Canadian resolution as Core Group at UNHRC on Sri Lanka
Posted on April 11th, 2021

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10 April 2021

Hon. Marc Garneau, PC CC CD MP
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Government of Canada
House of Commons

Honourable Minister Marc Garneau:

Re Canada welcomes UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka

That statement of yours stymied me, foxed me, googlyed me,  made me sick in my stomach, and disappointed me, especially when My Canada aided and abetted that terrorist Tamil Eelam War that the UNHRC had tied the Resolution to, and we have now embarked on a cunning Board Game of Lions and Tigers in a Geneva-Cesspool of Maple leaves.

You know what Minister, your Statement  imploring Canada’s stance against Sri Lanka is proof positive of the observation of US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley when she called the UNHRC a cesspool of political bias:” and a self-serving body that makes a mockery of human rights.”   Ummm! I am disappointed in My Canada where I have been domiciled since August 1968, and gave back handsomely to the country that adopted me, as a Geologist, paleontologist, Museologist and an award winning published poet.

Let’s not try to pull wool over my eyes, as it is no secret, that My Canada’s  love and concern for the Tamils in Canada and Sri Lanka, and having sold her soul to the Tamils as your Liberal Party, Conservatives and the NDP will accept every blithering lie by these Tamils that cast aspersions on my Motherland, Sri Lanka, with whom I am still romancing with as my Motherlanka.   To demean her and bash her to pulp is not in my cards and is a very definite No..No.  My mission is to guard her good name. Who said that she discriminated against her Tamil citizens. That is a load of poppycock.  We are talking of a community who was a privileged minority” for 131 years of colonial rule and beyond, and a wronged Sinhalese majority” for 131 colonial years and beyond.

This is because the three major Canadian political parties are jockeying and licking the boots of the Tamil voters,  in the following Greater Toronto Area ridings where the South Asian population is Himalayan in numbers as shown in the Statistic Canada Census  of 2001 .  That makes a mockery of Human Rights’, said Nikki Haley and, how right she was.

Bramblea-Gore Malton, Ontario, 31,380; Scarborough-Guildwood, Ont., 26,350;

Scarborough Rouge-River, Ont. 26,190; Mississauga Brampton South, Ont., 24,040; Brampton Springdale, Ont, 22,530; Markham-Unionville, Ont.,  21,450;

Brampton West, Ont., 19,820; Mississauga-East Cooksville, Ont.,18,355;

Scarborough Center, Ont.,16,915; Mississauga-Erindale, Ont’; 16, 025;

Mississauga-Streetsville, Ont., 15,630;  Scarborough-Agincourt, Ont. 14,680;

Scarborough Southwest, Ont., 13,680; and  Don Valley East, Ont., 13,150.

Minister Garneau, I understand that this is indeed Canadian political party dynamic-optics, when the Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers, could be arrogant and make stupid moves against my Sri Lanka for the want of Tamils votes and hurting the other Sri Lankan-Canadian community, the Sinhalese,  along the way.  Shish,...that is not smart is it,  when Canada is trying to promote harmony in  Multiculturalism.   Here are some examples:

  1. My Canada knew that the Tamil separatist Diaspora were allowed to collect two million dollars a month to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest for 13-years during your Liberal Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin’s governance to buy sophisticated war armouries to kill my innocent unarmed border Sinhalese people.

This was to help the most ruthless Terrorists Tamil Tigers (aka LTTE) in the world to achieve their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil State, Eelam;

  •  My Canada was aware that your Liberal Finance Minister, Paul Martin, and

 Maria Minna, the Minister responsible for CIDA, and nine other Liberal Party backbenchers from the Greater Toronto Area, on 6th May 2000, patronized a $60-a-plate fundraiser for the Tamill Tigers who had been pegged as the most ruthless and murderous Terrorist outfit in the world.  This foolishness was for the want of the Tamil votes. How insane can you Liberals be.  So this act was a precursor for the Board Game of Lions and Tigers in a Geneva- Cesspool of Maple leaves;

  •  My Canada, is aware that Your Political-Canada supported Tamil terrorism  and went along with mighty India’s Indira Doctrine to destabilize Sri Lanka.

It was in the mid-80s when India was locking horns with three of its neighbours–Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, that Indira Gandhi took the barefoot Tamil guerillas who couldn’t shoot straight to train them as terrorists in 32 Army camps in South India and in the foothills of the Himalayas.

