Lankan Foreign Minister showers praise on China at BRI meet
Posted on June 24th, 2021

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Colombo, June 24 ( Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena showered praise on China describing it as a Kalyana Mithra as a true friend at the Asia-Pacific High Level Foreign Ministers’ Conference on Belt and Road Cooperation held in the virtual mode on June 23. 

I consider the convening of this meeting by our friend and partner, China, timely. Friendship between China has been one that has seen through all seasons, good times and bad times; cultivating best friendships based on principles of Kalyana Mithra.”

Under His Excellency President Xi Jingping’s leadership we hold at high esteem China’s great humanitarian contribution and advancement shown in safeguarding People’s lives in Sri Lanka as well as across the world, and in the region, in the process of eradication of COVID-19 pandemic. While fighting a global pandemic, China has shown its great powers though progress shown in challenges in space arena too.”

Sri Lanka aspires to benefit from Belt and Road cooperation to further improve our economic infrastructure and advance connectivity under a win-win scenario,” Gunwardena said.

Port City

With the development of Colombo Port City, that will feature a top-grade regional financial service center, world class port infrastructure in Colombo and in Hambantota as well as key Industrial Zones in several locations, Sri Lanka is confident that investors around the world will be able to benefit from these initiatives.”

I wish to mention Singapore has been growing as a key Asian Financial center. I wish to mention Dubai has been growing as a key Middle-East Financial center. For a long time there had been a very dry spot in between. This long due will now be served by the Colombo International Finance Center.”

Invites FDI

As Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, I wish to make this the opportunity to request and invite Foreign Investors to come and invest in the Colombo International Financial City”. 

Sri Lanka looks forward towards working with China and its partners in achieving prosperity of all our peoples,” Gunawardena said.

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