Bathiudeens’ attending Parliament?
Posted on May 9th, 2021

Dr.Sudath Gunasekara. Mahanuwara


 I fully endorse the stand taken by Hon Minister Sarath Weerasekara in requesting the Speaker not to allow Badurdeen to attend Parliament, who is presently detained for three months for questioning on alleged high crimes against the State that amount to treason. I think the whole country, other than Badurdeen,‘s  Lawyer and those utterly irresponsible opposition MPP who are trying to make hay while the sun shines, will also fully endorse the stand taken by Minister Weerasekara. The whole nation must be happy to see that there is at least one legislator in our Parliament who represents the true interests and the rights of the Sinhala nation. Looking at our present Parliament it is interesting to note what H.L. Mencken has said of the Parliament when he called it a Monkey cage where he said Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage”, when he referred to Parliament.

Meanwhile many a brow has been raised when Attorney General said there is no legal barrier for him to attend Parliament. Well still as he is only a suspect and not a person convicted by a court technically there appears to be is legal substance in what AG has said. But considering the seriousness of crimes Badurdeen is said to have committed, not as an ordinary citizen but as a legislator in Parliament nearly for 20 years, I think it is beyond all principles of natural justice by the society and by the nation to allow him to attend it. What is more is there is very little public credibility left with our Parliament even sans him allowing him to attend Parliament under the present circumstances, I think will further worsen public image of our Parliament. Therefore, in my opinion, it is advisable not to allow him to attend sessions until inquiries and legal proceedings against him are over. Further it will be good for everyone’s political health, I think. As far as the call by the opposition is concerned, I am not surprised as it comes from a gang of desperate and brainless political goons who also wanted Ranjan a convict in jail serving a four year term of rigorous imprisonment back in this Parliament. As such I don’t think we should take them seriously.

Bathiudeens’s lawyer Rushdhie Habeeb is said to have told the Island that the decision to prevent MP Bathiudeen from attending parliament was political. Of course yes it is a political decision on both sides. For the Government as it has a direct bearing on public interest and security of the country as matters of paramount importance not only for the Ministry of Public security but also for the government as they fall among the cardinal duties of an elected Government in a Democracy.

On the other hand it is also political for the opposition as well as lawyer Habeeb says as is trying to fish in troubled waters to catch voters in a cheap game of dirty politics in this country. Both his lawyer and those in the opposition shedding crocodile tears, to woo the Muslim electorate at home and create displeasure in International circles and increase their lot in the House, not realizing that it will boomerang on them as it will greatly reduce the Sinhala and Catholic votes This attitude is no wonder for a set of politicians who have no concern for the country or the people in this country. It appears the opposition is thinking, the number of criminals in the parliament are not enough to make it an august Assembly” and also as if the Parliament is going to end without sufficient number of anti- social elements such as Badurdheen in the nation’s Legislature.

Although the opposition doesn’t know it, the whole country knows who Badurdeen is and what damages he had done to the nation’s economy, through the CWE and more particularly to the  country’s Agricultural Minor Export Crop sector  by importing substandard goods from Indonesia and other countries from 2005 up to date and what damage he has done to Wilpattuwa. They also should be reminded of the investigations conducted by the Indian Government on his involvements with Kerala in carrying ought his nefarious criminal and illegal business deals. In my opinion not only Badurdeen but there are many others as well, who should not be allowed to be in Parliament

Badurdeen’s lawyer, both as a lawyer and a Muslim is free to raise this issue vigorously as he has said and even nakedly, both here and abroad at his will, as a mark of gratitude to the Sinhala people who have accommodated their ancestors who came here either as traders in search of fortunes or refugees in desperation at different times in history. It is high time that people of this country stop electing this type of uneducated undesirable rogues to the Parliament of this country which is supposed to be the august Assembly that presides over the destiny of this nation as it is already converted to another den of Alibaba and forty thieves.

I think enough is enough. Either people should definitely take immediate action to reform it and convert it to an august Assembly of patriotic statesmen and women of high stature, character and ability who can rescue this nation from the political abyss in to which it had been thrown since 1948 and restore the ancient glory of this once Pearl of the Indian Ocean or close down this British model of the Monkey cage as Mencken has very appropriately called it and seriously look for a native machinery of just Governance for the good of the people and the country  fashioned on the tenets of Buddhist Governance of the Dharmasoka Model.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    If Mr B could attuned Parliament then why not Mr Ranjan Ramanayake?No double standards please.

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