OPEN LETTER to TNA MP M.A. Sumanithiran Parliament of Sri Lanka
Posted on September 4th, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Ottawa, Canada


Dear M.A. Sumanithiran:

What is this that I read in a The Island Online – news copy of 27 August 2021, that  ”Sumanithiran wants US as mediator here”    Sweet Mother of Jesus, Oh Great!  Are you Nuts or what, Sumanithiran?”.

Shucks…I noticed that the photographer that took your portrait which appeared with that news item had made you take off your ‘Dunce cap’.  Pity!

Suman, you are not talking of the same US that failed as a mediator” with guns and bullets in Vietnam, gave up and pulled out as a mediator.  

Are you talking of the same US  that failed as a Mediator with guns and bullets in Afghanistan and just pulled out.

Shish, Suman, are you Nuts or What?  You are not talking of the same US whose Madeleine Albright, the United States Secretary of State,  was forthright when she admitted killing 600,000 children was worth it” in Iraq when the US went to war on a lie. Come on  Suman.   Did you take a good shot of a potent Jaffna-Toddy with your Dosai breakfast rather than a good cup of Orange Pekoe Tea when you made that statement?  You were a bit tipsy, weren’t you!

You said The government should present a solution to issues faced by the Tamil people in the North and East.”  Tell me, Suman, what issues” are you talking about?

I thought you all erased all the Tamil issues once and for all when you ethnically cleansed the North and East between 1971 and1981 when you all terrorized and kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese people who had lived there for generations.  Right, Suman! Did you forget to tell the US Ambassador Alaina B Teplitz that you Tamils managed to  happily wipe out all Sinhalese businesses in the North and East with that ethnic cleansing. We in the North and East do not have Kamala Kopi Kades, Perera Bread Boutiques, Silva Spice Mills, Araliya Vetti Emporium,  Asoka Rice and Curry Huts, etc. any more”  Did you?

And  did  you gloat the existence of the  unhampered Tamil –lingam” businesses in  Colombo’s capital region like – Jothilingam Jewellers, Suntharalingam Hardware Stores, Ganeshalingam Sari Emporium, Paskaralingam Insurance,

Sothilingam Thosai Boutique, Mahalingam Spices, et cetera. All these Tamil businesses being patronized by the majority Sinhalese peoples.  Did you?

I thought you all erased all the Tamil issues once and for all when you all ethnically cleansed the Jaffna University campus of 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates  when they were stoned and chased South in a convoy of police and army escorted buses on 13th August 1977.   All this was while your Tamil undergraduates were languishing well in the portals of Southern University campuses, attending lectures in lecture theatres with their Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher buddies.  Right Suman?  Don’t you feel lucky, Suman, that your people  got the cake and ate all of it too without sharing it. Rotten buggers, you Tamils!

I live in Ottawa, and if you ever visit Ottawa, I’d love to break bread with you.

I thought you all erased all the Tamil issues when you Tamils evicted 90,000 Muslims in October 1990, giving them 48 hours to leave, making Idi Amin look like an angel when he gave Ugandan-Indians three months to get out of Uganda. Suman, did you not tell the US Ambassador how your Tamils bull-horned all the Muslims in the Districts of Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna to leave the North and East of Sri Lanka in 48 hours.  

Did you not tell the US Ambassador how you Tamil buggers assembled all Muslims from Puthukudiruppu, Dharapuram, Uppukulam and Erukkalampiddy on the beaches without food, water or sanitation facilities and forced them to begin their outward journey.  Did you not tell her, and with that you got

rid of all your Tamil issues.  What  Tamil issues are you talking about, Suman? Tell me, this Sinhalese Buddhist wants to know.  And let the US Ambassador be Judge and Jury to figure out whether You, M.A. Sumanithiran, is a member of the Tamil  ‘ethnic cleansing’ Gang who think they are paragons-of-virtue, lilly white and smelling Gingelly-oil misted red roses.