After graduating Indira Gandhi sent them back in khaki military fatigues, jackboots, cradling Kalashnikovs like babies in their arms, and festoons of live bullets around their necks, and enough paisa choking their pockets to fight a war with Sri Lanka’s Armed forces who were trained to safeguard its sovereign territory and it peoples from marauding outsiders, and local extremists, trained by outsiders, like India, to destabilize this democratic island nation.

The cesspool of political bias” UNHRC couldn’t  care two prairie straws waving in the prairie-breeze, or two dead capelin washed on the shores of Outer Cove in Newfoundland, about what Your Political-Canada was up to.  I most definitely smell a rat here;

  • Your political-Canada helped the Tamil separatists support the largest ever purchase of explosives for a terrorist organization and your radar missed this moronic event to stop it.

On September 22, 1993, the sum of $990,987 was wired from an HSBC Bank account in Vancouver of B.Thambirajah, and controlled by the Tamil Tiger senior leadership in Canada for the purchase of 60 tonnes of RDX and TNT from the Rubezone Chemical factory in Ukraine.  The Tamil Tiger freighter MV Swene took delivery of the cargo at the Sea-port of Nikolayev in Ukraine and was guarded by Sea Tiger speed boats.  

Minister Garneau, all these sick shenanigans were to garner the Tamil  votes in the Greater Toronto Area. By now Your Political-Canada was well into supporting International terrorism. 

  • It was these explosives, 440 pounds of it,  that were used in a truck bomb to attack the Central Bank Building in Colombo’s Financial Business District, and bringing it down on 31 January 1996, killing 91 and injuring and maiming for life another 1,400 people.   With that bombing, Your political-Canada were well entrenched in aiding and abetting the Tamil Eelam terrorist War.  And with that Your Political-Canada abdicated the moral right to call yourselves Goodie-two-shoes  in  the Commonwealth of Nations.  That sucks and too bad.  All this to impress the Greater Toronto Area Tamil communities in seeking their votes.
  • And Your Political-Canada to be visible to the Greater Toronto Area Tamil eyes,was in the UK-led Core Group of a legally non-binding Resolution on alleged violations of Human Rights in Sri Lanka at the UNHRC’s 46th Session.

So Your Political-Canada was in the Core Group of the Resolution to harass Sri Lanka’s men and women in khaki, blue serge and navy-whites, the heroes of 20.5 million peoples of Sri Lanka.   And see who is talking?  This is a Canadian-Tamil Blarney joke, when Your political-Canada has been blasted and plastered by AI for its Human Rights violations of the Indigenous peoples and their Genocide.  That is pretty rich, isn’t it, Minister Marc Garneau.

  •  Minister Garneau, here is what was so immoral about Your Political-Canada, on alleged violations of Human Rights in Sri Lanka.  If the Political-Canada feels that it is squeaky clean, and are paragons of virtue about Human Rights violations, and Gung-Ho about admonishing Sri Lanka,  I ask Sweet Mother of Jesus, as to what has gone morally wrong with Your Political-Canada,  that has made her unable to see and acknowledge, the result of annihilating the most ruthless Terrorists in the World, the Tamil Tigers on 18 May 2009, when their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot dead on the beach sands of the  Nandikadal lagoon in the  East of Sri Lanka.


           Minister Marc Garneau, here is what happened and it is reprehensible  that you didn’t know and the former Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon know who came out with the most pathetic Press Release when the Sri Lanka Government  military annihilated this Tamil terrorists outfit that  many foreign countries like India, Canada, UK, provided them with  oxygen to breathe to live another day to terrorize and kill my innocent Sinhalese villagers, like plucking infants from young Mothers breasts and dashing them on charnockite granite rocks and enjoy watching the warm  Ketchup blood oozing out of the infant skulls.

           And that is what that got my goat about my adopted Country, which happened  to be your Tamil terrorist supporting political-Canada.

           The holy truth about all this Minister Garneau is that it hurts, and my tear glands have emptied all its tears, crying for my innocent unarmed Sinhalese people back home, in Sri Lanka. They who went to bed after washing their clay cooking pots to wake up to start a new day didn’t get a Hudson Bay snowball’s chance in hell, as the Tamil Tigers crept into their headobe huts in the indigo dark, and chopped them with machetes like Valvettithurai butchers in a roadside meat stall and shot others dead at point-blank range.  It so happens that your political-Canada supports these serial killing Tamils.

           As a Buddhist, I am shocked and pray for the dead souls –            reciting, Nammo thassa bhagavatho  arahatho summa  sumbudhassa….”

            The HolyTruth is thatthe Sri Lankan Armed Forces gave back to 20.5 million  of their people their RIGHT-TO-LIFE which had been hijacked by theTamil Tigers for 30 bloody years.

