Posted on March 10th, 2021

Sarath Wijesinghe President’s counsel, former Ambassador to UAE and Israel, President Ambassador’s forum

Covid 19 spreads worldwide as a world wildfire

Covid19 is spreading worldwide affecting billions as a major pandemic changing the world drastically with the slowdown in economies, developments, living conditions, and all kinds of day to day and permanent lifestyles of all with downturns in all areas in life with drastic effects and limited solutions. Lot is discussed on the origin and the current situation monitored by WHO as the leader and guide to the world in monitoring and providing information to governments and the public. Governments are shaken and giving top priority to the pandemics that have taken hundreds of millions of lives of world citizens worldwide. The death toll is large and fluctuating at an alarming rate in rich-poor and powerful nation’s mercilessly taking lives of world citizens at the wish and will of the pandemic dragon spreading tentacles worldwide through boarder in various ways despite protective measures adopted. The virus is spreading faster with variants adapting to different environments. Citizen is advised to take precautions by WHO and governments taking measures for new vaccines for protection and end the disaster with little or no side effects. There are now several vaccines in use.175.3 million have been administered with 7 different kinds of vaccines approved by WHO and respective governments. Oxford, Pfizer, and vaccines created by Russia, China, India, the USA, UK and other member nations are being introduced and tested still in formative stages. It looks as the vaccine is working in the UK based on information received on deaths reduced number of patients but it takes time to find the side effects and complications. There is a change in Sri Lanka too on vaccination and we look forward to it for a speedy recovery of our economy and lifestyle. In many countries including the USA vaccine has answered with slow progress depending on the conduct of the citizen. The vaccine alone is not the answer that all guidelines need to be followed continually. It is proved that the best is to be careful and follow the guidelines of the WHO and Sri Lanka health guidelines. No permanent solution is nearby and the world is living on hopes subject to experiments for a new world with horrifying unprecedented deaths all over the world. It is proved that the strategy should be worldwide and not in isolation confined to countries as the pandemic spreads fast due to developed world with modern physical movements and complicated interconnected lifestyle. It is a world affair and the treatment should be worldwide and simultaneous. Time has come to make life simple, plain and properly programmed, and to be broad not being selfish. Covid 19 has taught bitter but lifelong lessons to be civic conscious and magnanimous towards the world, and what is permanent in the world is sheer impermanence as Lord Buddha has taught.

Pandemic has changed the world

Pandemic has changed the world and life style to work home and embrace digitalization out of compulsion in all areas of life including education where students in rural areas students climbed water tanks for WIFI and villager used what’s app to pay bills with the help of young students in the family using the mobiles of 110% penetration and computer centres in every corner. Families have come closer due to compulsion to be indoors, new ideas and innovations are emerging to meet challenges. Despite the disaster there is a silver lining emerging to be innovative, digitalize and modern to keep the pace with the changing world. Life is changing all over. Transport is less and telecomm nation is used in advanced modes as in modern innovating nations telecomm nation is giving top priority. We were on the door steps on digitalization and now fast entering into the era of digitisation out of compulsion. Education Health, Economy, agriculture, will be modern and revolutionized. There will be international platforms on trade and commerce with modern and international trends and expenses on date will be curtained due to competition. These things are happening and the citizen/consumer appear to be adoptable and intelligent to embrace changes.

