Knife-wielding assailant at Auckland, NZ
Posted on September 9th, 2021

Dr.Preethi Rajapakse 

Your Excellency the High Commissioner for NZ in SL

In the first place, I was shocked by the event and my sympathies go to the injured and their friends and relatives.

However, I was disappointed by the publicity following the incident.

Immediately after the incident, the PM of NZ went on TV to say that the assailant was a Sri Lanka nationals. It is unfortunate that she did not emphasize that he had been residing in NZ for 10-11 years and that he had come to NZ as a student

Following the incident, the family of the assassin issued a statement I believe to Reuter. In that statement they were magnanimous. They said they had been on a trip to NZ and they admired your country and the people of N Z. 

They also said  that in several telephone conversations the alleged assassin  seemed to be disturbed and that his family members in this country tried to dissuade him from his recently acquired radical views 

It is clear at least to me that he was indoctrinated or radicalized during his stay in NZ

The main purpose of my letter is to point out to the authorities in NZ that there may be other cells in NZ waiting to indoctrinate and radicalize inexperienced and naive students who come to your country. 

I hope steps could be taken to find out how this student was indoctrinated since coming to NZ and to prevent such occurrences in the future 

Yours sincerely 

Dr.Preethi Rajapakse 

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    This is the Geneva narrative – Demonize Sri Lanka!

    Sri Lanka is easily taken as the fall guy for many ills and is now painted in the same colour with ISIS / ISIL Terrorists. Sri Lanka became the victim of the Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka following the Mosque attack in Christchurch and now in Auckland, New Zealand Sept 2021, both carried out by Islamic Terrorists! Is it right to conveniently forget or ‘innocently’ feign ignorance that the massacre that took the lives of over 250 innocents in Sri Lanka in April 2019 pursuant to the Mosque massacre in March 2019, just one month prior are not entirely separate incidents and unconnected?

    The terrorist Samsudeen’s mother accused his neighbours in New Zealand from Syria and Iraq of radicalising her son in an interview with her at her home in Kattankudy, 330km east of Colombo. She said Samsudeen was injured in a fall in 2016 and that the neighbours, whom she did not name, seized the opportunity to influence him, adding they “were the only people who helped him as he recovered”. “Those neighbours from Syria and Iraq are the ones who brainwashed him,” she said, adding her son had started posting radical views on social media after meeting the neighbours. Fact of the matter is that the terrorist lived almost a third of his life getting radicalized locally in New Zealand – a country famed to be ‘soft’ on terrorism!

    We hope that the New Zealand authorities are pursuing these leads earnestly.

    What is sad is how 7 innocents had to bear the brunt of this ideology and now suffering the aftermath in hospital, all because of the lack of adequate legislation to contain the Islamic terrorist menace. New Zealand taxpayer is paying an enormous price to be politically correct – this time in blood!

    It would have been best if the New Zealand government was able to explain to some of their citizens who are still in the dark as to the nature of ISIS /ISIL ideology and what motivates them to follow its dictates – the killing of Infidels – the non-believers! Establishment of the Caliphate is their goal! The precursor of the Caliphate are the little islands of Sharia Fiefdoms that are springing up all over the world in cities and towns. The seeds of terrorism begins in little known obscure schools called – Madrasaas. Parents willingly send their children to these schools little knowing that in addition to studies of the Koran, the seeds of intolerance and terrorism too are imbued into the young and impressionable minds, only to be activated at a later date when called upon as a mindless robot-warriors to serve the Caliphate.

    Many countries, mostly in Europe are slowly realizing the extent to which this ideology has already hurt their countries, cultures as well as innocent people. Among those who have suffered and now trying to come to terms painfully are Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway and to some extent Germany, Hungary and many others including India and Sri Lanka.
    The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations! This is what an enlightened Muslim living in Sweden says of the Swedes. In the following U-Tube clips one just have to ‘read’ New Zealand for Sweden, then the story will make sense as to the official attitude and behaviour towards migrants!

    The following is how two enlightened Muslims see the immigration problem in Denmark and Sweden.

    Muslim in Denmark –
    Muslim in Sweden –

    “Those who forget history are condemned to relive them” – George Santayana

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