           And Minister Marc Garneau; this UNHRC,  the cesspool of political bias according to my Crystal Ball, its Core Group has begun to play the game  of the nursery rhymes that you and I  played when we were five-years-old kids  – 

                                Ring around the Rosie

                                  Pockets full of Posies,              


                                  We all Fall Down.”

            You just don’t try to destroy the guardians in khaki, blue serge and

            Naval-whites who are heroes, to everyone of the 20.5 million peoples.

            Heroes because they gave the 20.5 million people their paramount

            Human Right…the Right-to-Life, which was hijacked by the most ruthless

            Terrorist outfit for 30-long bloody years, that Canada aided and abetted their

             cause to create a mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil State, Eelam.

            I am afraid, it is a Canadian-crock of codswallop, all for the want of the Greater Toronto Area Tamil votes.  What a Canadian-Tamil-

            Blarney Joke!.

           And that was a Classic Textbook example of restoring the paramount Human Right, the Right-to-Life of affected peoples in a terrorist War which Your Political-Canada, The Darusman  authors, nor the UNHRC cared sweet nothing to acknowledge its humanitarian brilliance. 

           Do I smell another rat here!  So the UNHRC continued living happily in  Geneva’s Humbug Valley anchored in its cesspool of political bias.  

           Minister Garneau that was one howlin Shame!.

          Minister Garneau, tell me, whose dumb idea was it to establish a World Police Force, to monitor the violations of Human Rights, but not record the good Human Rights Acts performed by the alleged Human Rights violators and acknowledged with an encouraging word or two.   Why what was indeed the difficulty?  Is this one of the Arrogant Bullish’ policies of 

          UNHRC that US’s Nikki Haley recognized and christened  it as the cesspool  of political bias.”

     8.   Here is another Classic textbook example of an event that happened during the last five months of the most ruthless Tamil terrorist War,  that ended on 19th May 2009, in Mullaitivu, in East of Sri  Lanka..

           With all that Huff-and-puff- we-the-UNHRC-Core-Group will blow your puny  Sri Lanka down because of the alleged human rights violations of the Tamils during the last five months of the Eelam War.  Minister Garneau, that was a  load of putrid tosh, cock-a-doodle-do-rubbish.

           You bullies let this courageous war event performed by the Sri Lankan Armed  Forces slip away from the UNHRC’s and Your Political-Canada’s radar. 

           Perhaps, wantonly for a reason.  

           Maybe that Ban ki-Moon and his rearguard knew that if this event, the litmus test to sieve the Truth from the Lies of the charges against Sri Lanka by the cesspool of political bias will come into play and that alleged Human  Rights violations will fail miserably and come to nought. That this will recognize that this famous Policing Institute of Human Rights, UNHRC, is governed by an international gang of highfalutin Humbugs and Your political  Canada is in it as a member of the Core Group that presented the  Resolution to harass Sri Lanka.  Well, why shouldn’t they, when they are after the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area and want to be visible to the Tamil community and say, Hey! This is what we did for you guys, now give us  your votes,..”  And that is Canada’s political immoral rub. And it seems to work for you all, Minister Garneau.

           Minister Garneau, there shouldn’t be any  If’s or But’s. This act of restoring the Right-to-Life of 20.5 million Sri Lankans by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces should be recorded in some form in War Archives for  future writers/Authors and Researchers and cut the grass under the feet of the UNHRC cesspool Humbugs who lacked the elegance and decency to acknowledge this   Classic Textbook event of the Tamil Terrorist Eelam War.  No one talks of these Courageous Sri Lankan armed forces who are heroes of 20.5 million peoples.  Not to highlight such a heroic event  for intellectual prosperity is not acceptable and is intellectual thuggery.

     9.    And here is another Classic Textbook event that Human Rights policing  Groups, refused to acknowledge.  Strange!  Or was it, when US’s Nikki   Haley quite rightly figured out that the UNHRC was ‘a cesspool of political  Bias: and a self-serving body that makes a mockery of human rights.”

            When January 2009 came along, the Tamil Tiger terrorists were running for cover from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who were marching forward reclaiming the Tamil Tiger controlled territory inch by inch, killed  300,000 Tamil civilians and used them as a human shield.  And these Tamil terrorists herded them for the next 30 months like unwashed cattle from the west coast to the east coast, under the scorching Jaffna- Killinochchi sun.  