Vaccine Diplomacy/Diplomacy/Priority is Pandemic and not Geneva

Diplomacy is influencing the decisions of the foreign governments by peaceful means short of war and disputes. On diplomatic means sovereign states settle disputes by dialogue negotiations discussions and other measures short of violence. Modern diplomacy emerged from Europe in the 20 th century, with the emergence of league of Nations as a world group and United Nations with the UN Convention. It involves summoning meetings conferences which also deals with international relations. Diplomacy deals with and among sovereign countries and main outlets known as Embassies in countries with diplomatic relations. Sri Lanka maintains     Missions worldwide expecting to promote the image of the Nation and to promote business and trade as now counties are giving priority to Economic Diplomacy. Whether Sri Lanka have quality and committed diplomats capable of promoting the image and trade and business is a moot issue considering the quality of diplomats compared to the counterparts. Ambassadors must be skilled in diplomacy, language, and friendly and human behaviour to deal with expert diplomats in other counters. Geneva a group of misguided nations are finding fault of few countries on violations of human rights which are outdated and not practical. It is time for the world to be united and work together to eradicate pandemic and emerge victorious in the interest of the needy human worldwide undergoing sufferings. Danger and fear on the pandemic is the best play ground for the eradication of the dangerous pandemic dragon for ever.

Diplomacy and International relations in Sri Lanka and Asia

International relations and diplomacy in Sri Lanka and Asia runs back to 247 AD when King Asoka a Myrun” Emperor sent his son Arath Mahinda” and daughter Mahni Sangamitta” to Sri Lanka as Emissaries of the King and India to his unseen close friend with the message of Lord Buddha to propagate  Buddhism in Sri Lanka when connections reactivated after the era of Rama and Ravana five thousands of  years ago. Friendship with Sri Lanka and India continued with some stormy periods of Chola” and Pandi” invasions. Relations with India was on the peak during Madam Bandaraneike which deteriorated during JR Jayawardena era with disputes with Rajive on 13th Amendment but the bond with two countries are ever cemented with the bond of Buddhism originated in India. India is firm on towards India Policy” and the disputed issues on economic front were brewing on Oil farm, Port, Harbour, Trincomalee harbour, Chinese influence, 13th Amendment, Geneva Process and many similar matters to be settled by diplomatic means. India promptly offered vaccine to Sri Lanka as a friendly gesture when both countries are in difficulties. Sri Lanka was ever grateful for the great gesture and the prompt steps taken by India by giving the vaccines when Sri Lanka needed it badly and results are now showing with reduced number of cases. It was timely and showed the advanced stages of diplomatic skills of the world famous Indian diplomacy which has won the world over. All the leading nations and the world community is together in helping the world In USA US aid is in the forefront in helping the world where as Russia has developed a vaccine and planning to offer to the less fortunate countries economically. China has offered 20.5 billion dollars and engaged in research to invent a vaccine to compete the pandemic. We expect the diplomacy to flourish worldwide until the pandemic is eradicated.

Way forward in the new World Order

It may be that we may be in a new world full of kindness, passion, loving kindness having realized the impermanent nature of the life and the suffering of the patients and the loved ones. Whole world lives on hopes and full of uncertainty on the future with less hopes of a permanent solution at sight with full of predictions and promises. Entire world is in a mess and in the verge if destruction due to massive environmental destructions and disasters which has led to Covid 19 to this magnitude. Powerful rich countries are the most hit due to excessive developments and leading an artificial life unlike in less developed and powerful countries living with nature. Impact in Sri Lanka is less as they live with nature with and eating hot spices. It is time for the world to give priority to environment and live with nature with environment friendly environment. It is also time for the leading powers to unite to eradicate the pandemic helping the small nations and learning from their traditional therapies which appear to be effective. Vaccine diplomacy will help to create a new world order with friendly nations helping each other creating natural immune systems in the natural environment. Disastrous multinational food chains to be terminated in place of healthy food devoid junk and cola worldwide especially among the rich/ children /students, mainly in the west. Worldwide campaign for environmental protection and healthy food should be given priority with uniformity worldwide. Agriculture to be streamlined with new healthy and human friendly seeds vegetable and fruits with agreements with the rich as well as poor large as well as small. Living with nature and give priority to native and local is advisable for a long-term stable solution to the disastrous pandemic we are surround with. Vaccine diplomacy will lead to traditional diplomacy bonding the nations with goodwill love and cooperation on political and economic frontiers leading for a post pandemic happy era soon. Living with environment and protection of environment is paramount for a long lasting solution for pandemic

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