Posted on June 24th, 2021

SarathWijesinghe President’s Counsel, former Ambassador to UAE and Israel, President Ambassador’s Forum

Earth provides enough for every one’s needs and not every one’s greed ‘’MahathmaGandi’’

Finest Gems unearthed in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan Minors

Sri Lanka is famous for finest gems of the world unearthed by experienced miners in Sri Lanka from time immemorial attracted the world reputation via traders voyaged through  ‘’SedaMawatha’’ and many other routes from various parts of the worldwhen the King’s wealth is computed by Gems, Gold and such valuables in the treasury. Gem is found in many parts of the islandunearthed from mother earth- mostly in beautiful areas surrounding ‘’Ratnapura’’ attracting gem merchants worldwide. Sri Lanka has many more treasures unearthed such as phosphate and may be gold and oil. Sri Lanka is an island with rich soil and pleasant climatic conditions that grows any plant with the least effort which unfortunately not exploited by the present generation. Sri Lanka is an environment friendly nation with 80% forest cover in 1820, 43% in 1948, 23% in 2000 and supposed to be 23% currently reducing at the rate of 1.4% annually at a rapid rate due to wanton environmental destruction by deforestation, sand mining and other man made destructions. We must credit Hacker in1873 for introducing the Forest which is operative to date with few changes made to his credit which is hardly sufficient to withstand the enemies of our earth. It reminds us of the preaching of ‘’ArahathMahinda’’ that ‘’this earth and vegetation is yours; but they should be protected not only for your benefit alone but also for the benefit of the future generation’’. King was the trustee of the environment and severe capital punishment was given to destruction forest with no proper reason then which is our heritage. It is time for us to look for novel ways of protecting the forest adopting natural ways. Sri Lankan irrigation system that spreads length and breadth is one of the best systems in the world (based on views of world renowned  top international engineers) where the water flows upwards  in the new world of streams  made for agriculture and it is a pity and a misadventure that bamboo plant which belongs to the grass family has not been exploited which  as valuable as gold which is capable of saving the environment which is destroyed by unpatriotic destructive men by deforestation for timer and sand mining for construction, when bamboo is the best alternative for wood and housing construction adoptable to many forms such as furniture making and organic fertilizer. President is heading the difficult tasks transforming application of chemical fertilizer which is harmful to the soil and the animal kingdom, to natural organic fertilizer locally made with green ingredients on the campaign headed by the President with his team with a future vision. Bamboo belongs to a main and unique fastest growing grass family not harmful and invasive with soil and human friendly capable l to be reused for other plantations on rotations. I short it an innocent, productive, and multipurpose grass not properly used and unearthed to be used in place of timber which takes decades to grow when bamboo completely grows within four years. Usage of Bamboo is productive hundredfold few  as an alternative to wood, preparation of organic fertilizer, housing, household items, as a preventive shield to save soil, as an alternate energy, firewood, food, help maintain the earth temperature at the required rate, and many  other ways with the strong but flexible wood alternative. It is shown in few images how strong and productive bamboo is as furniture, constructions, and ornaments and of course in agriculture as a natural fertilizer.

Importance of ‘Bamboo’ which is a productive Gold mine

  • Bamboo which is the goldmine still not unearthed properly in Sri Lanka, which belongs to the grass family yet as strong as a tree is a best alternative in place of timber, reforestation, furniture, housing construction, and many more household and industrial items providing a yeoman service to the mankind finding suitable alternatives for wood, timber, industrial and house hold utensils made with least efforts using the flexible hard timer easily grow in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, due o its versatility and quality, bamboo is widely used for purposes such as furniture, flooring, textiles, fiber, food, utensils and music instruments. In addition they serve as raw materials for food, medicine, dyes, textiles, clothing, furniture, energy, electricity, charcoal and other industrial products making use of the advancement in science and technology.

Bamboo is a plant which absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and high amounts of nitrogen from the soil and releases more oxygen to the environment which undoubtedly, would help alleviate water and air pollution issues. With the existing vegetation of few thousand acres in many parts of Sri Lanka grown as a shade and a protection to the soil with the protective ‘’Rhizona’’ which protects soil erosion in banks of rivers in Sri Lanka by  the network of rivers and water streams spread in the country. One of the main reasons of deforestation by felling trees is due to great demand for wood for construction, furniture, and industry which has a continuous growing demand worldwide forests as a victim and the best solution and the alternative is the unearthed gold which is one of the fastest growing plant with no side effects for the soil or the environment. Because bamboo can be used as a substitute to plastics, steel, cement and composite materials in structural and product application.

