A life well spent Dr Ibrahim Yusuf London
Posted on September 4th, 2021

Dr SARATH obeysekera 

I have lost a closet friend this week Dr Ibrahim Yusuf Born in Rideegama and studied had primary education I Rideegama Temple and a contemporary of Asgiriya Chief Buddhist prelate . He was very much conversant with Buddhism though he payed everyday and recited Quaran several times a day.Amazingly he could recite Subhasithaya 

After teaching in Sri Lanka he went to Moscow to study medicine and moved to London  to work as a medical doctor 

He was very helpful to his friends and relatives ,helped them to find employment I  London

He was my GP based in London who helped many Sri Lankan’s  always 

After a long illness he passed away and I joined many Sri Lankans who studied with him in Russia  to share the grief

A true Muslim who was a Samaritan who had a kind heart 

I miss him

Dr SARATH obeysekera 

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