IS influenced Terrorist Attack In Auckland
Posted on September 4th, 2021

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

As a New Zealander , I join the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, The NZ Police  and the rest of New Zealand in unreservedly condemning today’s (3/9/21) , terrorist attack in Auckland that injured several.

As a New Zealander of Sri Lankan origin, I condemn this even more ,as  our two thousand five hundred year heritage and culture has largely been moulded by  Buddhist teachings of non violence, where terror has no place.. On the other hand this man’s terrorism,  as you revealed by Prime Minister , has been influenced by ISIS ideology, which is entirely foreign to Sri Lankan origins. In todays reporting unfortunately, when references were made to this man, his Sri Lankan origin was given  much more prominence than  IS influence on him. This was what  mattered .  Many of us of Sri Lankan origin feel aggrieved and disturbed by this as it  casts aspersions  on us while  the IS influence  that drove him lay largely concealed.

I write therefore  to convey this concern of ours to the New Zealand public and authorities  so that in future such references may be more tempered to reflect reality.

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  1. Charles Says:

    What is wrong in saying thet the ISIS attacker was from Sri Lanka . It was Saharan of Sri Lanka who blasted the Easter Bombs in Sri Lanka. Do not be naive Chula if you are a good New Zealander that is all to it.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Charles, what is wrong is that the terrorist was radicalized while in New Zealand. It is no other than his own mother who says this. The terrorist came to New Zealand carrying a bogus immigrant application mentioning false imprisonment and torture in Sri Lanka. His application was found to be fraudulent. After the cowardly incident where he attacked even a 77 year old the New Zealand Prime Minister couldn’t get around to say that the terrorist is an Islamic Terrorist follwing an extreme Islamic ideology. It took some time to spell out his name though she was quick to mention Sri Lanka. As far as Islamic Terrorism is concerned he could have come from anywhere – that was not important. New Zealand is as much responsible for his terrorist upbringing as he spent nearly a third of his young life in New Zealand.

    After the March 2019 mosque attack by a white supremacist, the Muslims in New Zealand are playing victim to the hilt and almost sucking dry mother New Zealand to get at every little benefit they can get out of the unfortunate incident no civilized being would approve. This is all happening while it took only a month for the Islamic vengeance to fall upon over 250 victims in Sri Lanka at the April 2019 Easter Sunday Attacks.

    Still New Zealand is ‘rediscovering the wheel’ with respect to Islamic Jihad and ISIS / ISIL formation of the modern day Caliphate. This is in the background of many countries in Europe finding the consequences the hard way! Given below are impressions of two enlightened Muslims in Denmark and Sweden respectively.

    The innocent and the naive in New Zealand should not fall prey to faraway animosities and unfulfilled religious ambitions!

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