            When the war ended on 19th May 2009 the Sri  Lankan Armed Forces were involved in the biggest rescue Mission of Tamil refugees when they rescued  295,875 Tamils from the clutches of the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists.  No one wants to talk about this amazing rescue Mission by the Sri Lankan armed forces, Not even the ‘goody-two-shoes political Canada who had sold their soul for a few thousands of Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area ridings. 

            Shame…shame on you Canada, the country that I adopted as my home.

            None from the UNHRC , like their Pillais, their Husseins, their Bachelets, nor did Ban Ki-Moon who found an immoral joy in Mooning Sri Lanka often.

            What a Group of hypocrites and so they want to flay the Sinhalese heroes in khaki, blue serge and navy-whites for rescuing 295,873 Tamil refugees when it would have been a Tamil Tiger-easy exercise to bump them off blindfolded and with their hands tied at their backs as they did to 700 policemen on 11 June 1993, who had surrendered after being promised to be sent south unharmed. 

             Rescuing these Tamil refugees was not the end of this clinical top-notch rescue Mission by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, they were placed in temporary refugee camps to give them shade from the scorching Jaffna-Kilinochchi sun and the rain, and prepared a million hearty breakfasts,  lunches and dinners every day to sustain them. 

             Come on Canada…come on Madam Michelle Bachelet let’s hear you speak of them.

             Give me a break, as I want to feel good when I sing Louis Armstrong’s  song, 

             The colours of  a rainbow….so pretty in the sky… are also on   the faces…on the people going by…I see friends shaking hands….. 

               saying how do you do….but what they are really saying is…I love you…

               What a wonderful world.”

              I have no intention to lie to myself because of Canada’s deceit to the world.

             Minister  Marc Garneau, that is a realty check for you as my Minister of  Foreign Affairs of my Canada, and  one of my personal Canadian Heroes who in 1984 made history becoming the first Canadian astronaut to fly in space as a payload specialist on Shuttle Mission  41-G.   Pretty cool, Sir.  I take my hat off to you.

             That shows how right Nikki Haley was when she declared that the   UNHCR was a self-serving body that makes a mockery of Human  Rights.

             Hypocrites, I say  It is time that your Political-Canada take their rose-tinted glasses off and look at themselves.  They will see the harsh realities of being washed with cods-wallop.  And  Minister Garneau all this is to seek the Greater Toronto Area Tamil votes.  This is bizarre!

      10.  Minister Garneau, it is not only your Liberals who got into the shameless habit to grovel over the Tamils of the Greater Toronto Area seeking their votes, there have been others.  

             Here is an awkward incident when the former NDP leader Jack  Layton made a statement in front of 10,000 Tamils during a Pongu Tamil gathering at Queens Park in Toronto.   With that statement by   Jack Layton, Canada continued to be suspect and lost its innocence that it is an intelligent democracy run by intelligent, honest politicians,  Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP made an insulting remark to upgrade the serial killer of the Tamil Tigers, their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran by comparing him to South Africa’s former President of the   Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who was made an Honorary   Companion of the Order of Canada.

             With that NDPs embarrassing stupidity, I could almost hear Nelson Mandela  turn in his grave, look through six feet of soil packed over him and tell  Jack Layton –

             Shut up Jack,  stop insulting me.  I know you NDPiers, like the Liberals and Conservatives are licking the boots seeking to be favourites of the Tamil voters in the Greater Toronto Area ridings, but please don’t use me to achieve your domestic political goals.   I refuse to rubber stamp such insolence. Stop it right now, Jack.”     

      11.   And as a final note Minister Marc Garneau, let me share my observations bout the Canadian Conservative Government’s ‘ slap-in-the-face diplomacy on Sri Lanka’.

              So Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes a hissy-fit and shows his   Greater Toronto Area Tamil Constituents his disgust on the alleged Human Rights violations of the Tamils in the North and East of the island by the Sri Lankan Government by deciding to boycott the Commonwealth Summit held in Colombo.   A  dumb decision, I thought.

              The whole of Canada was made to believe by the Tamil Diaspora that the  North and East of Sri Lanka was theirs to live in a  mono-ethnic, racist Tamil  State, Eelam, as almost 100% of the population were Tamils.   

             For the critic’s point of view, members of this population walked with a gait like Tamils; spoke English with an accent like Tamils do; the women pretty themselves with a red moon thumbprint between their eyebrows like Tamils;  the majority of women drip-gild themselves with 24 carat gold necklaces,  earrings, bangles, and anklets, and wear stunning gold threaded sarees.

