Values and vultures
Posted on June 24th, 2021

Laksiri Warnakula 

You must be wondering: What has the first got to do with the other; I mean the two words that appear in the title. Vultures have no moral values and as such they are not qualities that you can associate, even in your wildest of dreams, with those rapacious, avian desert-dwellers.

Well, this is what happened. The other day, I saw this photograpgh on Facebook, of a vulture of the Kalahari desert. The award winning photo shows the raptor amidst a cloud of dust, while the rest of its wake were busy nibbling and snacking on the  skeleton of a camel (not in the photograph but the following narration), one more gone ‘the way of the desert’, in the end.

Now back to the question: What made me put these two words alongside each other that are otherwise incomparable beyond imagination. How could someone in his/her right mind entertain such an incomprehensible thought?

Anyway, as I kept looking at the photo, something slowly emerged from the periphery of my mind and then quickly moved to the centre. 

They were the images of ‘vultures’ in human form, waiting at every turn to pounce on the hapless and the helpless.  

For the sake of limited space, I will start from the beginning of the viral epidermic to the present, though it is in fact a long story now seventy years old. 

First it was the ‘Facemask’ that people had to buy in a hurry. When the ferocity and the danger of the virus came to be known, waking up the people from their slumbers, the panic button was hit and so was the buying-frenzy. Masks were sold without any price-controls whatsoever and the vultures were getting multifold returns. So were the sellers of other products with vulturine appetite for profits. 

Advance forward skipping many examples of ‘human vultures’ in action, following are the saddest of the story (in my opinion), so far, given in summary though: the PCR test, the quaratine, the false lab. reports in regard to PCR test (as one lady patient reported in social media websites) and then how a baby, who was found to be PCR test positive and the following bitter experience that the parents had to undergo at a private hospital (again according to social media sites), and lastly the vaccination program.

Now as far as the ‘quarantine’ procedures go, we all know how it is handled by whomever, and them only going by profit and zero-customer care. 

And I have nothing new to add to the vaccination-programmes many of which are set-up and conducted in a disorganised manner, while the intervention of another set of those human vultures was seen getting in the way of the health officials carrying out their duties.

Lastly some two hundred odd of them sitting near the ‘Oya’ seem to have no qualms whatsoever about the ‘importing of luxury vehicles’ costing millions to the country, which is short of financial resources and still fighting a health crisis of unimaginable proportions.

Dear Mr President. Please begin from the ones around you and then work all the way down to the bottom, getting rid of these vultures in human form, who do not hesitate to put their personal gains before everything else.

A sink hole is in the making and unless immediate measures are taken to stop this vulturine behaviour of some, we will all be sucked into it before long.

Laksiri Warnakula 

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