Pavithra reacts to ‘unexpected’ Cabinet reshuffle during farewell speech
Posted on August 16th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

Former Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi says that her removal from the Health Ministry was unexpected.

Earlier today (August 16), several Cabinet ministries were reshuffled and Minister Wanniarachci was removed from the Health Ministry and assigned to the Ministry of Transport.

Speaking at a brief farewell function at the Ministry of Health, Wanniarachchi said that she will make up her mind with the mindset that everything happens for good.

She said, I didn’t think this change would come suddenly. Before I went there, I told the doctor that I wonder whether it is a ministry shuffle. They both said it would not happen. I do not think, when I came to the Ministry, you wished for ‘this woman to disappear’. However, unexpectedly, I have been assigned the Ministry of Transport instead of the Ministry of Health. I did not know this was to happen before I went there.

In any case, you have to accept everything in life happily. Let’s make up our minds that everything happens for the good. There is nothing else to do. I am saddened. Please support the new Minister too.

I still say we have only about 4 more weeks to go. At present we have vaccinated 54% [of the population]. In another 4 weeks, we can save this country.”

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