              Their diet includes Thosai, masala-wade with a fried shrimp curled at the center of it, and Kanjee a kind of curry porridge. And the low caste Tamils have difficulty going into their Hindu Kovils for worship.  And so they believe that these were the fool-proof reasons why the North and East of Sri Lanka belonged to them, and of course, most men painted three horizontal stripes with sacred ash representingTripundra’s on their foreheads which, the  Sinhlese and Muslims didn’t.

              But here lies my problem Minister Marc Garneau.  So these ethnic-Tamils  forced-cleansed the North and East of the island, terrorizing and kicking out  27,000 Sinhalese between 1971 and 1981 where they lived for generations;

             And so did they purify ethnically the University of Jaffna campus by stoning  and chasing 400 Sinhalese Lecturers and Undergraduates who were  brought South in a convoy of buses escorted by the Police and Army, on 13 August,1977;

             And the Tamil Tigers forcibly expelled 90,000 Muslims, from the North and East of the island in November 1990, giving them 48 hours to get out if not………:” Thus making Idi Amin of Uganda look like an angel having given the Ugandan-Indians three months to leave.

             But,  Minister Marc Garneau, what the  Northern  and Easten Tamils living in their forced-sanitized Tamil territory had been ignoring  the chant of the friendly challenge by the Sinhalese and Muslims who were terrorized and  kicked out, an adaptation of Woody Guthrie’s song –

                      Hey Podiyan..Hey Periya Thambi

                      you say this is Your Land,

                      wrong, it is also Our land

                      from smugglers-Velvettiturai

                      to fishers Dondra in the South.

                      As this land was made for You and Us.

                      As we were walking along A9 Highway

                      we saw the endless Jaffna skyway 

                      and verdant green rice-fields in the South.

                      Here’s a cup of our hill country’s

                      Orange Pekoe for You from Us.

                      May we taste a coconut cup 

                      full of your delicate and fine

                     Jaffna-palm coconut-wine,

                      let’s share the fruits of our Land.

                      As this land was made for You and Us.

                      So open the Gate Periya Thambi,

                      as We are coming in to stay for good,

                      As this land was made for You and  Us.

                      We hope  you heard what we said

                      and  get that into your head,

                      as this land was made for Us and You.

Minister Marc Garneau, Prime Minister did carry out his threat of his boycotting

the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.   It mattered little to Sri Lanka, but the last laugh was with Sri Lanka as it was not much of a snub.

Minister Garneau, what was missed by this intelligent politician was, with the rush

to teach Sri Lanka a crude lesson with his ‘slap-on-the-face-diplomacy on Sri Lanka,’ was that if adhering to the values of Human Rights was the ticket to join the Commonwealth Summit official dinner with the Queen or her representative,, there would not have been a single Commonwealth nation, including Stephen Harper’s Canada sitting around the dinner table with the Queen or her representative.  The only person who would have been in attendance would have been the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Secretariat. It would have been embarrassing..  So that’s what happens when big nations flex their muscles at small nations with such ignominy creating the Commonwealth of Nations Blah Humbug Circus of the Commonwealth.   That would have been hilarious.

I believe, Minister Marc Garneau, the time has arrived for Canada to step back in trying to interfere with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs,  and harass her, and find another means as an excuse to set up a love-in” with the Tamils of the Greater Toronto Area jockeying for their votes.

What we have not understood as yet, is that Sri Lanka, though puny, won a debilitating sophisticated War, almost single handed, with the most ruthless terrorists in the world, that Canada aided and abetted in favour of  the terrorist faction of this war, the Tamil Tigers.  And that Sri Lankans are a proud people with a rich history and cloaked with Sri Lanka’s moonstone studded dignity, who are not ready to drop on to the ground and pretend they are dead, just because Canada spoke on behalf of its Tamil population in the Greater Toronto Area at the UNHRC, the cesspool of political bias.”

Let’s get back to the days of, once upon a time, when Canada and Sri Lanka were valued and the best of friends.

Minister Marc Garneau, personally, I have truly come to the cross roads where I have difficulty to stand at attention with my right palm over my heart and sing

O Canada, I stand on guard for thee…” and watch my Canada applying her ‘slap-in-the-face-diplomacy-on-Sri Lanka” the island that nurtured the first 19

Years of my life with whom I am still romancing as my MotherLanka.

That is my quandary.  But with my clinical analysis of how Canada treats Sri Lanka

I am sure I can get through it.

 But here is the TRUTH.  No one, absolutely no one is going to hurt my Mother Lanka unfairly with Hershey chocolate covered lies. I will swear on that. And that is my Mission.

Thank you for listening.  May God Bless both Canada and Sri Lanka that have

given me a life of Joy, Glory, Success and Happiness.

And May God Bless you too and be SAFE.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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