Who are the beneficiaries of foreign funds?
Posted on September 6th, 2021

Sangadasa Akurugoda

As per a main news item appeared in ‘Divaina’ dated August 22, 2021, a foreign organisation has already given  Rs 850 millions, via a NGO, to some political parties and trade unions etc to embarrassed the current government. The news item revealed how this money has been distributed among the various recipients, including a media team and popular monk. The money said to have been given with the intervention of a top official in the relevant foreign organisation. Out of this amount, Rs 500 million has been distributed to the relevant media team, Rs 50 million to the popular monk and Rs. 300 million to the trade unions and political parties.


Use of foreign funding to brainwash the people, to regime change and to destabilize the country is not something new to our country.    We have come across several articles and books providing details of how foreign funds were used to achieve such goals of the foreign organisation in the past.

We can see that most of the well-known NGOs and trade union activists are getting wide publicity to their statements in the media today, similar to the period we had during the war against terrorism. Like mushroom and many other fungus, these activists popup whenever the environmental conditions suits them. 

The easiest way to find out what they said and how some of these mushroom activists contributed to the continuation of terrorism in the past is to search their records on line.    Interestingly, I found a list of names of politicians, so-called civil societies and trade union activists, who were promoting LTTE as an integral part of ‘the solution’ and campaigning in support of the CFA  in 2006,  in a pro LTTE website. (https://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?artid=19261&catid=13).   

Although some of activists appeared in the list were very active, when promoting the so-called yahapalana regime during 2015-1019 too, most of them are no more, most likely with time.  Those politicians, civil societies and trade union activists who promoted the yahapalana regime appeared nowhere to go now, as the majority of general public are aware of their past and the damage they have done to the country. The Covid-19 pandemic appears to be a golden opportunity after the disappearance of LTTE terrorism from the country‘s soil for the so-called activists to raise their heads, once again, to destabilize the country.

How these foreign funded NGOs, politicians and the so-called activists attempted to brainwash the people of the country and the entire world are well known and we can imagine the status of our country today, if their motives were successful in the past, by looking at how terrorism grew and gained control in Afghanistan today.

Freedom to involve in political activities were very limited (or not at all) for the government employees prior to 1970.  As a result granting some political freedom to the government servants under the United Front government (comprising SLFP, LSSP and CP) elected in 1970 and by allowing politicians of successive governments to interfere with the appointments of various positions within the public service, the government servants and their trade unions are politically divided to an uncontrollable extent today.

Instead of carrying out government policies, some government officials and trade union leaders are fulfilling the needs of their political parties while criticizing the government policies in public. Media statements issued, almost daily, by the two well-known trade unionists like Ravi Kumudesh and Saman Rathnapriya attached to the health sector that are very critical on every action taken by the government to control the present-day pandemic is a typical example. Appearance of the two names of these politically motivated trade unionists in the said list found in the TamilNet is a clear example of their past and to whom they are serving. In addition, we can see that even the politicians rejected by the mass with a overall majority during the last Presidential and general elections are getting wide publicity in the media to make frequent statements to demoralize the general public mind against the steps taken by the government to control the Covid-19 epidemic and to recover the economy at this crucial stage.

We were under foreign powers for centuries due to the acts of saboteurs and traitors. We have witnessed, during our life time, how powerful are enemies within, when destabilizing regimes. The coming months will be very decisive as local paid agents of  the enemies of our nation will work overtime and will use the money said to have been distributed among them, to achieve their desired goals disregarding the extent of hardships causing  and loss of lives of the general public. The public must be aware of these enemies, as a priority, and should rally against such elements in order to protect our nation.

Sangadasa Akurugoda

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  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    That is exactly what is happening in the country. Specially Starlin and jokers and Ravi Kumudaesh is are prominent figures.
    They get serious money to deestablish the government. Too Bad that media not giving publicity to this dastardy activities.

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