What Tamil issues are you talking of Suman?  Did you not tell the US Ambassador, how lucky you Tamils were that the Hindu Gods and Goddess Vishnu, Ganesh, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Durga, Sarasvathi and others answered your prayers and poojas while sitting on Tamil Tiger gun-powder-kegs prior to July 24, 1983, wanting  riots to happen.  How the Western nations opened their flood gates, for your Tamil people to fly out of Sri Lanka’s  cuckoo-nests, in  black clouds of wings and feathers thumbing their noses at their Mother India where 75 million of your people live.   That  you were lucky Tamils that 85% of theTamils who landed on Canadian soil seeking  Convention refugee status, didn’t have a  Snowball chance in Hell if they had tried to immigrate to Canada legitimately on the Immgration Point System.  Did you share this Fact with the US Ambassador?

I really doubt that you did.  Let her know Suman.

So thousands of your Tamils landed on the soils of Canada where I live, crying and belly-aching,  claiming  that you all have been discriminated against and persecuted” by the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka..

Suman, did you forget to tell the US Ambassador that you Tamils were the King-pins and  24-carat Gold l necklace laden Queen Bees , who enjoyed the Privileged minority”  status of 10% of the population during the 450-years of colonial rule, and reducing the 74 percent majority Sinhalese as the wronged majority.’ Come on Suman…did you really forget? Come..on..Suman give this Buddhist-Sinhalese a break!

Whoa…whoa…whoa…..Suman,  all that was a damn lie, wasn’t it?  When your Tamils were flying out in search of greener pastures and roads paved with gold in the West, Sri Lanka’s Attorney General; the Inspector General of Police, and 6 out of 10 Deputy Inspector Generals of Police were Tamils like you; and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and several Justices were Tamils and so were the High Commissioners and Ambassadors in the UK, Brussels  France and China were Tamils.  Hmmmm.  Discriminated you call this.  Ha!…my foot.

You know what Suman, if my Mother was alive, she would have taken the Tamil-podiyan” by your ear to the nearest sink and got you to wash your mouth with carbolic soap to cleanse your mouth for lying.

Suman,  you told US Ambassador Alaina B.Teplitz that ……Provincial  Council system was not enough to resolve the issues faced by the Tamils in the North and East and that both provinces should be merged and administered by the Tamil people.”  You must be joking  Su-MAN!

Madam Teplitz, don’t listen to this guy who has not told you as yet, the difficulties the North and East Provinces might have and will have because of  their superior caste peoples in the North and the inferior caste peoples in the Eastern Province.  No Tamil politician has brought this  Fact to the open and explained about the caste systems that rule the psyche of their existence , and what would possibly happen  after merging the two communities, when the ‘upper caste Tamil’  (Vellalar) in the North  is bound to look down upon the Eastern ‘lower caste Tamils’ (Karaiyar).  That is the rub Madam.  The caste system still has strong social and religious ties among these Northern and Eastern Sri Lankan Tamils….Haro..Hara!

Madam Taplitz, for God’s  sake don’t be the Architect of  partition and divisive Tamil politics as you saw what happened in India in 1947.

Ask Karuna Amman, the former Tamil Tiger Commander of the Eastern Province  why he broke away from  the Tamil Tiger Prabhakaran’s terrorist gang and Army.  Ask him.  He will reveal to you what Sumanthiran has kept the secrets Tamil Socio-politics and their elementary facts of  possible bloody machete collisions between the Tamils of the North and  the Tamils in the East..  It will be ughly as Sin.  It won’t  be nice .Mark my word Madam Taplitz.

Suman, when I was invited to give a brief on Tamil  Eelam terrorism to the Sub-Commitee of the  Canadian-Parliament on Public Security.  MP Jim Abbott a committee member asked me –

Mr. Weerasinghe, it does seem that Tamil Tiger terrorists wanting

their separate State  Eelam is a complex issue that we Canadians don’t understand.  Am I right with this assumption?”