 There is a need to educate the community on the value and the proper use of bamboo in private consumption and industrialisation for the larger benefit of the community. There is a misconception the bamboo is invasive and affects soil is a myth and to be eradicated and we must promote the private sector and the governance to make the best use and benefits when we are in need of innovations with quick and maximum results. Bamboo grows worldwide and used by many mainly the Asian sector. It grows in Sri Lanka mainly in the forest and in private lands. There are restrictions on transport and it is time for the government to draft legislature in these areas for growth and easy transportation, which the UN to have taken note of by giving grants and assistance promoting growth and encouraging the peasants as a handicraft. With this bamboo is contributing to the reduction of rural poverty which has been used to create more jobs and income generation to the rural poor which indirectly contributes to the development in community. It is harmless, productive, easy to grow and to remove, and a multipurpose goldmine and a source on income to the common man and the government.

North worthy for HE President to consider the potential on organic fertilizer and prevent environment

China has 10 million growth, with 35 million farmers, and outcome of 10.5 billion which is north worthy for the attention to HE the President to consider, which spreads worldwide excluding Sri Lanka an ideal destination for growth of bamboo with amply neglected land for production. UN having recognized the potential, encouraged to plant 10000 acres spending 15.9 million on the UNIDO project. It is a good news that His Excellency has taken notice of the potential and the value of the plant and helping to use as an alternative to wood and organic fertilizer which are the matters in the top of the agenda today. In the ‘’Mahavali’’ zone as a pioneer project did not kick off due to inactivity which is a sorry state of affairs. The other good news is that the private sector too has entered this much needed project and a leading business magnate Mr. Ram Subramanian and Mr. Jeff Goonewardena who is a philanthrophist and a hotelier, joined as a board member to Aakash, internationally reputed based in Sri Lanka and America and many other parts of the world havelaunched pioneer projects in this field which  gives hope to Sri Lanka on this  hopeful event which is a success story to the farmers, environmentalists, and those who awaits innovative proposals and investments which are environmentally friendly with long and short benefits, a main benefit being the organic fertilizer project made out of by-products of green bamboo. Bamboo will be grown in small and large scales using the neglected land and small lands of the villager with inter plantations when done scientifically. It is useful to regularize and scientifically modified the plantation linked with the small and large scale industries and products using common and simple devices in the voyage of the fast developments planned ahead of us. Introduction of organic fertilizer and conversation to organic is a challenge to be met by the bamboo green miracle with long and ambitious plans and ambitions and next green revolution to come.

Bamboo grown in Sri Lanka

Currently Sri Lanka has a few varieties of Bamboo grown mainly in the forest and some in private lands protected by the government with restricted transport of the plant as a protected plant to avoid overuse and extinction which is sufficient in construction and as a household craft in some part of the country. But the bamboo recently introduced by ‘’Aakash ‘’Green Research is an introduction  form of plant to be used in place of timber and hard use which is being introduced as a BOI project with prospects of converting to organic fertilizer and green energy badly in need to Sri Lanka. It is time Sri Lanka regains the lost forest cover and a new vegetation to make the soil service fertile and usable for any plantation subsequently. Now that His Excellency, UN, The BOI and the private sector have individually and collectively launched the organic fertilizer schemes actively working together with one aim, it is time to harness all resources together for consolidated effects   for the bamboo green revolution in Sri Lanka. Bamboo grown and found in the jungle and private lands is not of the best quality and it is necessary to introduce the best quality meeting the required standards that meets requirements and targets. It is a good idea to exchange the species, knowledge, experiences, in bamboo growing cultivation and planning to receive the maximum benefits based on experience and research.

Challenges to Sri Lanka on Global Warming and climatic Changes

Sri Lanka and world over is pressured with new demands and challenges on climatic changes, global warming and threats on the existence of the living beings and the earth with short and long term ambitions and plans on curbing global warming, and to be within the preview on the disastrous effects to the living kingdom which includes water, air and earth requirements for a healthy life. Sri Lanka an island nation has to be extra careful due to the geographical situation with advantages on security, excellent climatic conditions and the fertility of the soil which is rare on world standards. It is worrying that we have not exploited the conditions and advantages above, and it is time we assist and research on the matter in terms of soil, air, and water. Water in Sri Lanka is in abundance with over 100 main and small rivers, 50 waterfalls and thousands of small and large reservoirs with the great ancient network of water system that runs upward to amassment of the modern engineers. Air is clean and even all parts of the Island, but the soil is not maintained properly due to mismanagement by small and commercial agriculturalists, which is possible to bring back to normalcy with modern technology and the expert knowledge of the ancestral farming techniques. Main issue to be considered is the soil that we have lost originality due to excessive application of artificial fertilizer and pesticides destroying the friendly creators required for a fertilized soil. Forest covered of 84% in 1886 has dwindled to 29% with further reduction due to environmental disasters which are worrying and the government attention is given as a priority in reforestations with prevention of the existing forest. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grass plants with no damages or side effect to soil they live in with multi purposes and enormous productivity will be a classic answer to the wantondistortion to the environment and deforestation taking place.

