Posted on June 25th, 2021

Sunil Kumar

For a nation that enjoyed the prestige of world recognition regarding how the Covid virus situation was handled Sri Lanka seems to have rolled to the bottom of the pile as the nation today rests in circumspect speculation of what to expect next.

While It is no easy task however to maintain stability in a an already teetering nation of financial and economic instability with the perils of the Covid pandemic staring her in the face ot uncertainty there can at least be some restitution granted to a people who had supreme confidence in the leadership of the President and his allies where all they are experiencing are speculative apprehensions about what next, where is the Nation headed  and will the pandemic eventually overwhelm our nation to a a point of no return ? which is unhealthy at best and needs to be set right post haste where unscrupulous politicians seen to be a thorn in the flesh of progress and merely contribute to the turmoil  and people continue to panic.

Cheap Words and bulletins seem to be the order of the day where promises are made and the nation is kept in limbo but  nothing beyond a latent panic seems to be taking over and there are warning signs of dissent which could spell trouble for the administration as the fires of fear mongering are already being fanned by the opposition.

The nation’s leadership consists of a sensible, well structured and disciplined individual in whose hands there should be the supreme confidence that he could steer the nation into calmer waters and the necessary steps taken to alleviate the needs of the people and placate their latent fears as it is only in his hands that the safety and well being of the Nation rests rather than become the laughing stock of the world.

” There can be no room for errors as the nation meanders on into an abyss of uncertainty” a conclusion that many observers have come to in recent times.

In this respect overcoming the spread of the Covid Virus and its strains have to be the nation’s foremost priority beyond the shadow of a doubt WHERE THE ENTIRE NATION NEEDS TO BE IMMUNIZED THROUGH WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ENSURE THIS !

Otherwise the consequences could be grave.

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