Teachers and principals decide not to report for duty today
Posted on August 2nd, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

All teachers and principals island-wide are required to report for their duties today (August 02) as per a circular issued by the Ministry of Public Service, Provincial Councils, and Local Government.

According to Secretary of the Ministry of Education Prof. Kapila Perera, officers and staff of all the Provincial Departments of Education, Zonal and Divisional Education Offices and the academic and non-academic staff of all schools should report for duty today.

However, the teachers’ and principals’ trade unions have decided not to report for duty today.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union Joseph Stalin said that the Secretary to the Ministry of Education had been informed in writing of his trade union decision.

We are already on a trade union action. This announcement has been made in a situation where that trade union action is ongoing. We have clearly stated not to report to work today. If there is no positive response tomorrow, we will march to Colombo in a motorcade.”

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    It is most unfortunate that teachers and principals of the school system in Sri Lanka have resorted to strike action at this time of worldwide calamity. Whole country recognize the fact that the teachers and pricipals of schools have certain issues that have been dogging them for a long time.

    They and the leaders behind these misguided people are enjoying these freedoms protesting and sloganeering only at the instance of the freedoms made available to them by the current government of Sri Lanka. So far they have done commendably well in comparison to most other countries in the world. They managed the first wave and the second wave with flying colours.

    The government is busy getting the country ready to be opened up as soon as possible. The vaccination drive of the Pohottuwa administration is breaking records in its implementation and earning plaudits from the world health authorities and other leaders. They are all keen to see that Sri Lanka succeeds.

    However, as far as the Opposition – that constitutes the Kuhaka Jana Balawegaya and the Kuhaka JVPers, they only have contempt for all government initiatives. Their only contribution to see the country through troubled times is to get on the road and protest shouting slogans. SInce the breakout of the pandemic there is not a single act by these ‘jaundiced eyes’ that has contributed to any positive action so far to make things better for the populace at large.

    It is a fact that the nation of Sri Lanka is going through a hard time with a scarecity of forex due to near closing down of export facilities, tourism, earnings from workers abroad etc. Their only contribution is to taunt the goverment at every turn. In other countries the Opposition finds ways and means to help a government but not these vulturesin Sri Lanka. What we see in Sri Lanka is the most contemptible Opposition.

    After waiting for almost 20 years and four and half years of Jadapalanaya the teachers and the principals couldn’t have chosen a worse time than it is now to show the worse of teachers and principals in Sri Lanka. Obviously they have been grossly misled and they are not our heroes of the day by a large margin.
    If Sri Lanka is a ship that is plying stormy waters of the ocean.

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