Bring the soil back to the original natural mode for modern and natural agriculture with Bamboo

World is in this pandemic crisis living against nature with artificial way of life including manure that has poisoned the human culture including health food pattern and the soil. We can be modern and still be natural and environmental friendly. Sri Lanka is mainly an agricultural Nation with majority people depending on agriculture and related modes of life with rice as a staple food and used to excessive artificial usage of fertilizer which is unnatural and poisonous. Bamboo is a grass with no poisonous ingredients and soil and water friendly growing on the surface of the outer soil with less or no damages to the soil with an outer cover protecting the soil cover. Bamboo is grown mainly in forests in Sri Lanka which is used in handicraft, construction and small industries without making use of the miracle plant in repairing, reconstructing soil be natural, help in agriculture, preparing organic fertilizer, saving deforestation using bamboo on wood work, housing construction, decorations and many more ways adopted in China japan and many countries as a main industry, and a tool in agriculture. It is timely to look for novel methods of soil preservation, finding ways and means to meet global warming and to find an alternate green energy to the citizen at a cheap and affordable price conveniently.

New Chapter on agriculture in making organic fertilizer from Bamboo  

President has quite correctly has resolved to switch over to organic fertilizer in order to preserve the soil which is being poisoned with the vegetation and save the lives of citizens from number of diseases infected due to poisonous foreign bodies visa an soil and the vegetation.Agriculture is within our system and not alien to live with nature being an agricultural nation for generations, and continue to be so. The traditional agriculture system was disturbed by commercial crops by foreign domination such as tea, rubber, coconut and deforestation that led to reduction of the forest and changing the traditional climatic patterns. Excessive sand mining has destroyed the river banks resulted in the soil washing away and environmental destructions with drastic effects to the fertile soil already infested with excessive fertilizer by misguided farmers. Agriculture policy is published spending enormous amounts giving publicity in English Media alleged to be based on outdated concepts prepared with less or no research work in the absence of consultations with real farmers on the ground. Even the sudden wise decisions to transform the fertilizer culture from artificial to organic appear to have been taken hap haphazardly without giving a cooling and period to transform to the best model for a proper changeover. Upper soil is the most important and the protected zone in the soil which is the main factor in the life of the plant next to water and the best is the naturally formed top soil prepared naturally. Bamboo is a grass which protects, soil and river banks and nourished the outer soil with natural cover available to be improved to the maximum capacity on natural treatments. Bamboo is grown in Sri Lanka mainly in forests which is used in housing, handicrafts, and various other modes traditionally as an affordable soft timber in construction which is not as strong flexible and user-friendly as the product introduced and bread by the Aakash Company in Sri Lanka with the head office in Singapore.

‘’Aakash’’ Company

Aakash Company in which the HQ based in Singapore has extended the service sector in Asia and Africa on industrial sector and agriculture with the experienced staff and technology to make use of the excellent climatic conditions, geographical situation and educated and dedicated labour force in Sri Lanka for the team of dedicated technical and agriculture based staffto meet the world challenges and to share knowledge and experience with Sri Lanka in the efforts of self-sufficiency, and transfer agriculture without the application of artificial fertilizer and increase the forest cover fast dwindling due to deforestation and environmental destructions taking place at an precedential   rate. Bamboo is an untapped gold mine and the offer to promote bamboo plantation a miracle plant as a forest cover, fertilizer base, sustainable and renewal energy and biomass, on green energy generation in providing energy source to the government which will help us in par with Paris Accord of zero carbon emissions. With that Aakash will be eligible to get their carbon credits which will be a plus point to Aakash to get more recognition and support from the World Bank as well as from prominent countries to develop this concept further and help their followers.

Artificial to Organic Fertilizer

Thesis the challenge of the decade which needs enormous skill knowledge and planning. President has launched with best of intentions with full of honest intentions and it is the duty of all to back him. It is a world record and a win and win situation.When winning the war and it has to be won at any cost, and bamboo revolution will be a catalyst for the venture. It is a productive and a revolutionary step taken transforming the practice of artificial fertilizer to organic for very valid reasons but the timing and sudden decision without a cooing period has led to complications an confusions to the farmers and the citizen at the receiving end always. It is time the governance makes alternative arrangements for genuine organismic fertilizer in place of products.

Way forward

It is necessary to be innovative and act with a plan and a vision to achieve the arduous task of extracting Gold from earth Bamboo as a vehicle starting from soil preservation and harnessing the worldwide knowledge and experiences of genuine and experienced agro – based multinational companies acting genuinely with the background of serving the world to be Green and natural giving agriculture and small industry priority. Needless to say the governments must take due safety precaution in saving the soil and forests from destruction from unruly invaders and to select genuine agriculturalist and industrialists for the purpose of growing bamboo and propagate the trade to benefit the country and the citizen.


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    This was presented at this moment in CNN where they are perfecting a way to make bio fuels to feel airplanes.
    Plant is grown on sea salty soil and fed with the waste of the fish and shrimps. This pants give the seeds that could processed to make airline fuels.
    Hope the government could look into this and get an established foreign collaborator to start a project in the island.

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    I mean to fuel airplanes.
    These plants could give the seeds that could be processed to produce bio fuels for airplanes.

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