Are the tragedies of X’Press Pearl and Oil tanker fires accidents or manipulated conspiracies by the LTT E Diaspora or ISIS to destroy this country?
Posted on June 1st, 2021

Sudath Gunasekara . Mahanuwara

Ships catching fire in high sea is not an uncommon thing. But a Panamanian registered missive oil tanker carrying 270,000 Metric tons of crude oil catching fire in September 2020 in the Eastern sea. east of Sri Lanka and another giant ship carrying containers within 7 months getting completely destroyed by fire in May 2021 in the Western sea only 9.5 nautical miles from Colombo Port needs our special attention and serious investigations,

To me both these incidents pauses a big mystery in view of the following reasons.

Firstly, why they caught fire in our seas at this time in this way

2 Second, were they mere accidents or preplanned destruction plans by someone, like the LTTE Diaspora or ISIS with the connivance of anti – Sri Lankan forces who failed in their earlier attempts  to destroy this country,

3 Third, to assess the damage already done to the marine life and coastal the belt and environmental damages that would follow due to pollution and possible acid rain to the Islands water resources, vegetation, to humans and fauna and flora both in the short and long runs

4 Fourth the immediate and long run impact on the fishing industry and the fishermen by disrupting their basic livelihood.

5 Fifth the damages already done and that would follow to the national economy in time to come 

6 Sixth assess the cost of operational activities in cleaning up the coastal belts and disposing waste material etc and for purposes of claiming compensation for the  national economy from those who are responsible and finally to work out legal provisions and administrative planning to avoid such calamities at least in in future at least.

1 The oil Tanker caught fire during the North East monsoon in the Eastern sea,  where, two important ports Trinco and Oluwil are located, when the winds were blowing south westward sweeping across the Island

2 X- Press Pearl carrying a thousand of Containers containing a massive volume of toxic and chemical material caught fire in the Western sea, where the wind is blowing from the South West across the Island during this season and within 9.5 nautical miles from Colombo the major commercial port of the Island nation the nerve point of the nation’s national economy a major disruption of which is beyond all imagination.

Who is responsible for this disaster?

In this backdrop the whole nation is now left with a big mystery unsolved?

5 Responses to “Are the tragedies of X’Press Pearl and Oil tanker fires accidents or manipulated conspiracies by the LTT E Diaspora or ISIS to destroy this country?”

  1. aloy Says:

    We are not out of the woods yet. Gods only knows what is still inside the ship. Good to know the that the Navy has sent divers to inspect. This is a port war to my mind. There are ports that depend on operation of their ports. And this is a big blow to the plans of GOSL. It appears the guidance of people with experience (like this writer) to come forward and rally all the patriotic forces and save the country.

    The Mavil Aru was a good example of patriotic forces coming together to force the GOSL to fight to a finish. This si another such occasion.
    Do not let western countries to get involved directly this time too.

  2. Nimal Says:

    After realizing the heavy payments made by BP for their tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, the ship owners and the insurance underwriters must be really concerned. Perhaps some may be making money out of these tragedies putting the global trades under threat. National crime agencies must keep an eye on these fires in cargo ships and even in passenger ships. It seems something new and ugly brewing up, so lets find out who is taking advantage. I remember 100 s of passenger ships going between Europe and Australia and Far East and no such tragedies ever occurred and I smell a rat, perhaps rats. It could even damage the economies of third world countries like SL.I am sure Singapore the owners must be really upset and should initiate an investigation using all international resources.

  3. aloy Says:

    It appears that Police is going to let all except three people to leave our shores after setting our port and devastating the entire coastline. This is no second to release of the Bangla fellows after the 4/21.

    They are the ones who have inspected and loaded the hazardous cargo in the most irresponsible way or were involved in a plot to destroy our country. Perhaps police can take them to ship and ask them to identify each item still there in their usual style!.
    Perhaps it is not all that difficult because the watery grave of ship is shallow.
    Not a single fellow should be allowed to leave until every thing is fully investigated. They are all suspects in a crime against humanity.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    All the necessary information should be avaiable with the shipping authorities at different places this ship docked prior to entering Sri Lankan waters. What Sri Lanka should do is only to verify those records as per their authenticity. Legal action should be directed at any act that deviate from good shipping practice.

    What is appalling is that Sri Lanka doesn’t seem to have good expertise in the maritime field. Simply put dousing the fires that could have been either from chemicals, oil or other simply with water looks very amateurish. Internatioanal shipping experts should have been alerted and all rescue operations only done under their supervision. Perhaps it was done so.

    There are plenty of conspiracy theories floating around. Some are really ameteurish attempts by the Opposition such as the one involving a woman who claims to be a professor in linguistics who seems to have unearthed much information due to her language skills – Urdu, Hindi, Afghani and other. When interviewed by Chamuditha Samarawickrama she got exposed to being just a rumour maker intent on declaring that Sri Lanka is not safe security wise, a theme Sajith and his cohorts are interested in making public. She did not have any information that could be carried to the CID for further investigation.

  5. Nimal Says:

    These cargo ships and even the latest passenger ships looks very unstable with so much of it’s entire mass above the water level.I am surprised that non so far has been toppled or turned over by very high winds. They may even have a poor safety record if manned by people from the casual backgrounds.

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