You know Mr. Abbot, you are absolutely right with this assumption.  This

Tamil Terrorist war has been going on for almost 20 years.  You nor I nor your Parliamentary colleagues have heard or discussed the Caste System politics that is part and parcel of this Separatist War.  Caste System in Sri Lanka is a pseudo-slavery system.   The bottom line is, no low caste Tamil from the Eastern  Province is going to take orders from the Upper Caste Tamils from the Northern Province,’Merger. That is the reality. No Tamilman from the East will stand up in attention and throw his hand-towel over his left shoulder in respect to an Upper-caste Tamil from the North.

Madam, the US does not need another Vietnam in your hands.  This war will not be fought with bamboo sticks,  catapults and stones  It will be fought with an armoury of sophisticated war weapons.  You bet.

 Madam Teplitz, don’t listen to Sumanithiran.  This politician is full of  Baloney…full of barrels of’ Stinky Jardi.”   When and if the North and East Provinces merger happens, the  single multi-caste ethnic cookie will crumble much sooner than later.  As we will not be dealing with two different ‘Caste’ communities of lilly-white angels.  Period.  Right Sumanthiran?

Suman, in your address to the media in Jaffna you said, …Michelle Bachelet remained at the helm of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, and that was a great advantage to gain support for the proposals made by theTNA on issues faced by Tamils, MP Sumanithiran said.”

Suman, you figured that one right, as the Mother Goose who is looking after selfishly her Golden Eggs,in the UNHRC, , which was identified as the cesspool of political bias. by US’s Nikki Hailey,: TNA might have a remote chance in getting what she is wishing for – the mythical Eelam, if and only if, UNHRC proves that it is an honest and a truthful Organization.

But here is what bothers me with your wish Suman and the UNHRC  High Commissioner who is guarding her Golden eggs selfishly.   One golden egg has been tarnished badly recently, to the point that it smells  pukey-rotten,, a really bad egg., and the UNHRC still wants to tell Sri Lanka, that the members of the core group are squeaky clean and are Holier than THou.

Suman, that’s a crock full of codswallop, poppycock,  a bunch of boloney, Balderdash, a hokey pokey nonsense, piffle, tosh, tommy rot, hogwash, and out of step in the thunai-lakadi-thantha-lakadi  Kavadi dance, Among the Core Group of world states that brought the resolution 46/1, adopted on March 23, 2021  against Sri Lanka were UK, Canada , Germany, Malawi, Montenegro and North Macedonia. 

Did I say Canada, who has been shown  lately as  a Maestro of Genocides.  A Saskatchewan First Nation says that it has made the horrific and shocking discovery” of hundreds of unmarked graves – many believed to be children -near a former residential school. With a total expected to be over three times higher than the 215 discovered recently in Kamloops, B.C, according to a source briefed on this file.

Well, Sumanithiran, do you honestly believe that the Core Group with this member, Canada, has a moral right, the gall and temerity to question Sri Lanka’s morality, after all they won a 30-year Tamil Tiger Terrorist War, which was well aided and abetted and greased by foreign countries like India, UK, Canada and a lot more.  I let your moral compass come out with your answer.  When it happens, I’d love to know.

Let me repeat what US’s Nikki Haley had to say about this UNHRC.  That it is a cesspool of political bias.”

Sumanithiran, I say Amen” to that notion.  Haro..Hara….  Hare Krishna…Hare…Hare Rama.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Ottawa, Canada

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  1. Priyan Wijeyeratne Says:

    Hey Asoka, I love to read your articles, why don’t you write regularly? It is factual, hilarious and to the point. Well wrote Asoka, pleas write more articles….

  2. Sarath W Says:

    The Tamils, the ‘so called’ high class Tamils thought they were smarter than the Sinhalese as they had a high proportion of them in the medical, engineering and the law faculties in the universities. As the perks and the favoritism they enjoyed under British had stopped and they felt the pinch, specially the well educated (under our free education system) high cast politicians used the low cast Tamils to start a arms struggle. Now those poor low cast know the truth.

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