Colambage Interview with Conflict Zone – Tim Sebestian Continues to Orchestrate The Complex Web of Deceit and Deception Against Sri Lanka
Posted on April 2nd, 2021

Chula Rajapakse

Largely a good response against a case built on the foundations of the allegation of an uneacceptably large civilian casualty rate of 40000 or over in the last few weeks of the war, being led  & peddled by Uk and US against the reporting of their own embassies in Colombo at that time.

These embassy’s Defence attaché s regular dispatches during these weeks, obtained using suppression of information act in UK and tabled in the UK House of Lords in Oct 2017 by Lord Naseby, clearly and repeatedly had indicated that this was  not the case .Instead  that the real casualty rate was around 7000 later supported  by the then UN resident rep Sir John Holmes and confirmed later by the Tamil University Teachers Census and further evidenced by the absence of any burial sites for such a large number of casualties even ten years after the war nor evidence of the two to three times that number of injured civilans had the casualty figure been correct. 

These dispatches had also confirmed that the SL security forces took every care to minimize civilian casualties against tigers deliberate attempt to increase the civilian casualties to use this to make the international community apply pressure on the SL govt to withdraw their offensive that was going to soon destroy them as happened and for future use as propaganda such as what Tim Sebastian is doing now.

Tigers deliberately sought to increase civilian casualties by using  them as human shields , nearly 300,000 of them were rescued at the end of the war.

The abject hypocrisy on the part of the UK and US to sponsor the  recent UNHCR resolution  against this background is what Tim Sebastian should be questioning .This has to be repeatedly pointed out to TS and the international community.

 Against this monumental hypocrisy, deceit and deception neither US nor UK has any moral right or standing to question SL on accountability when they ignore their trusted information sources  without any accountability. Lord Naseby only got this information using the freedom to information act and that too much redacted. Instead they now orchestrate the allegations that the Tiger Diaspora first initiated which has since been orchestrated by many cash strapped media outlets first by UK channel four and now by Tim Sebastian begging the question of what part the ill gotten billion dollar war chest of the Tiger diaspora is playing in all this orchestration.

Even  more deplorable is how Tim Sebestian attempted to stoke the calming embers of Muslim concerns by orchestrating their past concerns re burial rights for Covid victims, which is now a  thing of the past which no doubt the likes of the Tiger Diaspora would hate to see settled.

The UNHCR described as cess pool of intrigue” by President Trump is doing itself no favors nor Tim Sebestian , by orchestrating Tiger Diaspora rhetoric ignoring the over whelming evidence against it’s veracity.

Even worse ,countries like US and UK by doing the same is bringing into disrepute the very concept of democracy and free speech if it uses this sacred right to peddle such falsehood simply because it suits their respective political  agendas.

The nations committed truely to democracy sans political agendas should rise up against these powerful nations for political reasons pouncing to vulture a small nation doing a sterling job eliminating world’s worst terrorism, carrying out the greatest rescue in human history of 300,000 human shields , in itself worthy of Nobel Prize recognition .

The political reasons , lest it not be realized , is SL’s closeness to China to which SL has been driven to by cornering by these nations and their own development necessitations and the Tiger Diaspora’s orchestrated political clout in UK ‘s marginal electorates and hence the eventual outcome of the whole election.

This vendetta against Sri Lanka based onTiger Dispora inspired allegations must stop . 

Instead  countries like UK, US and Canada that provided safe havens to this Tiger dispora to to fund to wage three decades of  world most brutal terrorism as characterize by the FBI,that saw over one hundred thousand casualties and many times more maimed should be made to account for this UNPRECEDENTED WAR CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY, , through legal mechanisms. Their safe havens should immediately be withdrawn . The rest of the world should make a clarion call for this

It is only then that regurgitation ,of this same wine in different bottles , will stop.

The United Nations and the rest of the world , must rise up to the challenge.

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM 
United Sri Lanka Association 
Wellington NZ

One Response to “Colambage Interview with Conflict Zone – Tim Sebestian Continues to Orchestrate The Complex Web of Deceit and Deception Against Sri Lanka”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    It was obvious that Tim Sebastion was singing for his supper reading from a brief given to him the LTTE remnants. Diplomatic niceties aside it was unfortunate that Colombage didn’t come up with the case of Adele Balasingham the Child Soldier recruiter and mentor when Sebastian was talking about child soldiers.

    I am sure Adele Balasingham has enough low-down on how the British Foreign Office aided and abetted the LTTE project to divide and destroy Sri Lanka. She must have enough material to blackmail the Brits.

    The poor Brits still cannot get over the fact in Sri Lanka they received several ‘black eyes’ from 1796 to 2009, the last one at Embilipitiya under a few Kumbukkan Trees. Tim Sebastian is only a lap dog who is ever willing to bark for the correct fee. Shame on him!

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