alleged” human rights are quoted by the UNHRC using the term that defines ambiguity of their sources of information. 
  • At the end of the war, 200,000 Tamil civilians held by the terrorists as human shields were freed.  Out of 5,700 Tamil child soldiers reported by UNICEF, 600 were rehabilitated at government expense and returned to families and into schooling.  With freedom and protection in their mainstream life, they told their story.
  • Over 300,000 Tamil civilians were returned to their homes in areas heavily mined by the terrorists. In the conflict civilian deaths account for around 60,000 in LTTE bombings, shootings, and murders. They warrant no attention from the UNHRC.  Out of 11,700 combatants, 7,000 who surrendered were returned to mainstream life.  Those that perished are not attributed to the LTTE by the UNHRC for convenience.  Most were forced participants abducted and brainwashed into killing machines.  They were, however, Sri Lankan civilians converted to terror but today, they live among fellow Sri Lankans enjoying freedom.
  • The UNHRC appears to defend the word of the terror supporters preferred over Tamil survivors of LTTE terrorism who are thankful and enjoying peace?  The civilians in Tamil areas suffered the most and they are now saved from the terror they suffered under the LTTE.   It is proven by the figure of 60% of the Tamil people living in the southern end of the country which is territory that is inhabited by the majority Sinhala people.  It is the diaspora groups that are looking for ways to keep the unrest going for their financial gain through instilling fear used in extortion and criminal activities.
  • The reward of peace, safety and protection has restored the free education, free healthcare, freedom to own businesses and property and live anywhere in the country for all people. Sri Lanka’s ground situation must be considered before the UNHRC makes assumptions to bring resolutions, sanctions, and other forms of punishment to all. The price included men and women in uniform losing 29,000in their ranks for saving the country and people.
  • UNHRC operates without visits to the country and with ignoring authentic and independent sources who provided accurate information. Their sources are pro terror proxies, hearsay and unverified information far removed from the country they left for economic migration in western countries now manipulating the truth into misinformation.  However, they return to Sri Lanka to visit unchecked while defining Sri Lanka as a Land of Genocide.  Plane loads of them return for holidays and have second homes in Sri Lanka.
  • In this so-called land of genocide, dual citizenship is offered to those who relinquished Sri Lankan citizenship for foreign citizenship.  The group claiming Genocide, go back obtaining dual citizenship. They invest in large scale prime businesses purchasing property in areas where the so called enemy” lives in the southern part of the country.
  • As for protecting people, the mechanism of the Responsibility to Protect” must be as before, being one of internal determination, that is successfully carried out despite the persecution attempts by the UNHRC.  This responsibility should not become any part of UNHRC purview.
  • The terror movement was financed by various criminal activities.  Read this report for details on funding operations for LTTE terrorism:
  • The link to information below is proof of LTTE atrocities that will open eyes that continue to remain closed.
  • Proof of demographic data on disproportionate opportunities for minorities claiming discrimination can be disproved in this report. 
  • Watch this video:  This is true violation of human rights of children, revealed by those who survived to tell their story.
  • Sanctions to punish Sri Lanka is not a solution for the minorities, as it contradicts the claims made by UNHRC. As a body that is part of the UN, to bring threats to Sri Lanka to destroy the country is preposterous. The obvious sources of information should be the surviving civilians who want the protection of the military remaining among them.  Not the assumption of the diaspora and their imaginary outcomes.
  • The UNHRC should not be empowered to initiate any actions toward destroying a beautiful and peaceful multiethnic, multi religious and multicultural country.  It is not a wonder that the people of Sri Lanka look at international organizations with distasteful suspicion.
  • For people on the ground within the country sustained peace lives on and they are protected with security to avert any further threats.  Memories of times of terror live on. Sri Lanka doesn’t need the destructive hand of any unverified, biased authority.
  • The UNHRC nations against Sri Lanka must understand that the Sri Lankan Government past and present have no political or military advantage to destroy lives of civilians of any ethnic group.  They preserved peace for all people. They exercise their civic rights to elect leaders in a democracy that is not favorable to the UNHRC. 

 Let Sri Lanka continue to progress, preserve their sovereignty and democracy for sustaining peace. Sri Lanka strengthened can render assistance joining in the global effort of counter terrorism strategies that benefits peace. Aggression against Sri Lanka is not the solution. It will result in a reversal and return to conflict that was left behind.

The pursuit of peace happens when all forms of aggression are exhausted.”
Stewart Stafford.

One Response to “To: UNHRC member nations at the 46th Sessions in Geneva, to be shared with your representatives at the meeting.”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Non Aligned – Not Neutrality!

    Post Covid-19 world order will necessarily be an inward looking world. More and more countries will go in the direction of self reliance on as many commodities as possible. The pandemic put paid to the bogus global village that was the dream child of the Neo Liberalists to make more profits for the wealthy. The pandemic has shown how different countries become vulnerable to external pressures and especially poorer countries have to be at the mercy of richer countries and their carrot and stick approach. It is now obvious that the so called Human Rights card is only a uncamouflaged tool to bash weaker nations with sanctions or else!

    In this direction it is high time a second Bandung Conference is brought about to bring together all those nations that are at the receiving end of Western Christian Powers – the former colonial masters and their successors. Non Alignment should be strengthened to counter the moves by these predatory powers who are the very epitome of injustice in the world and world’s worst actual human rights violators.

    The recently talked about Neutrality is a misnomer and a recepe for disaster. This concept is being bandied around as a means to get over the pressure from our distractors – the Western Christian Powers. What we are witnessing are the dying throes of these once all powerful hegemonic countries that suck the ‘living blood’ out of nations around the world. In the process they are ready to destroy the world – not without knowing that it is MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction for other militarily powerful countries will not choose to stay as silent spectators!

    The most famous Neutral Countries in the world are Switzerland and Sweden. These two countries stood ‘neutral’ while genocide and most heinous war crimes were taking place outside of their territories during the past World Wars! They stood to profit by the misery of those who were robbed,pillaged and liquidated. Switzerland was famous for ‘Numbered Accounts’ and for hiding war booty. It also is the repository of pillaged loot from poor nations. This is the nation that looked after the Blood Money of dictators and provided safe havens for stolen loot and other artefacts of cultural, artistic and historical value.

    India just a few kilometers away from Sri Lanka is an aspiring hegemonic country with no takers. India’s only reason for fame is how eager it is to prostitute herself with any world power to keep the Colonial Construct India intact. This is not realising that the existing Western Christian Powers abhor aspring power blocks and their ‘Club Membership’ is limited. They are intent on balkanising such countries. The Western Christian Countries are promoting Eelam only to make it a ‘spring board’ to balkanize India!

    Instead of being a friend to her neighbours it has chosen to be one country that keeps South Asia – poor! They do not realize that their best insurance is the prosperity of her neighbouring countries.

    Let us hope that the Pohottuwa administration that was brought about by an overwhelming majority will have the decency and courage to respect the people’s mandate and keep our Motherland intact for our progeny! Sri Lanka has a great future ahead only if they choose to play the cards right!
    History is not kind to those who betray trust!

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